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Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2008 2:05 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services


I was just seveved with a Grand Jury indictment: Crimminal Case No. '08 CR 1092 JAH, U.S. District Court, Southern Dist. of Calif. Charges filed by the FDA - I have been selling "non-pre market approved\" CL.II Medical Devices (Rife frequency instruments). Can "S" provide "Corporate 'for profit" info on FDA, etc.?


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Sent: Friday, April 18, 2008 5:29 AM

Subject: Re: Fw: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services

Dear James:

I appreciate your writing and understand your plight.  Any one, and I mean every one is on the SLAVEGRID "System" by being attached or affixed to the commercial 'ens legis' fiction franchise trust, ie. "STRAWMAN", created by the UNITED STATES,  a federal corporation, agency thereof, or instrumentality thereof.  That 'person' is not a People, and you are NOT IT. It is an operation of the 'ens legis' commercial enterprise of interlocking incorporated sub and supra corps, which go to the Executive Office of the United States, United States Treasury, Department of Justice, and all 'lesser' corps on the heirarchy of executive, judicial, legislative 'agencies'.  Those 'agencies' all have federal corporate character,  are and have officers/offices, have their own Federal Employer and Tax Identification Numbers, likely have offbook CAFR accounts, etc.  This CORPORATION is defined at  but not limited to  [ 28 USC 3002(15)(A-C) and 26 USC 7701(a)(9) and (10)].

There are numerous expressions and 'legal' or 'commercial' capacities of their creation.  Some of the more familiar terms are: 'U.S. person', U.S. citizen', 'individual', 'resident', 'beneficiary', 'account owner', 'beneficial owner', 'tax payer', 'U.S. national', 'possession', 'human resource', 'human capital', 'estate', 'property', and 'vessel'.

The NAME is always in ALL CAP LETTERS, because that is what a de-capitated new born slave becomes when 'birth registered' and commercially transacted into or transferred into 'birth custody', for  'warehousing', 'procurement' and to be held on Account at the U.S. Treasiry after passing through the U.S. Department of Commerce/Transportation.  Transportation is deemed 'commercial', no matter what the 'vehicle', which is another one of their terms or capacities to define a key function of the STRAWMAN.   In comerce, it serves as a 'transmitting utility', which is a vessel and vehicle for transportation of ENERGY.  That is the NAME appearing on all regulated and licensed enterprise operations.  The word 'operation' or 'activity' means 'commerce' and the government claims under Constitution to have right to regulate commerce.  Commerce is regulated and taxed.  Regulation = control, and the DoJ, acting for the UNITED STATES assures that their FRANCHISE is operated the way it must according to their statutory-administrative codes, regulations, etc.

The 'person' that just got 'served' Indictment by the U.S. or U.S.A. [a federal subcorp of the U.S. and is not the uSA, republic] is the 'vessel' that you are attached to and 'ident' with.  Your birth registration and SS-5 Form Application for SS benefits, particularly deferred  retirement benefits, are the two initial prime documents of 'reif', or robbery/theft, of your Liberty Rights, your nature and character as a sentient lawful fless/blood man on the land of California [distinct from STATE OF CALIFORNIA, or State of California].

Until you 'diversify' or make distinct the real you from their fiction, which is created as a commercial enterprize and tradename which sounds like you, you are glued to it.  Hence, as an undisclosed 'executor' or 'compelled fiduciary', you act always and only for IT, and for the benefit and gain of those who have created it as their commercial enterprise, under an undisclosed maritime-tontine scheme in 'limited liability' for [their] proft or gain.  You are not IT.  But, you are presumed to be under 'law authority' by contract and documents of title held, but not recorded, which give the

federal CORP a presumed right of claim against you and your ENERGY or 'sbustance'.

If you do not 'dis' enfranchise you from IT, and I mean ALL of IT, you will never be in 'standing', or have status or capacity as the real man, which is superior to all or any CORPORATION, no matter it's name, appearance, function, purpose.  ALL ens legis constructs, including ecclesiastical orsecular political, commercial, are actually inferior creations in the schem of things under Nature and Heaven's Laws.

Those Laws are beneath all manmade laws presently, but actually caused the evolution of the myriad manmade laws from the 'axioms' which were set out in simple form to the first people.  Greed for power and control, for dominance, for 'divine right', for POWER have caused man to create more of their own 'laws' as a means of procuring unto themselves that which is not theirs.  Slaves are made by such means.

At this point, having been 'served', you are being given an 'offer to contract' in commerce on a commercial/criminal claim against the VESSEL that you are the captain of and responsible for and bound/bonded to.  Your signature is your bond, and you have been using your signature on their private commercial contract papers for years.  Your parents the same.

Registration is always a big one, and applying for any 'benefit' or 'license', which is a privilege granted by the STATE to be able to do something [regulated] 'legally' that is otherwise considered 'illegal' by regime of the 'law authority' of the STATE.

There are things that you can do to rebut the presumption of the STATE that you are one/same as the COMMERCIAL FICTION, VESSEL, 'U.S. citizen', 'resident' etc., but it would necessitate you making timely and expedient changes in your status and politcal-legal 'domicile'  to effect them to change their treatment of you.  What you are alleged to be doing, is something that in maritime law would be like dealing or conducting commerce on something that the CORPORATION has not sanctioned or made 'legal'.  The default is that if it is not specifically defined as 'legal' it is 'illegal', as distinct from 'non legal' or 'non illegal'.

As I do not know all of their techical scheme of regulating such devices, ofwhich I am well familiar, the best I can recommend you do is to go to the deeper root of their primary claim against the 'person' that they charged against.  That is their own commercial creation.  And, you are not IT.  Nor, is their presumed 'right of claim' against you, by 'pledge' or any agreement of your parents to 'register' your being 'born' [not 'birth'], or by virtue of you having engaged in their 'commerce game' unwittingly without informed consent to all material facts and issues of fact.  You MUST make clear your distinct character and nature in commerce and law.

I have no other info about the FDA as might pertain to its operations for profit as a subcorp of the UNITED STATES.  Dun & Bradstreet would have them listed for certain, because the OFFICE OF DRUG POLICY CONTROL is a fed corp that operates and 'trades as' the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT.   You can go to D-B and run a search and see what comes up, but the real search would be for you to find someone quickly to help you deal with this in law and commerce, including your status, if you have not done any work in that regard.

I will make an inquiry or two asap and see if I can plug you in to some folks out your way who should be able to help you.  The game of regulation and control is all about extortion of substance, in the for of credit as 'consideration' for your 'time served' and 'labor' which is expressed in terms of their Federal Reserve Notes, as promises to pay.  That is all

that's going on. Criminal activity is not a 'crime', and there is a big difference.  One is based on presumption, commerce, regulated activities' ie. 'trade or business activty', per Title 26, which are all excise taxable activities.  The other is based upon actual injury, which in your immediate matter, likely does not apply.  Without an injury to any party or property, how can one be in criminal violation of a law?   "Criminal" also means 'commercia' in their Babylon Law system, and it is all all all in commerce.

I suggest you go to and read the 'emancipation' section right away.  I will try to plug you in if you are interested in taking them at their 'offer' and turning things around on them.  They are the movant party and they have burden of proof.  So, make them prove up their claims and the presumptions beneath their claims about who/what you are as fact, not the ONE they say or deem you to be by virtue of hidden adhesion substance-sucking contracts.

I hope this helps somewhat.  Your question was not very clear to me as to specifics.  I am not available for private projects of that nature, but will try to put you in touch with someone who is.

Best Regards, and STAY OUT OF FEAR.  You need to change status and cause them to prove that you are A CORPORATION or have corporate character.