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From: Mr. T
To: "Bellringer" <>
Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2008 12:13 AM
Subject: Magna Carta American

Patrick and S,

I have appreciated the recent articles by the Magna Carta Man and Jackie Harris as "FREE MEN" declarations and the appropriate methodology that they have

applied. This works in Canada and UK....but does it apply in the US?

My point of signing the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights as 'Original Signatories'  may establish this Common Law Right to be a US Free Man and that is the crux of what this movement needs. 

We don't have our own Magna Carta, but perhaps it is time to write one.  Our God given FREE WILL gives us this CHOICE but we need to formalize it to be LEGAL. 

That is what the above Free Men and Women are doing and what WE AMERICANS need to DO. What is the methodology we need to follow?  Step by step.  Then we have something to sign.  A series of documents or a comprehensive single statement that says it all.... I AM A FREE MAN.

Let's focus on posting THAT document and proper instructions.

Mr. T


From:  "S"
Sent: Wednesday, April 16, 2008 10:01 AM

Subject: RE: Magna Carta American

Dear Mr. T:

I, too, agree that the information provided as referenced is excellent and quite to the point of the real issues. The issues are ancient, and go back

so far in time, at some point they disappear into 'ancient past'. Slavery has always been around in one form or other. In the more recent past, concerning American 'colonials' and the indigenous peoplesof the 'west', the colonials came here by various means, agreements, charter contracts, indenture, etc., and they moved in and over those already present. We are the descendants of usurpers, in a very real way. There was nothing that the native people needed from the white man, and the white man's 'money' in whatever form had no meaning. How does one rectify that, except to collectively act upon the 'government' to pay them reparations and restitution by various means, including give them major portions of their  original lands back and stay out of their tribal business? That, of course, will never happen, despite the fact the federal "UNITED STATES", operating within the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, has broken every native American Treaty it has ever been party to. But, that is the nature of the BEAST, as those who own and control it are only of the BEAST nature themselves, causing the THING alleged to be our 'government' to treat the world of Nature and men in any manner consistent with their 'plan' for total domination.

Unless there is a total 'revision' or 'reformation' of what is called 'America' and the DUPLICATION called "UNITED STATES", there will be no Peace and Tranquility, nor will any 'Rights' ever be acknowledged by those who now have power. I mean NEVER. Theirs' is an 'absolutist' doctrine and dogma, operating over thousands of years of presumed 'genetic' superiority, which includes their presumed superior status in all manner of commerce, law, rulership etc. This nation was founded on breakaway doctrines that caused each man to be a 'sovereign without subjects'. Those who held dynastic 'old world' power, refused to acknowledge or honor the new nation at its core. So, here we are.

Magna Carta is a fine piece of work, most powerful. So is a Personal Declaration of Independence. But, its relevance today, like the organic Constitution for the united States of America, is moot within their fiction system. Unless or until the strength of will, discernment, knowledge/wisdom, desire, intent, capacity, and unrelenting command of one's 'self' by taking more/greater personal responsibility, returns to each and every one of us, there is no 'collective will' nor can any few re-present the interests and 'state' of mind or consciousness of the masses of others who chose not to.

I fight my battles selectively, for those who care, or have character enough to take upon themselves the learning that overcomes the darkness of ignorance. You may or may not have the same experience, but over the years so many have come to me or friends for 'help' in certain crisis situations, but who never picked up a book or spent time on the puter reading, even when they were advised to do so. Many/most folks simply want someone else to get them out of their problems, so they can go on living in the virtual fiction world that is everywhere around them.

In closing, Tom, I would say that paperwork, charters, covenants, statements of high purpose and ideal are excellent and needed, at the proper time, when they will mean something and cause an effect to ripple. Presently, I do not see the need, as the general populace has been asleep so long they would not be able, until shaken and wakened, to really 'get it'. That day is coming, and the new day or the 'new dawn' is inevitable. Old charters, covenants, agreements will fall away, and those who are the new builders will have to always remember and never forget the darkness that we, mankind, allowed ourselves to fall into by our own making, and our own failure and refusal t remain in the Light with steadfast adherence to Universal Law.....God's Law.

I wanted to write a document, calling it "The Rainbow Covenant", and began allowing my self to wander the openness of Divine Mind to receive the "S" [sonar] sounds or infusion of sounds that would cause it to be 'composed'. It would have to be on a very high order of harmonic pitch, tone, overtone, undertone, almost like a 'harmony of music'. Maybe someday, it will complete itself. It took me over 25 years in three parts to write the "Navigator's Rhyme", and the FBI came and seized my computers that had my original and only copy of it. I will get it back, but will do so after NESARA is announced and I will have clear and certain 'standing' to go after it/them, more than I already have. Presently, they refuse to give me any of my documents, records, files, computers etc., and that is from Aug. 2004. My first writing of the 'Rhyme' began in around 1972.

Be patient, my friend. Follow your intent, write down your thoughts andormulate your ideas. They will one day be needed. They are already needed. The Magna Carta is needed. But we need to cleanse thi  Earth of these soulless creatures so that these higher ideals can be replanted in fertile soil and the minds of those who are no longer under tyranny's yoke.

In my conclusion: A collective contract will do no good until there are enough in the collective, who are free of themselves as well the System's construct, to know what and why they would chose to enjoin to it with others. Right now, there are too few. But, that's just me thinking out loud.

Work on it. I am most interested. Share with others your ideas? In the meantime: You can do the 'commercial process' or 'redemption process' and begin asserting your superior status, standing, and capacity over their STRAWMAN FICTION creation. Break the bonds that affix or adhese one to the CORPORATION. There is well-settled process and procedure for doing that. Take care of getting yourself unglued, and others will follow.

The ENS LEGIS, legal entity, fiction 'person' that has been used as a 'transfer utility' or transfer agent to entrap and convert 'real' men into 'slave men' is what we are all dealing with. If one does not know and understand the distinction, one cannot just do paperwork and tender it in commerce to the government to 'get out'. Slaves have always  or bank account or credit card really you? NOT! But, as long as you agree to sign for it, and enter into commerce in that "person's" NAME, you are acting only as its 'fiduciary', executor, surety, and obligor. You are beholding to IT, and IT is, amongst many other things or capacities  a 'vessel' in U.S. admiralty-maritime venue, which has been affixed to your original status and capacity 'on the land' of the count  of jurisdiction of your 'nativity'. Ships are 'berthed', and so they gave us all 'birth certificates' and registered us on the high seas of international trade and commerce. Nice.