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"Includes"_Word Art of Obfuscation-- with Comments by "S"

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 Dear Fouwinds Readers:
This document concerns the subject of "word art" in a general context, but the subject of the word art "includes" in "statutory construction" in particular.  Because the word art "includes" has been used within writings of the United States in various titles of the United States Code etc., where the legal meaning and intention is to define the 'United States', 'States' etc., the author has made a profound contribution to clarifying and understanding the real meaning and intention of those who have used such a word within their 'statutory construction'. 
Although dry and tedious, the significance of this word, and the real meaning, as distinct from 'ordinary meaning' or extra-ordinay 'presumptive meaning' cannot be diminished.  In fact, it is so important a word, that the courts and those avatars of 'statute staple' 'law' in admiralty venue and jurisdiction, eg. 'Bar attorneys', silently agree to uphold the presumptive context, that the word art "United States" and 'States' 'includes' the several states of the American union of the United States of America. 
Unless 'rebutted', and evidence presented to the contrary, the black robed Babylonian Law Mercant U.S. judges of the "trading pit" called 'courts', will always find, within the 'discretion' of the court as 'trier of fact and law', "for cause" against Debtors or Defendants who do not know who/what they are as a matter of 'law and commerce', and who do not know how to 'present' themselves without controversy within U.S. courts.  
 The word art, "includes" is a key word in statutory construction, and I urge everyone to read for meaning the copyrighted document posted.  This document is the property of Sovereignty Education Defense Ministry, which is posted on its website at: and cannot be used for anything other than educational purposes without the express written consent of its owner.
Please pass along where appropriate.