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From: "KH" 
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2008 12:26 AM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services


Hello Mr. Bellringer,

This message is directed to "S":

Thank you for your wonderful, revealing articles on the origin of the Corporate UNITED STATES and other associated evils perpetrated by those behind the Strawman (I hope I got that right). 

I have been following your dialogue with Whistleblower and it is exciting to be privy to.

I'm no lawyer, just a layperson.  My question to you, out of respect for your deep insight into the legal facts of this matter, is, what can We the People do now? 

Whistleblower seems to suggest that the American People have been apathetic and this is the reason we are in this mess - we haven't been scrutinizing the activities of our 'leaderS'.  He is right.

But now that I know what has been done what can I/We do?  As Whistleblower reminds you/Us this is a National matter.  Well is there anyone in a position of power in our Nation that we as The People can take this to? 

What can I personally do about this?  Do I pray to God/Goddess/All-that-Is to put a stop to it?  Do I walk up to the Capitol Building, knock on the door and say, "Hey you, I know what you\'re doing now stop!", do I write my Congresspeople (Ha! as if that's going to do anything), do We organise and drag all the Officials into the streets and shoot them/hang them?

Or perhaps we just wait for the fiction they created to collapse in on itself?

I mean really, pragmatically, if we are going to show Whistleblower (and ourselves) that We the People can take our country back, what do we do?

I thought you might have some ideas about this that you could share with other motivated readers of Fourwinds. 

Thank you again for your fantastic work,




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From: "S"
To: "Bellringer" <>
Sent: Wednesday, April 16, 2008 12:13 PM
Subject: Fw: Siterun Contact Request from Linlar Services

 Dear KH:

 A lot of good deeply felt questions...issues are severe and are not  limited to us as 'individuals'.  We are only apparently 'individuals' in the 3D,  but beyond that, we are a collective 'soul group' and a resonance and fractal expression of the higher Light.  You know this to be true in your heart,  and you can feel it deep in your cells.  That is where your guidance and your knowing ness is.  All of this which we perceive 'outside' is 'within' ourselves.  Our Consciousness is awakening to Itself, and the pattern of which I, you, we are concerned with, writing and talking about, the ngh-ngh-ngh 'stuff' or what appears in 3D as 'content' will all come to pass.

Meanwhile back on the ranch:  learn the 'commercial process' that Allan Cantwell and others are writing about on FW's.  Another older name for it  is 'redemption', but the formative deconstruction which led to 'redemption'  or 'commercial' administrative procedure was incomplete, and in some ways inaccurate.  The process is now much more refined, honed, 'legal' in everyway when done correctly.  That is where we may express our 'remedy'  to the condition of commercial 'pledge' by 'encumbrance' or 'lien' that we became affixed to, at birth, and even before.  This goes way back in time, but the most relevant time frame to us for all intents and purposes is  what happened to the People in the early 1900's, 1913, 1929-32, 1932-1938. That's when we were 'procured' as 'property' of the STATE.

I do not advise waiting for a collapse, although I believe in my heart it  is imminent and that the Dark Brotherhood's time is down to the short hairs. If we get NESARA, we have a new opportunity for a new beginning, and to methodically deconstruct the 'matrix' duplicate or fiction 'government' corporations that were expressly forbidden by the Founders.  Congress was never granted any authority within the original Constitution of 1787-1791  to incorporate, for the very reasons we are now addressing.  It's all there  in the Federal Convention, Philadelphia, Committee on Stiles, Sept. 14, 1787. They voted on a motion to grant the new Congress authority to incorporate, and it was rejected.

The better educated one is regarding one's true character, status,  standing, legal-political-commercial domicile, etc., the better able one will be to handle one's own affairs at all levels.  We need help from others, always, and help is available, but not acting to improve one's capacity to be responsible for ones' 'footprint' on the earth is part of what 'they' have conditioned us to.  We are made reliant and dependent on their operatives  to help us navigate their system, and look what we have done to ourselves by agreeing to allow them that power?

Pray, yes.... but study and learn and grow in this new wisdom.  Once you begin to catch on at the root, within one there will arise a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that at least you have penetrated the LIE and are now awake to the Truth of who and what you really are, and what  you were intended to be/become in this dark time.  Your greatest gift to yourself and others, in my humble opinion, is to share what you are learning, stay out of fear and reactivity with what you will learn, see  that we have done this to ourselves to a large degree, and learn the 'process' for asserting 'right of claim' and 'claim of right' to your Self as a real woman, within the world of Nature and under Divine Law Authority.

Thank you for writing.  I hope I did not say too much, but I've got to encourage others where possible to come to understand this stuff.  IT is  all very dense, very dense, and we were never given the tools within our early training to even go down these pathways.  Now, we go down their pathways  to see and understand where they were taking us all, by and through their own mal-intent, ignorance, unconsciousness, misalignment with Source,  negligence and willingness to enjoin to and serve the hidden deceptions and intent of  the Slavegrid.

Thank you, for writing.  Keep reading, and by all means, please pray as you have expressed.  That is about as powerful a 'remedy' as we have  presently.