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Thanks for sending on some of the latest.  As I read between lines of Poof, this is in my recollection of his history of past writings one of the first times he is doubting those who have power to do what need be done, doubting if they will just pull the trigger and the rest will get worked out.  He thinks that because the first rail is all set, after Brussels everything that was needed and agreed to be done is done.....  Now it sounds like the pause is without reason or cause to his way of seeing things, and that IF bad guys are an issue, they cannot be tolerated nor accepted at their word anylonger anyway.  Sounds like someone(s) in the Brussels meeting may be acting in a manner inconsistent with their stated agreement, or that those in that meeting are not in synch with the eastern dragons.  For him to say that he had no more to say about this business is a sign of his having come to complete limit with it all, but also a sign that he believes that if they who do have the power to procede do not do so now, they may be compromised now themeselves, or be waiting on more perfect conditions which likely will never appear.....and, he will not continue playing  their ride-along wait for a better time game.....whatever his relatinship is to those to whom  he speaks....
Just musing......things must be very much more unsettled than what he is aware of.
After re reading the history of the Roths.....I believe that the basis of FAITH AND CREDIT must be attacked and shown to be  a fraud-by extortion perpetual indebtedness ´SLAVERY SCHEME, the first fraudulent derivative trading platform which is alleged to back every single form of US currency and security issued, is our persons, our properties, our labor, our herediments, our offspring, and our  unlimited credit.....a capacity that was created at the time of HJR-192 in June 5, 1933, ......NOW REPEALED.    The Pledge of the several states Governors toward the federal bankruptcy is without evidence or verification as to its nature and real intent.   Furthermore, having been made in 1932 without the consent of those being pledged, goes to the core of the means by which FAITH AND CREDIT of the US Treasury and the US itself, having a private  national bankers association of unlimited would be creditors, to serve the credit side of their Chapter 11 reorganizations Plans, while at the same time, the same private men are harnessed or made to appear as if pledged in FAITH AND CREDIT, to act in capacity of compelled fiduciaries in trust, whereby they serve as surety or guarantor on the TAXPAYER - DEBTOR side.  Each TAXPAYER is actually the UNITED STATES dba the trust franchise,  which obligations are and can be made to appeear to be on the books as unlimited as the credit on the credit side.  Signatures of the People, especially on Birth Certificate Bonds, handed over to the US are the primary means of implmenting the presumption of the Treasury whereby it collateralizes and securitizes its FAITH AND CREDIT scheme.
If we do not kill FAITH AND CREDIT as the underscore to all US credit - creditor undertakings, including the continued borrowings from the FRB with issuance and circulation, backed by and supported by Congressional debt ceiling forever afloat, even on a temporary basis, the Ship of State of the CORPORATION stays afloat and never hits the rocks. 
What say ye friends?  Attack FULL FAITH AND CREDIT and state a case for claim against the US and its Treasury, as Prime Creditors, Holders in Equity, and Holders in Due Course, Principals and Private Bankers within the national bank association, which remains in effect today, hidden deep in the bowls of the BEAST in the form of  emergency banking word art.  They had to leave a trail by which the fraudulent pledge against the People (distinct, but made to appear as if by the People) could be made into a source of unlimited credit to support FULL FAITH AND CREDIT of the Treasury, which did not even exist at the time of the emergency in 1933.   It was already gone. 
We People can revoke any alleged Pledge, we can rescind all signatures on all contracts or writings which appear to support the presumption of performance on both sides of their ledger, rebutt and protest their creation of fictitious obligations on our documents of title and interest, rebutt and protest the fraud and false presumption of UNLIMITED FAITH AND CREDIT as the very core of the presumption is in fraud with intent to extort.?????????? 
If We give Notice to all nations of these underlying conditions, which are not settled, but are cause for claim, relief, and remedy, We can move via our own Trustees as a singularity, and rescind the grant of Trustee capacity to the Congress, which operates since the time of Reconstruction, and Incorporation, 1871, in a dual capacity, one for the CORPORATION and DISTRICT, the other for the Union of American  States.  The People have never been party to the compacts.   Our Substance is being abused and misused, without our informed consent, just the way Whiistleblower says that the Debt Facility assets or substance has been............I believe the Debt Facility was created for the real purpose of achieving a global hegemony by the Royals and Dragons and not for any purpose of benefiting humanity as stated.  If the Roths were involved, and the British and other Monarchies, all one need do is look to their past hsitory to discern their fascist elitism in the form of aparteidism and SLAVERY wherever they have put a flag in the ground and laid claim.  Those who have financed it all?  Khazars in Rome, London, Paris, Germany....there can be no mistake and no coincidence that the Debt Facility is created in 1875, during uSA reconstruction.  So, who the hell does Whistleblower believe the American People were before and after 1865 and then 1875 with the purposes of the Debt Facility to eventuallly precipitate??  Me smells something BAD.