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THE "SWAMP CREATURE" EXPLAINED AND EXPOSED(Updated 4/21/08 with Comment by "S")

William Wells

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information will help anyone reading this to understand what the “Swamp Creature” really is, how it operates, and it just may help some of the people who are having problems with “government”.  Please forgive the punctuation as I am not an English teacher, or English major. I am doing the best I can.

      I stated learning about the “Swamp Creature” in the late nineteen eighties.   Most of what you read below is because of the teaching of one man.   Around twenty years ago I was able to attend some of his meetings/classes. If it was not for this man. I nor anyone else in the world could or would give you the information that you will read below.  In my view this man is a very humble and honorable man and never charged a dime for people to come to his meetings and hear what he had to say or teach. I do not think this man would care if I told you his name which is Roger Elvick.  This is the man you should thank for most of the information below  because that is where it all started.  Roger and others have taken what Roger was teaching twenty years ago and have greatly improved on it in the last twenty years, and you will get some of the benefit of that below. I believe that at one time Roger was considered by government to be the  most dangerous man in America, because of the knowledge he had.  Roger was so far ahead of us that perhaps the information he had was coming from the universe as everything is tied in together. 

     Now before getting to the “Swamp Creature”,  which has a real name, (explained later), perhaps it would be of some help or value to understand two or three things.  First it would be helpful to understand that the “Federal Constitution” was abolished in the 1800s, I could find out for sure but I think it was around 1879. and has since been replaced with something Casper calls the “Swamp Creature”. I believe Casper believes that the "Swamp Creature" is "Corporate government" which it isn't.. We will all see what the "Swamp Creature" is in due tine. If I am wrong then I owe Casper an apology . And Casper, if I am right that is ok too,  because very few people in the world even know or understand that a “Swamp Creature” exists, and this "creature" controls the world.. People know that “governments” exist; some even know that “corporate government” exist, which is in reality just in  the mind, but they do not know  what is called the “Swamp Creature.”..   

     If what has been stated above is true, the second thing one should know is, what this “Swamp Creature” that replaced the constitution in time is. You see the constitution was not “government,” so what replaced the constitution?   Before I get to that I feel there are a couple of other things you should know.  (First I will insert here that there are only 48 not 50 lawful states, as Alaska and Hawaii were brought in with the 48 states by the president at the time, by an unlawful executive order, which was not necessarily illegal but it was unlawful. Congressman Ron Paul who seems to be a good, decent, honorable and smart man, but probably understands little if anything you will read below, does understand that executive orders are not lawful.  I personally heard him state in a meeting that if he became president he would do away with all of the executive orders ever passed, except the one he passes, so he can do away with all the other executive orders. He feels the people will forgive him for doing one unlawful act to get rid of all the other unlawful acts done by the presidents of the past by “passing” executive orders. Now the second thing that could be helpful before getting to the “Swamp Creature,” would be that only Congress can lawfully bring another state into the union, but Congress walked out after the civil war and was never lawfully reconvened. Congress was brought back in session again by an executive order by the president at that time which as stated above was unlawful. So if Congress is not a lawful body today, one may ask themselves, are any of the “laws” congress passes valid or are they all null and void, as fraud does away with everything from the beginning! I will ask you, what do you think, and let you answer that for yourself. But the “laws” that are being “passed” today are not for the people reading this anyhow. ( That statement will be explained later on.)

     The third and last thing one should understand, or at least know about, is that a lawful government has little if anything to do with a real live man or woman. Now I want to shout the next statement so as to make it very plain, THE “CORPORATE GOVERNMENT” , SO MUCH TALKED ABOUT AND WE ARE LIVING  IN TODAY,  CAN NOT AND DOES NOT INTERACT WITH A REAL LIVE MAN OR WOMAN!!!!! You reading this may be saying to yourself that this is not true. And I say to you we are not going to deal with anything but the truth here, and by the time you finish reading this you will know that this is a true statement!

     After a real live man or woman knows or assumes the above just might be true,  then they can move on to discovering what the “Swamp Creature” might be.  As one studies and or researches,   a real live man or woman might come to the conclusion that the “Swamp Creature” is a satanic, fraudulent, legal system, which is not lawful, which operates in the whole world not just Washigton D. C., and which its officials, agents etc. have NO power or authority to deal with a real live man or woman. (I will get to the name of this creature later on.) You may be saying to yourself this can not be true, that it is a lie! As you read down I am going to show you how to prove for yourself that this is a true statement. I want YOU to prove the statement above of the “Swamp Creature” is true to yourself, in fact I want you to know it in every fiber of your being that, that statement is true by the time you finish reading this! I understand that by going back to the beginning of time and telling you about all of the laws, legalities, etc. that have ever been passed from the beginning of time either lawfully and or unlawfully may be of some interest, but it will not help you, me or the world if I do not also tell you how to deal with the “Swamp Creature,” and give you some hope if you are in trouble with “government”.  The information below could change the world for the better if the common people of the world,  not just us living here in America knew and understood the information below. And when I say common people I do not mean less of importance, I am separating the real live people of the world from the fictions who work for the “governments. And of course Casper's “Swamp Creature. Most of the information below I learned from Roger and others through the years. I did put what is below in such a way I hope to help you to better understand. Everyone in  the world needs knowledge and to understand as much as anything at this time, to change the world, and we have that power we just do not know it or believe it. YOU    HAVE   THE   POWER! BELIEVE IT!

     I will for the last time I hope interject here that something lawful may also be legal but something legal may not be lawful, and I stated above that the people live in a legal system. To fully understand the difference one may want to see or have a 5th edition or earlier  Black's Law Dictionary. Remember I stated above that the “Swamp Creature” might be a satanic fraudulent LEGAL system…. I will let you make that full determination for yourself.

      I will now try to explain, so every understands what is really going on, in the real world, of the “Swamp Creature,” the name of the “Swamp “Creature, how it operates, and two or three out of perhaps hundreds of things that a real live man or woman could think about doing if in trouble with the “government.” First you should understand that the real live man or woman has all of the power and the “government” has none.  It has no power over what the “government” did not create, which is a real live man or woman. The problem is the real live man or woman does not understand the “Swamp Creature” at this time, and with out understanding, the people, don’t know what to do, and they feel totally hopeless, lost, and some even commit suicide. With out “understanding” the people what? Perish! And the “Swamp Creature” keeps right on going but with knowledge and understanding one can stop at least some of the suffering!  

     Again as stated above a lawful “government” has little if anything to do with a real live man or woman, and neither does the “corporate “government” that we as real live people live in today. So why does it seem that “government” is so involved in the lives of the real live man or woman today?  I say, "well, really it is and it isn't", how is that for an answer? In truth the people in “government” can not lawfully or legally get involved with a real live man or woman, do most of the people in “government” understand this?   No.   The next question I might ask,  "do you understand"? If not you need to know, and you need to know why, and you will! 

     You, a real live man or woman may say well the “government” sure is involved in my life and believe that to be true, only because you do not understand the “Swamp Creature” and how it operates. As stated above the world may be operating in a satanic, fraudulent, legal (not lawful) system. And that system has a name which is called commerce. Finally the “Swamp Creature.” is exposed, the “Swamp Creature is Commerce. In America, commerce is also known as the Uniform Commercial Code or UCC. It may be called a code in part because it is not easy to understand and I am sure it was not meant to be easy to understand.   So like it or not this is where we are people, so it would be good for us to learn a little about commerce.

     You might ask, "what the heck is commerce, and what does commerce have to do with me the real live man or woman today"? That is and would be a very fair and very good question, and you need to know the answer, and you will get the answer below.

    The “Governments” of the world which includes the “state governments,” operate in commerce but these governments do not exist except in your mind. You can not see, touch, taste, hear, or smell a “corporate government” or any “government” or “corporation” for that matter.   “Governments” and their “corporations” are also known as fictions. Again it would help to have  a Blacks Law Dictionary. So how does a fiction, which does not exist, except in your mind, and the real live man or woman who does exist in real life, (as you can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch) deal with each other. If the real live man or woman wants to be a mountain man or woman and live up in the mountains or live in the desert, and never go to a city or town they will be just fine. But I know of no one who cares to live that kind of life. So it goes something like this, the people who work, in the “corporate government” knew they could not deal in commerce with the real live man or woman, And that the real live man or woman could not deal in commerce so they created a fiction which is known as a straw man (again see Blacks Law Dictionary) for the real live man or woman. Now “government” which is a fiction can deal with the fiction of the real live man or woman, and the real live man or woman can deal in commerce through their straw man. You must and have got to understand that dealing with “Government,” “Corporations” etc.  Everything is Commerce ! You know the “Swamp Creature.” With the straw man the real live man or woman can now come down out of the mountains or desert and deal in commerce. But only through the straw man. The real live man or woman can now get things like electricity, water, gas, food and so on. If you will look at the statements you receive from governments or corporations, your name is in upper case letters, which is your straw man. Why do you think that is? Do you think that perhaps all of these computers don't have lower case letters, or that the computer is broken?  I have even heard, "well they don’t put lower case letters on the computer, or it is easier to type in all upper case letters", what ever reason you can come up with the truth is, it is because you are operating in commerce. People go into denial, you know the commercial “they would rather fight than switch.” Or the guy with one finger in his mouth and one up his butt, who would rather fight than switch, it is hard for people to change. I told you above you would be able to prove to yourself what is being stated here is true. So lets do it. I can not do it for you, so you will need to do it yourself, go down to the local Department of Motor Vehicles, which operates in commerce, and tell any of the clerks there, you do not like the drivers license you have with the all upper case letters JOHN or JANE DOE on it, and you want one with your birth name in upper and lower case letters, John or Jane Doe on the license, if the clerk understands the system the clerk may go in another room, after he/she stops laughing the clerk will come back and tell you that he/she can not do that. But the clerk more than likely will not understand and just tell you she/he can not do that. If you ask the clerk why the clerk probably will not be able to tell you because he/she does not understand or know about commerce, you know the “Swamp Creature.” The same will go for the Social Security card, the marriage license and anything else that you believe government gives or takes away from the real live man or woman. If you have done the above it should prove to you that the corporate government which operates in commerce, in fact does not deal with a real live man or woman who’s name is spelled in upper and lower case letters. If you still do not believe it yet, keep reading. 

     The people working in the “corporate governments” (which do not exist except in your mind) do not have the power or authority to give or take away anything from the real live man or woman and they do not. Do the people working in “government” understand this?   I would say very few if any do, and probably you did not either before you read this. The “judges,” actors, fictions, in the courts do understand and they will use every dirty, rotten, trick in the book and then some to get the real live man or woman to become a straw man in their courts. The courts can only deal with the straw man which the “government’ created. More on this will be explained later. Part of what makes this whole system so satanic, is that what I am telling you has and is being kept from you. And it will stay that way if “government” has anything to do with it. The system “Swamp Creature” will take everything you have if it can, and the only way that can happen is through the straw man. Every living man or woman in America, has a straw man. There is much, much more that you should know and understand than will be here, but let's continue on.

      The people in “government” can only give the fictions they have created a privilege and of course a privilege can be taken away from the straw man, by its creator, which is “government.” Now for more proof of what has been stated above, if you will pick up your local, or any newspaper for that matter that has an obituary section, and go to the part of the section that is talking about the real live man or woman while they were alive their name will be spelled in upper and lower case letters such as Jane or John Doe but when it starts talking about the people after they are no longer alive the name is spelled in all upper case letters such as JANE or JOHN DOEIf you go to the cemetery where all the people are buried and are no longer alive and look at the tomb stones the names will all be in upper case letters such as JOHN or JANE DOE. As all “corporate government” “Agencies,” “corporations” etc. operate in commerce but in fact do not exist, guess what, their names are in, upper case letters also showing that they are not real but a fiction. Perhaps some of the people who have “corporations” and may read this do not know this, but they can not and will never get a “corporation” name in upper and lower case letters and anyone reading this now knows why. The “corporations’ do not exist except in your mind, again you can not see, smell, hear, feel or taste a corporation so it is a fiction which does not exist and its name proves it. I hope you have by now proved to your self what I told you, you would prove to yourself. If not I do not know what else can be stated at this time, perhaps reading more on down will help. I might state here, you may say I see the “corporations” building or I know the head of a corporation, neither of these is a “corporation.”

. So does the real man or woman have a social security card, drivers license, marriage license etc.? NO A THOUSAND TIMES NO!!! It is for the fiction or straw man, the “government” has created for the real live man or woman so they could operate in commerce if they wish to, who have these things. The real live man or woman does not need to go to “government” to get married, If a woman and a man are living together they could be considered married by law, have you ever heard of common LAW marriages. The government will marry the straw man by a minister who has probably incorporated, is now a fiction, and then the straw man will get certain benefits for getting married which the real live man or woman will use. By the way the Minster will marry the straw man by the power invested in him (the minister) by the state, not by God. God is never mentioned in a marriage ceremony, I told my daughter this before she got “married” many years ago, sure enough “power invested in me by the state,” God is never mentioned.    This is all commerce people. This is the way everything works, we are a big part of the problem because we do not understand commerce. Am I telling you not to have your straw man get married if you want to, no, what I am telling you is learn what you are doing and how to deal with it. If your children are being taken away by “government” it is through the marriage of the straw man. You were given free will by your creator. By the way, your creator gave you rights which no one can ever take away from you. The creator of your straw man gives privileges to the straw man which “government” can take away at any time because they are the creator. Civil rights, that is for the straw man. The rights of the real live man or woman come from your creator which the “founding fathers” called the God of nature, (and if you really want to do your home work that was not the god of the bible.) and these rights can not be taken away by anyone.

    A little side track here, in commerce the president does not need to go to congress (which does not lawfully exist at this time anyhow) to go to war etc. (That is probably why Bush said something to the effect, " get that dam piece of paper out of my face" when told he may be acting in violation of the constitution tf he did certain things although he is committing treason if he violates the oath he took to the constitution which no longer is in play, none the less he took the oath and the people of the 48 states were guaranteed a republican form of “government.” Not a Democracy or what I call a Demon arcy. (We have the “Swamp Creature” form of government today.) As the whole world is operating in commerce will some one please tell me who is going to step out and stop Bush from doing what ever he wants to do.      In fact “WAR” is one of the things that commerce loves and is very good at. Again I believe commerce can be called a satanic, fraudulent legal system that the whole world is caught up in, but a real live man or woman can live in it, if they know how it operates, if people don’t know how it works it can be quite harsh. Like kicking barefoot against the stones. 

     “Governments” which are fictions can deal with each other as they are all fictions. The same with “corporations.” The “Corporate United States Supreme Court’ is a fiction and all courts are a fiction and can only deal with the straw men. It will be explained to you on down how the courts operate.   

      Under the common law there is no mercy, if you have a bible the old testament laws of the bible are common law, with you will find no mercy in the old testament. In other words if you killed some one, no matter if it was an accident or not you must make it to a city of refuge or the family of the slain individual could kill you.  Read the laws in Leviticus and Deuteronomy of the bible. But in commerce there can be all kinds of reasons to get a lighter sentence for murder.  Rape etc. Under commerce all crimes from a traffic ticket to rape or murder is a tax violation, of commerce. In commerce a real live man or woman does not go to jail or prison for violating some “crime” they go to jail or prison as surety for their straw man who has been accused and convicted of violating COMMERCEand the real man or woman not understanding the system, jumps up and screams out take ME “judge.” The real live man or woman must knowingly or unknowingly volunteer to go to jail or prison for the straw man. Example: When in court the “judge” calls out a name and if the real man or woman answer such as, here, yo, etc., they have just become the assumed straw man as the paper or document the “judge” is looking at has the name he called in all upper case letters. The “judge” is not calling the real live man or woman’s name as he can not, the “judge” can only deal with the fiction (straw man) they created. At this point I will point out that the real live man or woman can talk to any of the fictions that work for the government except the “judge” in court and not get in trouble, but if the real live man or woman starts to jive etc. with the “judge” in court they now become the assumed straw man. Some of the many things the real live man or woman might do in court is ask the “judge” with authority from your seat, at least do not go into the bar, “are you talking to me?" (You should know by now he is not talking to you the real live man or woman.) The “judge” may say “well are you JANE or JOHN DOE” now what would you do? You might say again “are you talking to me?”Or you might say “how do you spell that.?” If the “judge” spells your name and he does not tell you it in all  upper case letters, when he is through spelling your name you might ask him if the name is spelled in all upper case letters if it is it is not you.  You can ask the judge the above questions and be safe, but if you get in any kind of a conversation with him you have now become the assumed straw man. I know a guy who when the “judge” called out his name in court, in a loud voice he asked, “are you talking to me?” and no matter what the “judge” said he would say “are you talking to me?” after a while the “judge” said something like well the defendant must not be here.  next case. Why?  Because the guy did not volunteer to be the straw man and the “Judge” could not deal with a real live man. .This has been used more than what I know, in different ways. You are the real live man or woman with a brain for your straw man so you can figure out what you want to do. Now understand the “judge” is in fact a fiction and an actor while in court and the “judge” may scream.  holler, threaten, get mad and red in the face and do all kinds of things to get the real live man or woman, intimidated and volunteer to be the straw man so he can move on with the case he assumes to have against the straw man. Always remember the “judge” is like a snake or eel very slippery and cunning so you must always be on guard when you are before a “judge.” In commerce the court is in business to make “money” not for justice, the courts have their own accountants and the courts books must be balanced at the end of every day. If some one tries what was mentioned above they may also point to their chest as they ask the question “are you talking to me?” so the “judge” understands what you are doing because if there is one thing the “judge” understands it is commerce. Now if the real man or woman, gets past this, they need to know what to do next, now of the many things they might do, one is they may want to go to the clerk of court later, to see where things stand with their straw man, so a warrant is not sent out for the arrest of the straw man, because the straw man did not show up at court and you are not arrested as the surety for the straw man. All warrants etc have the name of the straw man on them. 

     An attorney is also a fiction which the “judge” can deal with but the attorney has no understanding of commerce as he is not taught how it operates in “law school.” And by the way the “government” does not put out any books on commerce except the UCC code. What is shown on tv is not how the real world operates.   Every, and I mean every real live man or woman who is in jail or prison at this time, right now has done something in commerce which volunteered him or her as the straw man or as the surety for the straw man or they would not be in jail or prison. Sorry to say this but this includes murders and rapists. Look at their legal, not lawful, paper work, the names are all in upper case letters.        

     What happens with a traffic ticket? 

     Let's say you are tooling down the road at eighty miles an hour and a traffic officer, who is acting for a fiction while he is on duty working for commerce, pulls you, the real live man or woman over. Part of our problem is few if any one has explained to anyone working in “government” what is going on so the traffic officer probably won’t understand what I am going to tell you..

     If you know what you are doing among other thing you could ask the officer if he stopped you for a friendly visit or for a violation of commerce. At this point you may have a chance to educate the officer if you understand enough about commerce. The officer probably believes that he is stopping you for speeding and you probably believe the same thing but the real truth is you are being stopped and accused of violating commerce. The ticket may say traffic violation on it but in truth it is commerce you are accused of violating. Let's say you as the real live man or woman have a drivers license and the officer wants you to sign the ticket and you refuse and he threatens to take you to jail. You have free will so I am not telling you what to do but among the many things you may think about doing is ask the officer if he has a warrant for your arrest. You could explain to him that if he does not have an arrest warrant that if he arrests you, you will charge him with false arrest. If he does arrest you anyway and takes you in, the speeding ticket is no longer is the real issue, the false arrest has now become the issue. And if you know what you are doing the officer is in deep, deep do, do and you just might take all of his goodies. You do not go after the officer in the court system no, no, no. Remember the judge can not deal with a real live man or woman. You as a real live man or woman would go after the officer using commerce. The officer must have a warrant to arrest any one. What if you do not have a drivers license, same thing, a real live man or woman does not need a license to travel down the highway. The laws are made for the straw man. One of the rights the creator gave us is that we can travel. These fictions get away with this crap because the people do not understand what is going on and few people are telling them.   While I am on the traffic ticket, perhaps I should interject here that commerce does not operate with money, (gold and silver) commerce operates in negotiable instruments which are securities, checks, promissory notes which are (federal reserve notes) bonds etc. Bonds are on a special paper if you get a new copy of your birth certficate which was issued by "government" to your name or your straw man it is on bond paper. That birth certificate which is backed by your labor is being traded around the world and is worth probably in the billions and perhaps more.

     I think this would be a good place to let Lynn Schmaltz tell you a little bit of how the justice (just us) system operates.  

From: Lynn Schmaltz 20004

I had many opportunities to educate women on the monetary system of jail. The moment an order is written, whether it's a warrant or a traffic ticket, or whatever, the money machine is activated. Every prisoner has a monetary value to our government whether its local, county, state or federal. Bonds are written based on the person's name and social security number and are sold through a brokerage firm such as AG Edwards or Merrill Lynch who has the contract to sell all the prison bonds for the city, county, state or federal prisons. Over 50% of the money market bonds right now are purchased in Japan or China. I've been told by researchers that Walmart and, used to be, Kmart also purchase these bonds, Walmart mostly doing so by emptying out bank accounts at night. Both companies are fronts for enormous money machines.

The way the bond works is that a monetary value is placed on the alleged crime and then factored the way banks factor their money. In other words if a person is convicted of a felony the "value" would be $4 million. The county/city/ state then multiplies it by ten, so the bond that goes out for sale with the prisoner's name and social security number is a short-term "promissory" note. It's offered at $40 million. Perhaps an investor will offer 40% of the $40 million, or $16 million. Once this "promissory note" of the face value of $40 million reaches the banks it is then multiplied again by 200 to 300% and sold as bank securities. For those of you who wonder why the US has more people in prison per capita than any other nation on earth, you'll begin to understand how we can have a weakening economy and still fund wars overseas. It' s all based on prisoners.... in other words, prison for profit.

Knowing all this and knowing that a prisoner can have a "net worth" of say, $10,000 per day in the money markets, helped me explain to many bewildered women why they were in jail. We were only merchandise in a warehouse. The storage was pretty cheap; one woman while in jail researched the cost of feeding prisoners per day which ranged from 74 cents to $2.72 per prisoner per day.

           In commerce all courts are a business and act on contract, their books must be balanced at the end of every day. So if you have a drivers license you have a contract for the fiction to operate in commerce which a real live man or woman does not lawfully need to travel on the highways.  There are many things the real live man or woman does not need through the straw man but some times it is easer for the real live man or woman to use the straw man to get things such as lights, gas and water for the house and everything else they get which is in commerce which is in the name of the straw man. Once again if you doubt this look at all the receipts you get from government, corporations etc. your name is in upper case letters.

      Let’s talk now about the Social Security card.  This is for the straw man and if you get rid of  your social security card,  will that get you out of the system? I know a man who went to prison with out ever being charged with anything, and this guy never had a Social Security card in his life. Did you need a social security card to get gas, lights, water etc. now look at the receipts you get from these people,  is your name in upper case letters, are you out of the system if you have no SS card? Everything is commerce. For the Straw Man not to have a Social Security card does not get you out of the system, although there may be a time you want to get rid of the card and you can if you really want to.

     The “judge” is a fiction while acting on the bench, in fact he could be called an actor because that is what he is and does and he can not lawfully or legally deal with a real live man or woman. Without their permission knowingly or unknowingly he can only deal with a fiction such as the straw man which is on the drivers license you may have.

       If you the real live man or woman did not make it past the “judge” and the judge trapped you. The prosecutor is bringing your straw mans case to the “judge” without him your straw man would not be in court. So you might ask the prosecutor who are you, what are you doing here, what is your name, be nice but you can kind of get in his face, ask him who he is representing and if he says the state or what ever, if it is a fiction, great.  Tell him you want to see the power of attorney form signed by the state, or whatever the fiction is. credit card corporation etc.  He will not have it because something that only exists in your mind, can not give or sign anything.  When the prosecutor can not produce the document tell the “judge” I want this case dismissed. Do you think an attorney will ever ask the prosecuting attorney for the power of attorney?  In your dreams. Understand the “Judge” is ruthless, tricky, slippery, the “Judge” (actor) is not your friend so he/she may still try to trap you into being the assumed straw man. The same guy I told you about earlier told me that while driving down the road he practices and yells “are you talking to me?” “I want to see the power of attorney” etc. He told me people probably think he is nuts.

      There are many, many things you can do in commerce to get yourself out of trouble if you know what you are doing. Never, never try to mix commerce with common law and never, never get an attorney if acting in commerce or you will pay the penalty. Know what you are doing or you will go to jail, prison or pay the fine for your STRAW MAN and probably believe the real man or woman’s rights have been violated when they have not, the system does not even deal with you, the people of “government” did not create you they created your straw man which they can and do deal with. Commerce deals with fictions and negotiable instruments, it does not deal with real people or money (gold and Silver ) 

     Some of you will probably have very harsh feelings about what I say next , and perhaps have some very hash feelings for me saying this, but I am dealing with the truth and this needs to be said, so, I spent six years in the military, nine if you count the Army National Guard the other six In the Army’s 1st Infantry Division, and the U.S. Air Force. Not to protect the real live man or woman, but to plunder the earth for the “government.” commerce “Swamp Creature.” Will you please look at Iraq, and I fear for Iran, what a beautiful, beautiful peaceful city Tehran is right now, what it will be after the plunders are sent in if they are, makes me sick to my stomach, and I cry out will you the real live men and women on earth wake up and stop the plunder and slaughter of the people of the earth and of mankind, for commerce.   You know the “Swamp Creature” I do not support the plundering by our military and those that are doing it, at least some should be charged with war crimes.  Please do something type in your search engine with out the quotation marks "death made in America" look at those pictures and then tell me I must support our troops! In reality the troops are the "swamp Creatures" troops any how!

      I will close with this little jewel. In commerce, going to jail or prison is a privilege from “government” as you are being fed, clothed and sheltered for your straw man by “government” and you can not go to jail unless you volunteer in some way. So I guess if one reading this was about to be sentenced to prison or jail among many other things one might try, is tell the “judge” (actor) that you are refusing the privilege of going to jail or prison and see what happens. commerce is not necessarily easy to learn but that is the legal system the real live men and women are in if you are living in a “government” on earth.


Disclaimer:  I have done the best by my God given ability to tell you the truth, much more could have been said, but one must stop somewhere. If you decide to try any of the things mentioned above as a real live man or woman you must take responsibility for your own actions, as there are no guarantees in life. What I am doing here is explaining to you how the “Swamp Creature” operates. I am not an attorney so if you want legal advice (you can not get lawful advice because we are not in a system of laws as "congress me and women keep telling us )  before you make a decision get an attorney. But Attorneys will not understand what is stated above as they are not taught this in law school. In fact the attorney will probably tell you this is all crap or crazy and laugh about it or laugh at you. Even the "patriotic" attorneys will tell you that this is crap, if that is so why does what I have told you above work. If you try any of the things mentioned above do it with power and authority and at least act like you really understand what you are doing or the “judge” will probably walk all over you, The “judge” is there to collect “money” for commerce any way he can, in what I believe can be called a satanic, fraudulent, legal system, which is not lawful, you the real live man or woman live in a system which it is fair to call, I believe, the “Swamp Creature.”                                 

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The above  Memorandums are a related post to recent Fourwinds post on the ‘SWAMP CREATURE’.   “S” never has stated that the identity of the CREATURE was limited to a superficial corporate construct of interlocking boards, directorates, legal fictions etc.   Institutions are the ‘proxy’ ‘procuratory’ and means by which POWER works its ‘magic’, by deception, obfuscation, trickery, deceit, to procure that which it intends.  Slavery and absolute control by any means necessary is always an intended goal in the dominance game.  Corporations, whether commercial or ‘governmental’ are  window dressing for what is down in the SWAMP and in SHADOW.   This goes to the xatanic secret society Order(s) of the current global power oligarchy, and to its ancient ‘secret’ or ‘sacred’ origins to ‘those who came from afar’,….the Eloheim ‘gods’, Nephilim, Annunaki…..those who brought us the Babylon Law system of Sovereign Right/Divine Right Authority, Dynastic Houses, Dynastic Claims and Right of Claim.  That is at the root of  what is now our current ‘admiralty-maritime-commercial-contract-merchant law system.   More on this later.


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