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“S” Commentary 05/02/09:

In follow-up to: Twilight of Irredeemable Debt and The Relationship of Master-Slave 

Dear Fourwinds Readers, Nations, and Peoples of the World:

I am grateful to Anne and Patrick Bellringer for the opportunity to continue sharing research and documents of an essential nature if we are to better understand 'where we are at' in the 'fishbowl' of life within "America" and the greater context of the World today. 

I have requested the posting of some additional documents which will help to better explain what the fiat "debt as money" "bank credit" system was designed to create and / or result in.   The ultimate result is now upon the entire world, not just the several American united States, or the CORPORATE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, aka, 'THE UNITED STATES' and / or 'THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA'.   This is all about Empire, and all one need do to get to the core of the ‘colonizing’ Empire Force is read what’s on Fourwinds about the British Commonwealth of Nations [just another form of Empire] as well as read the history of the Khazar Empire and the Roman Empire and the International Banking Families referred to as the

”Committee of 300” and you’ve got a good background on how and who has been behind the Federal Reserve Bank System, an international Empire building system

The construction of the current day fiat bank credit 'debt as money' system, was systematically constructed much like building a bridge over a vast expanse of water.   It is reasonable to conclude, based upon all things presenting at this time, the "US DOLLAR / FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE" UNITED STATES TREASURY-FEDERAL RESERVE [CENTRAL] BANK SYSTEM, has never intended to "repay" or allow for the "repayment" of indebtedness to any "creditor" holding US Treasury "security instruments".   US Treasury operations are designed to 'borrow', increse the "public debt', and lay the 'debt' onto fictitious "persons" called "U.S. taxpayers".  This is not to say there are no U.S. taxpayers.  This is to say that, practically no natural born living freewill man or woman in / of any of the original jurisdiction lands of the American states is a "U.S. 'citizen'" 'taxpayer' 'vessel', DEBTOR, DEFENDANT, 'resident' or 'resident alien' etc.

The 'debt as money' scheme, the FIAT EMPIRE of the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK SYSTEM is a total LIE and an elaborate ARTIFICE AND SCHEME that is designed and intended to do one thing.   One need only read the attached four documents in sequence of order recommended, and one can draw one's own conclusions.   The "how" of it is now very well known to a large degree.  The "intent" of it is now known to a large degree.  When one combines the "how" with "intent" what does one need to ascertain the Truth of the matter?    Another layer of the onion in the fish bowl of life under Federal Reserve Bank System, and of the related MILITARY - OCCUPATION -CORPORATE INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, operating in International bankruptcy since 1860 and then again since 1930 is peeling off.   Have the nations and peoples of the world been informed as to the material facts regarding the actual historical nature, character, 'status' 'standing' 'capacity' and condition' of the CORPORATE OLIGARCHY known today as THE UNITED STATES / THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?  No, me thinks not.  The reason?  Because of international treaty agreements, bank secrecy agreements, political and commercial ties and agreements, to keep the Secret secret..... 

As a result of approximately 150 years of secrecy and burying the Truth and Facts, by any and every conceivable means, there devolved a fully integrated  international System, which CONTROL and OWNERSHIP is in the hands of some few hundred or so banking families.   This is commonly referred to as the Committee of 300.   And, they have orchestrated the worldwide fiat Empire 'debt as money' bank credit system on the backs of the American People, without their even knowing it.  Once established and propogated in America, the US DOLLAR / FEDERAL RESERVE 'debt as money' based 'instrument' was used to spread the poison into every nation of the world.   Its status as "reserve currency' under the international Bretton Woods Agreement was the ultimate trigger to establish not only "US DOLLAR / FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE" hegemony, but all that has come with it as a result....."toxic assets" "derivatives" "mortgage backed securities" etc. etc. etc., all denominated in or converted from US DOLLAR expressed instruments of 'value', except that there is no value to it.  There is only fictitious obligations, which today are not even affixed or attached to the US Treasury or Federal Reserve Bank as "lawful money [of exchange]" or as "legal tender".

The ultimate bottom line to the intended "end game" is most poignantly worded in the below case cite.  Please read for meaning and understanding.  He who holds 'faulty' or irredeemable instruments at the end of the 'money game' is the one who bears the liability of "loss" and of 'performance'.  The idea of 'loading' unlimited indebtedness onto a "U.S. taxpayer" base, the overall 'general population' is a total constructive fraud and has given rise to 'cause for claims and counter-claims' in equity and at Law, for well over 100 years of theft, extortion, and on-going frauds against the American People and their lawful government.   The entire construct is a GRAND PONZI SCHEME, and the first actual 'derivatives trading platform' is the Birth Certificate Bond, created without informed consent or authority of those who 'registered' their children at nativity ["birth"].   The Birth Certificate is the first document of "reification"  [theft by extortion and conversion] that the politicians and the Khazar banksters and Sovereign Elite compelled upon the People of America, as well the People of other nations and cultures, to achieve the 'collateral asset' credit/debit "time value" necessary to 'hypothecate' and "trade".  

I posit that the first bank "trading platform" of financial instruments assigned [fictitious and fraudulent] value is based upon "birth registration" and then all subsequent forms of 'registrations' 'applications' for benefits, 'employment' and any form of "privilege" to engage in any activity otherwise deemed 'illegal' by the bankrupt/insolvent STATE.   All of this goes to the 'time value' of the 'public entity' and 'public utility', assessed and evaluated actuariallly by the "international insurance and banking underwriters", located primarily in London.  Such 'registrations' are all forms of 'commercial paper' under the Law Merchant [Lex Mercatoria] now refined, 'harmonized with all jurisdictions', and codified under the international admiralty Uniform Commercial Code.

Please read the above documents as well the case cite below and make up your own mind.   If you think that "slavery" went away with 'modern development', you had best think again and go to the very core of the fiat 'debt as money' international Empire building oligarchy of the US Treasury-International Monetary Fund-International Bank for Reconstruction and Development [World Bank]-International Monetary Fund and all of the other "development banks" of which the so-called US Treasury Secretary sits on the Boards of.   All such fianncial banking monetary regime constructs are PRIVATE and CORPORATE or TRUST in nature.  And, they do not operate for the benefit or in the interest of the People of Nations of the World.   If they did, the Nations of the World would not now be in the total collapse they are in, due to unmitigated intentional creation of the "monad" concept of 'money' or 'currency', epitomized as the US DOLLAR / FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE, not even "legal tender for all debts public and private".  That 'currency' is irredeemable as are any other assets expressed or denominated therein.   The fact of the theft by fraud and extortion via 'reification' and then "transfer" of "property" via "procurement" and "registration" thereof, has resulted in a gross conversion of the Substance of the Peoples and Nations of the World, into the 'registered' assets [in favor of the banksters] and 'registered liabilities' [against 'taxpayers' and 'persons' who have been deprived and denied their Inherent Unalienable Rights].  These 'Rights' have nothing to do with the 'statutes' and 'regulations' and 'codes' and 'rule making' and 'policy making'.   They are Inherent by virtue of Life and Origination, as Expression of the Creator-Creation.

A DEBTOR [nation or natural born man or any form of 'ens legis' commercial fiction] is deemed at law to have NO RIGHTS, NO STANDING, NO STATUS [except that of 'capitis diminutio maxima'...."as one who is cut off at the head"...."civilly dead"....a 'decedent' or that of a 'decedent estate'], NO CAPACITY [except as compelled, defined, created, and regulated by every conceivable means, "licensure" being primary one], and NO REMEDY, RECOURSE, REDRESS, or RELIEF.

The documents above, and the case cite below, will hopefully lead you to the fresh waters of new insight and understanding with an enhanced and keen awareness to re-cognize that,  the ARCHITECTURE and the ARCHITECT of SLAVERY, in the FORM AND NATURE of "chattel mortgage", "indenture", 'voluntary compliance', 'voluntary servitude', 'gifting', 'pledging', 'bankruptcy' [of Nations and of Peoples] and fiat 'debt as money' "scrip" or "currency" [money substitute] are all working to "pefect" the claim of lien 'rights and interests' of those who "hold" the debt as 'real parties in interest".  NOW is the time to find out, whether the debt itself is 'valid' and 'verifiable', especially under conditions of fraud, extortion, nondisclosure, misrepresentation, inducement to 'compliance',  fraudulent construction of 'law authority', color of law 'taking' 'exactment' 'conscription, 'proscription' etc.  Are the Elite banking families and Monarchies and Ecclesiastica Sovereigns the 'real parties in interest' who do 'hold' 'real' encumbrances on flesh and blood living free will men, lands, labor, intellect, creativity and productivity, children and childrens' children for generations in perpetutity?   I SAY NO! PROVE YOUR CLAIM!!  ....right down to the core of how, where, and by what means your claim of right and authority derives from!!

Read on please:

The individual cannot be compelled to use ‘federal money,’ nor federal negotiable instruments, Federal Notes (Swanson v. Fuline, 248 F. Supp. 364) the federal reserve being a private corporation (Lewis v. U.S., 680 F.2d 1238 at 1241) which is engaged in commercial activity by law of merchants (UCC 721-1-103)


"Bank-notes are the representative of money, and circulate as such, only by the general consent and usage of the community. But this consent and usage are based on the convertibility of such notes into coin, at the pleasure of the holder, upon their presentation to the bank for redemption. This fact is the vital principle which sustains their character as money. So long as they are in fact what they purport to be, PAYABLE ON DEMAND, common CONSENT gives them the ordinary attributes of money. But upon the failure of the bank by which they were issued, when its doors are closed, and its inability to redeem its bills is openly avowed, they instantly lose the character of money, their circulation as currency ceases with the usage and consent upon which it rested, and the notes become the mere dishonored and depreciated EVIDENCES OF DEBT. When this change in their character takes place, the loss must necessarily fall upon him who is the owner of them at the time; land this, too whether he is unaware of the fact. His ignorance of the fact can give him no right to throw the loss, which he has already incurred, upon an innocent third party.  In the absence of any special agreement, the very offer of bank-notes, as a payment in money, of a pre-existing debt, is a representation that such notes are what they purport to be, the representative of money, and that they have the quality of convertibility, upon which their currency as money depends. It is only upon this idea that they can be honestly tendered as money, and when accepted as such, under the same supposition, the mutual mistake of facts should no more be permitted to benefit one party or prejudice the other, than if the notes had been spurious, or the payment had been spurious, or the payment had been made in base or adulterated coin. That money paid under a mistake of facts, may be recovered back, is a familiar principle, and the application of the same equitable rule must be permitted to correc t the mutual mistake of the parties in a case like the present. Besides, a contrary doctrine would present temptations, and afford facilities for the practice of fraud and imposition. A party might fraudulently pass the paper of a broken bank, and yet it might be difficult to prove his knowledge of the previous failure. Or if his victim should succeed in passing it to one equally ignorant of the facts with himself, the last recipient would be left to bear the loss, and the fraud crowned with success." WESTFALL, STEWART & CO. v. NEWELL BRALEY, 10 Ohio 188, 191, 192, 75 Am. Dec. 509 (1859).

Anyone know who the "last recipient would bear the loss, and the fraud crowned with success"?????   How bout the 'American taxpayer'???  The "contrary doctrine" now in effect is in latin Roman civil and commercial 'law' found in the "doctrine" of "damnum absque injuria" - ie. "a loss without an injry".   The 'construct' operates by "proscription" or "proscriptio", "prerogative authority" and "Divine Right" [of the Sovereign], whoever the Sovereign(s) may presume themselves to be.   The next post will elaborate the idea of "Monadism" and how it relates to the Executive Order of Richard Nixon in 1972? classifying and redefinning the US DOLLAR / FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE  as a "monad", a "sefl-existing thing" [amongst other far reaching esoteric meta-physical definitions and meanings which all point to the Architect/Architecture of the All Seeeing Eye at the 'capstone' of the pryamid showing on USD/FRN' "Diety" expressing by/through the FRN instruments and having Divine authority over all, or at least all who use them].  This 'definition' of esoteric secret society criminal mentality is presently operating the World of Nations monetary system completely inter-dependent on the USD/FRN, as "reserve currency" or actually bankruptcy 'reserve' "scrip", 'like money, but not 'money'.  Fact of it is, it 'reserves' nothing and by design and intent, will lead to the holder of the 'instrument' bearing the 'liaibility' for its loss of value, even unto 'zero'.

Even NOW the US Treasury website still promotes as FACT that, the FRN is 'legal tender for all debts public or private', whereas HJR-192 of June 5, 1933, the Public Law 73-10/Fn3, that created that distinct legal-commercial-monetary status for the US Treasury - Federal Reserve Bank System USD/FRN was repealed on September 13, 1982 under Public Law 97-258.  If the DOLLAR/FRN is not legal tender and is not lawful money and is only 'currency' in circulation which is not redeemable for anything of Substance at the Treasury or the Federal Reserve, it's only 'redemption' value is based on what any person can obtain in commercial exchange from any other person who agrees to use/accept the 'srip' currency in 'discharge' of obligations, but which underlying debt or indebtedness cannot be 'paid' or 'satisfied' because there is NO SUBSTANCE, or 'money of exchange' in their System by which any one can transact any thing or satisfy any 'debt' on the basis of.   If you use a USD/FRN to purchase anything, you are alleged to be using worthless scrip to exchange goods or services for the scrip, and you cannot 'own' a thing if you have essentially never 'paid' for a thing.  Understand?   This is how the whole FRN based fiat Empire System now works, and they who have created it and perfected it in design, nature, and intent, are claiming they own and control the debt of Nations and of Peoples, and all are subordinate and reduced to mere status of DEBTOR's in bankruptcy as a result of accepting to use debt-as-money instruments, all borrowed out of thin air into 'issue' and 'circulation'.  

DO YOU AGREE?  Are you ready to redeem the fictitious 'pledge' against your Life and Substance and cause the US Treasury and International Monetary Fund and Federal Reserve Bank to re-analyze their actuarial assumptions about who is on their bank registries as 'asset' or collateral?  

If adverse Effect is caused to their underwriting assumptions and their 're venue' projections and their 'time-value' hypothecations, and their 'debt as money' US Treasury Securities will not ever be purchased again, because the People, on who's Substance the "full faith and credit" of the CORPORATION is based, have FOUND OUT about the FRAUD and EXTORTION SCHEME.....THE GRAND PONZI -ARIFICE AND SCHEME-FRONT MEN-STRAWMEN-PROXIES AND PROCURATORIES used to create the appearance of 'bona fide' bondable securities and 'debt'/'credit' instruments, having a 'life expectancy' to 'maturity' and a 'work life expectancy'...... once the 'asset' has 'exhausted' its value, it is of far lesser value in the Estate Trust under Probate proceedings and the 're venue' projections are diminished actuarilly by 'writing down' or 'depreciating' the asset.   That is all that is going on right now with the 'toxic assets' and derivatives and their 'trading platforms' coming undone.  Once the People step up to the plate, a key component of 'full faith and credit" underlying US Securities and 'US DOLLAR / FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE' currency is going to implode the 'DOLLAR' and 'US TREASURY' securities based "borrowing" or 'monetizing of debt' by the US occupational bankrupt corporate "Monad" government. 

Last bit of this rant.  Global terrorism operates on bank credit scrip instruments that are international 'currency' units and which do not need to change hands.  Credits and debits need to hit the ledger books of the bank and all is done.  One sure way to diminish out of control intelligence operations which run global drug trafficking, global terrorism, create 'causes' for 'solutions' as well as  "wars" for benefit of 'expediency' of the Elite to seize more lands, peoples, and natural resources?   KILL the DEBT-AS-MONEY FIAT CREDIT AND DEBT-BASED COMMERCIAL INSTRUMENT TRADING ....AND MAKE ALL BANKING 'TRANSPARENT'.  In otherwords, make the 'Fount" source of supply dry up that all of this hellacioiusness runs on...... and find out who owns IT....the BEAST CREATURE that has many heads and many stomaches, and probably as many 'ass holes'.....

Stay tuned.  Next posts will be intended to show that 'taxpayer' status does NOT APPLY to most American Citizens who are born on the several States, as all or most are actually "non resident alien" to the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA/ UNITED STATES, by definition under the IRC at Title 26, and are not even entitled to SOCIAL SECURITY benefits under and within the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA CODE.  IT is all in FRAUD by INDUCEMENT and CONVERSION by 'reification' of documents of title and interest that the People have no understanding of.  How's that for basis for creating 'bona fides' and 'valid debt' obligations???