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From: Whistleblower
To: Bellringer
Sent: Sunday, April 13, 2008 3:23 AM
Subject: Re: Fw: REPLY TO MR. "S"

Dear Mr Bellringer,

Thank you again for forwarding the communication from Mr S.

Below is my response, which again can be published subject to Mr S's approval.

Response as follows:-


Dear Mr S.

Thank you kindly for your latest communication. I have to admit that I feel you underestimate yourself because what you have disclosed is professional an detailed, clearly indicating that you have spent considerable time investigating such matters and know what is camouflage and what is real fact. You have my admiration for your work, and I sincerely hope that you will continue your good work and efforts, as we will, so that these deceptions of the past, no matter by whom they were committed, are corrected, not only for the benefit of the American people but also for the People of the World at large.

Within your communication, there does appear to be several more questions, requiring answers. However, as previously stated, this matter now requires full investigation to establish the truth, so that any necessary corrections can be implemented. I will therefore answer what I can, but will refrain from other answers until full investigations have been undertaken by our Legal Counsel and his associates.

Unfortunately, I have my limitations and I am clearly not a scholar of US Constitutional History. We can only rely upon that what is defined within the Treaties and other associated information that may be available at the time.

Now I will endeavour to answer the questions, or relevant questions, as per your communication.

if the Royal Families did not understand that there existed a new sovereign 'within the [new] District of Columbia', they were either misled, misinformed, or made presumptions not supported by fact.

I fully agree and concur with your statement on this point. It does appear, and this is subject to full investigation, that not only the people of the United States deceived by the devious antics of these people, but also the whole world. However, until investigations have been made we should not imply that this is a conclusive situation, by a subject to situation.

Were their ancestors willing to do business with a new 'government' centralized and 'federalized' in DOC as a newly emerging CORPORATE construct?  It would operate within the City of Columbia territory, just like City-London and Vatican City.  Now, the 'three cities' operate as one, which they likely have done since 1871.

In reality, Queen Victoria and other members of associated Royal Families, were very shrewd and prudent persons. I would find it difficult to believe that they were effectively conned by these devious people. It is more likely, rather than being deceived, that they were actually part and parcel of the deceit, but again we have no evidence of same at this moment in time. To put it bluntly, the British at that time, and even to this date, are very good at making the bullets for other people to fire. We should also appreciate that America was effectively a British Colony until the Civil War, so somewhere along the line there would still be connections, strong connections, between them, for whatever purpose.

If they did not know about the underlying conditions and events taking place between the disenfranchised 'states' and people of the American Union, aka "united States of America", a republic, and thought they were still doing business with same at or around 1875, they were mistaken or deceived.  If the English Monarchy enjoined with other Royals of Europe and elsewhere to create the Global Debt Facility Asset base, and the various Nations "held" under Colonial Rule were parties of/in interest, where, how, and by what means did the united States of America, United States of America, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, United States, UNITED STATES, or any other derivation thereof align to those proceedings and those assets?  Who or what participated in the 1875 'commencement'?

The answer to this question I do not know and is subject to full investigation. The need to establish the facts increases day by day. What needs to be established as quickly as possible is whether the US executed the Treaties as a Sovereign Nation or as a Corporate entity, and if the difference between the two, and what party was actually executing the Treaties, was known at the time by any other party to the Treaties.

Once 'commenced' by or within the 'DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA'-'UNITED STATES', if that be the case, the construct could have changed at any point in time and process, 'mutated', into something other than the original.  If the DOC-US is not bound to nor recognize the 'organic' Constitution for the United States of America, nor operate judicially with 'law authority of the United States' as proscribed at Article III thereof, which we can prove it does not and can not, one can only conclude that the organic Constitution, as the "Founders' " charter, compact, or writings are not those in force-effect in DOC, which 'adopted' a different 'same sounding' but not the same document as the original/organic.

This is agreed. A "Double" operation with similar or same names is a good mechanism in law for deception, just as bank accounts with the same name opened up in two different domains by the same person or party is a mechanism for monetary deception against other persons or parties.

 Would it really even matter to the World of Men and of Nations that one primary Instrument of Chaos [contra 'stability'] resides within the DoC and has been there since 1865, albeit having assumed different forms, mutant faces, and characteristics not 'original' whatsoever?

Yes, I believe it would. It should be remembered that it was the assets of the Royal Families etc, that were at stake here, and I consider that they would have made sure of all possible legitimacy prior to execution, unless of course, they were part and parcel of the deception…….. Let it be seen that they were trying to assist the World and its People, but all the time possibly utilising known factors that would invalid such matters, thus in reality, it was a mere public propaganda exercise. However, once again, no conclusions, just subject to full investigations.

However, there can be no rightful protest or dispute, or petition for redress, if the people have not had all of the material facts and issues of fact. 

I think we need to be very careful here as there is an alternative argument. The people elected the persons to represent them, whether within a Constitutional Assembly or as Directors of a Corporate Entity. It was past elected members that possibly structured all of this as being authorised by the people by virtue of being elected by the people.

Whether these elected persons revealed to the electorate what they were doing is irrelevant as they held the authority of the people to Manage the Country / Nation accordingly. It is the responsibility in law for the people to know what their elected members are doing by scrutiny and being aware of what is happening re: same.

It is a principle in law that is similar to Caveat Emptor, whereby you should know, be aware of, and understand something before you execute any document that commits you.

The fact, as has no come to light, is that the people did not know, and possibly the world did not know either, whereby you are correct, in principal, to state there is no rightful protest, dispute or redress etc.

This is a minefield of legal combinations on an international scale which need to be resolved.

So, going "FIAT" may have had some logic to it at the time, but those who had control of the 'float' have far surpassed even their own expectations as to how much cream they could skim off the top by converting back into substance the aggregated credit accruals at cheap cheap prices.

In my opinion, going FIAT, was totally the wrong thing at the time. This did not attend, nor was it intended to attend to, the real problems being incurred. It was a substitute that was employed that conveniently covered, or forgot, about the real problems and the causes of the real problems, in the same way that we have the problems of today. The real causes will never be known as the corrections appear to be more important, followed by a new body to oversee. What about a full accurate, independent inquiry, with the Inquiry Panel fully authorised to bring any suspected person or party to justice., but of course that will not happen because the Privately owned Banking system will not take action against the privately owned banking system, its friends and co-conspirators.

All one has to do is review the sale of 'central bank gold reserves' to see that the 'select list' of bullion bankers to attend auctions was not but a predetermined 'fix' on who was going to buy the gold at what price.  Some "auction", I'd say.  Maybe I'm all wrong.  Maybe it doesn't really happen like this.  This is the way I and others see it.  It's all a 'fix'.

I personally agree fully with your comments here. The Gold price has been totally constrained and manipulated, especially since the Reagan era. There is a purpose behind all of this manipulation, but exactly what is open to general views only as this is another factor that the people will never really know about or even understand.. It is all a fix, and for a specific purpose, which many people on and others Web site have already expressed their personal opinions.

Mr. W,l you have hit the nail on the head.  You are correct that it is not the concern or purpose of your group to rectify what only the American people can.  Thing is, there are insufficient numbers of plantation workers who can discern their current  political-legal-commercial or spiritual 'state'; those who are awake to it, are seeking 'remedy', 'redress', 'relief', 'recourse', and are being hunted like wild animals in the form of characteristic shock troops, SS jackbooted fashion.  Raids, seizures, threats, home invasions, courts way out of 'law authority', no Oaths, Bonds being the big 'secret', because the entire one side of the DOC system operates and funds the apparatus of global hegemony/domination via its partners in London, Rome, Jerusalem, Hamburg, wherever.  The CORPORATION has NO RULES to abide by or limits to constrain it.  It makes its rules as 'policies' within 'public policy' which serve to replace 'public law', and which operates with unrestrained 'interest', 'necessity', 'by any means' to 'any ends' or 'purpose' which have no nexus to the American Constitution.  It is ALL CORPORATE FASCISM.

Again, I agree. I have travelled the world and visited at least 50-60% of all countries, and I see this situation time and time again. Furthermore, I have to say that it is very prominent in countries that are allied or aligned to the USA, UK and other Allied Powers.

With respect to you and your fellow citizens of America, I call it the American Dream that can only turn into a nightmare, and believe me is does, and has done in many of the countries I have visited in the past. Civil Wars, Coup d'etat, Political upheavals, Poverty, Starvation etc. One only has to look at the Philippines as a prime example. In Marcos's time a strong economy and good living standards for most. The country was second to Japan in the Far East. Now look at it. Virtually at the bottom, totally corrupt, living standards diminished so much that a minimum 15% - 20% of the population are now officially in poverty.

That is a story in itself, which I will go into if I am requested to. I have a copy on file of Marcos's last letter to one of his long time friends. In it he states, quote "Beware of the enemy within. They have killed me and they will kill my beloved country". He was referring to the American idealism within his country and the covert implementation of same.

Just like JFK, Marcos had to go. He was an obstacle in the way of such idealism and the operations of the cartels.

If the People of America, who now all 'reside' as 'citizens' 'within the United States' federal corporation, which is an overlay on the Republic, which has no known present power to operate for itself, cannot 'get it', awaken to their true state, their fate is sealed by default, to continue succumbing to the boot and the iron fist.

I agree. The People will wake up when it's too late, then they will question why, but their questions will fall on deal ears and their lives will fall on stony ground. It is such a pity that such apathy is apparent and the determination or tenacity is non-existent.

If the nations of the world discover they, too, have been duped, by ignorance, misrepresentation, obfuscation, presumption, they will have to chose to undertake an investigation of their current and historical affairs with the ????? and determined if they or their people have been injured or diminished in any way.

I believe they will and America will be further ostracised and isolated by the world. One thing that should be remembered is that any assets held in the USA are not and never have been owned by the USA, whether Constitutional or Corporate. Assets stored in one country derived from another country. That was the policy and which was strictly adhered to at all times. The physical assets may be there, but the documentation will be held within another country, or vice versa. The accounts are held on ledger at the Federal Reserve, The Swiss National bank, The Swiss Federal Financial Authority, The US Treasury, The BIS, and just like any other Bank, they are acting for its client and hold no authority in respect of the accounts. The Federal Reserve (a Private entity) is internationally legally bound, as are all others,  to undertake all / any instructions of the International Treasury Controller who owns the accounts, irrespective of decisions of the Government under Constitution or Government under Corporate entity. Those Accounts can be moved very easily at any time, form the Federal Reserve, and I believe that they now have to be moved to protect same from the antics of thee devious people and banking cartels.

As for the physical hard assets, that is much more difficult but not impossible, and ultimately I believe that any assets held in America, will need to be moved. The problem there is the American people lose all / any custodian fees that may be applicable. As for compensation against any assets missing, we will wait and see what the investigations concluded, as to whether it is a Corporate entity is responsible or whether it is the Constitutional America that is responsible.

Perhaps Mr. W can determine what document or charter of record is at the root of the major Treaties above named, starting with the 1875 'commencement' with the Global Debt Facility. 

It would be the Charter of the United States registered and recorded within the United Nations. This is the document that would determine under what auspices the Treaties were executed by America.

However, one has to remember that the United States did not formerly become involved until the 1910 Jekyll Island Treaty, so anything before that, relevant to America, appears to be irrelevant when referring to the Treaties.

Where does this go from here, Mr. W.  Your writing style and mastery of your subject is clear and most greatly appreciated.  I apologize that my own is not more so.  I am 'shooting in the dark' so to speak, and attempting to ferret out the hidden puzzle pieces as to where these abominations are rooted.

With any issue of such magnitude such as this one, I believe it is a question of everyone working together to, as your call it, ferret out the truth. This means keeping people informed and strategising together to be able to achieve what is right for the people. How this can all be accomplished depends on the decisions of all involved, not just one person. I am prepared to cooperate with anyone, in order to get to the truth and work for the benefit of the Nations and People of the World. If others think the same, then at least that is a starting point. Where we go from here depends upon the decision of others.

If this is your "shooting in the dark", you are a pretty good accurate marksman and you should be proud of yourself. You have ferreted out a great deal of information relevant to the USA. I and my colleagues are doing the same re the institution and the Treaties. There are things we are doing that I cannot disclose at the moment, only to say we do have some countries working with us, as they too are as disgusted with what has happened, and what is happening. They want to see change, even to the point of motioning the United Nations. Time is what is needed by all of us to access further information and those hidden puzzle pieces.

We will continue as it is our duty and responsibility on behalf of the Nations and People of the World. I hope you will all continue in the same way and join with us, in one form or another, to defeat this evil which is amongst us.

Finally, thank you for your personal details. I will keep these totally safe and secure. In time I will forward more information on myself and the institution to you, commencing I hope with the Video which I have motioned the Cabinet for approval to release same to the public domain, so please be patient.

You will also appreciate that by now the fourwinds Web Site is probably being monitored by CIA, as are IP addresses of persons communicating to same. May I suggest you try, if you haven't already done so, to secure your computer to a stealth mode operation and hidden IP address, as you are probably not protected by any form of immunity, which doesn't really mean much because a Bullet doesn't read bits of paper.

Kindest regards



(COMMENTs BY "S" to Mr. W.)

As an aside, but related comment re: information from Mr. W:

If the Global Debt Facility and Assets thereof were originally purposed toward benefiting humanity by periodic or progressive use, one would think that purpose to be of  paramount significance to those who created it; that they would never have allowed their intent, if true to fact, to be so blatantly criminally abused and violated.  Intent is what drives the workings of ‘law authority’, or any ‘contract’, no matter how great or small the subject.   Is Mr. W saying that all of these Royal Families ‘trusted’ someone to do their bidding, handle their wealth commitments, and had no oversight authority put in place?

 I do not understand that the world of nations, created the League of Nations, out of a previous international forum, then create the U.N., and the Global Debt Facility, without full knowledge of the bankruptcy of the United States of 1933, and consequential or related FRAUD on the American People and their united States of America.  The entire matter of creation of the FRBS 1913 and IRS 1913 was pre-text to Act of March 3, 1933, Emergency Banking Act of March 9, 1933, E.O. 6102  of April 4, 1933, HJR-192 of June 5, 1933, E.O. 6166 of June 10, 1933, and Senate Document 43, June 11, 1933.  All of that was within the time frames set out by Mr. W as being relevant to various ‘plans’ and legislation within the ‘????’.  It could only have been done ‘within the United States’, Distict of Columbia, and not ‘without the United States’ ‘within the United States of America’ per definition and meaning of 28 USC 1746(1) and 28 USC 1331/1332.

Then, read the address on the floor of the House of Representatives by Louis McFadden, June 10, 1932 and it describes what is going down, and he protests it as being non-constitutional, as did Lindberg.  This is nine months before Acts of March 3 or March 9 of 1933, and the People and their representatives still were consensually enjoined on the intention of the Governors [of the States] to ‘re-pledge’ the People, their assets, their future labor, their Posterity, and their property [including Rights] to bail out, as ‘sureties’, the bankrupted U.S.-DoC ‘government’.  “America”  was held by the “U.S.”, not the other way around.  Which comes first?

If the American people did not know or understand what was going on, and had no ‘notice’ or venue to lodge a formal protest, mount an effective objection/rebuttal, NOTICE AND DEMAND to cease-desist, or to modify the terms and conditions being implemented, there IS NO CONSENT AND NO DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL FACTS AND ISSUES OF FACT bearing on their rights, titles, interests ‘within the united States of America’.

 HOW could the nations of the world agree to the Debt Facility, include the construct called the United States of America/UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, or the ‘UNITED STATES’/United States as being a ‘primary’ constituent, and then delegate authority to its Executive to protect the assets?  Especially given that the Creature From Jekyll Island had emerged as being the private central bank thereof?  Of course, that would only be an issue for those who were not ‘players’ at the highest levels of politics, commerce, banking, Family Dynasties, Monarchs, Vicars, and the like.  Now, it seems like ‘they’ created a BEAST that is eating their [paper] ass-ets, and some don’t like it.  He who has the gold at this time, wins, especially in a collapsing fiat credit paper ‘asset based’ global economy.  All of the credit accumulations of the Families etc. who may have sold off a lot of their gold holdings, are now loosing equity on their ‘paper’.  Someone is playing them as well as the People.  The elephant is always ahead of the game as it crashes through the jungle.  How could Reagan ever presume to steal the total value of the Debt Facility and not be decapitated if found out?  This is what our ‘white knight’ Mr. Wanta was all about……..destroying nations and stealing what is not his own for the benefit of undisclosed or known parties who give him a paycheck and immunity as “””diplomat”””?

Whew……I’m really glad I never went into government service.  I refused commissions to fly Navy jets because they told me I’d be dropping napalm on ‘innocents’ in villages in Nam.    The entire ‘cold war’ all a Jesuit-Nazi DVD-Khazarian set up, the same way that all previous ‘crisis’ are back through time.