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What's Really Going On?

By Anna Von Reitz

July 9th 2019

"Judging by the comments below this article, it would appear that Anna is finally being called out."

A lengthy and wide-ranging answer to a simple question from my German readers....

The estate trusts they established for us without our knowledge or consent were housed in Puerto Rico, but those were not the only "primary derivatives" they created in our names.

The Cestui Que Vie Trusts were named like this: JOHN MARK DOE.

Those were what they bankrupted in 2015.

There are also Public Transmitting Utilities named like this: JOHN M DOE.  That is what they are using to mis-address us now.

And the third primary derivative is a Public Charitable Trust doing business as JOHN DOE.

These three things represent our private property, our energy, and our public property interests respectively.

This was all done based on fraud and is owed immediate cessation and correction, but that is not so easy to do en masse, because this is the way the governments have been funding themselves and giving themselves access to your credit --- without that or control of that, they are cut back down to size and can no longer function as "plenary oligarchies". 

It requires a return to individual national governments or conversion of this nasty brand of corporate feudalism into something totally new.

The Pope's Plan has been to gradually consolidate power in regional governments---for example, the so-called North American Uniom of US, Mexico, and Canada, and the EU in Europe.

These Unions are supposed to promote regional peace and mutual dependency, so suddenly instead of 210 independent national governments we suddenly have ten.

And we have all the problems we have in the EU.

Some members of these forced regional alliances are weaker and less competent to manage their situation than others for all sorts of reasons, which forces the more developed and self-disciplined countries to be forever picking up the slack for the weaker members without, however, having any political power sufficient to change the policies or practices of their dependents.

Think--US and Mexico, or, Germany and Greece, and you will have a pretty accurate view of the problem.

Instead of working together cooperatively to solve problems and share regional resources to do it, what happens in the real world is that the strong carry the weak and live like parents trying to deal with profligate teenagers. 

Look at what has recently gone on between Mexico and the US.

Mexico is sympathetic to the plight of Honduras, but unwilling or unable to do much for the Hondurans itself.  So they open their Southern Border and let the Hondurans traipse through Mexico to our Southern Border.

Mexico's moral dilemma and expense has been passed on to us.

So we either have to pay off Mexico to close its Southern Border, which we have done, or we have to build a border wall to be able to control immigration into our country.

Either way we get stuck paying some other country to do what they should be doing anyway, or we have to pay for an expensive construction project that should not be necessary, but which is being forced on us by the actions of a "weak member" of a forced regional "union".

The Planners responsible for all this don't have a firm grasp of human nature, nor do they understand cultural and political realities. Just because the US and Mexico are physical neighbors does not mean that we have a lot in common beyond location on the globe-- but the Planners ignore this fact and continue to merrily meddle in the affairs of what should be sovereign nations, promoting Christian ideals of strong nations caring for less fortunate neighbors, etc., without any respect for freewill and responsibility.

If we are going to help Hondurans, it should be our free will decision to do so --- not something thrown at us like a tubful of dirty bath water.

And it should be the responsibility of the Honduran government and the Mexican government to make the best decisions they can make, too--- not just a shiftless pass-the-problem-on-to-the-Americans attitude.  These are their people and their neighbors.  Lack of responsibility at home just leads to more lack of responsibility worldwide.  

It's the same situation with the Germans and the Greek crisis. The Greek Government instituted all sorts of "free" government giveaways that made them very popular politically at home, but left the question of who pays for it on the doorstep of the German people simply because they are participating as members of the EU "Regional Government" experiment.

A logical man or woman knows that it does no good to simply transplant a problem from one location to another, because the source of the problem travels along like a flea on a dog.

An alcoholic living in Phoenix, Arizona, is not magically transformed into a healthy, addiction-free man by moving to Anchorage, Alaska.   It's the same with bad political ideas and immoral attitudes and beliefs, other kinds of addictions, lack of education, lack of skills, poor health, and so on --- a change in location may encourage new thinking or development of new skills, etc., but there is no guarantee of that.  It may simply broaden the spread of the problem, like giving Typhoid Mary relocation expenses and a bus pass.

Transferring the Greek debt to German backs does nothing to teach the Greek Government better habits, and simply deprives Germans of rewards they have justly earned.

Transferring Hondurans to the United States simply imports Honduran gangs and diseases and bad attitudes and Communist rhetoric to a new location and creates a problem for Americans that is by no means a natural problem for us.

And all this "humanitarian" effort to import and mainstream Muslims from the Middle East to Europe has done nothing to bring their 7th Century lifestyle and religious belief system into the modern era --- all it has done is create more tension, more strife, more cultural malaise, more unjust debt, and more problems for people who were, more or less, making it on their own--- until the Planners got busy and made a mess of it, again.

A more certain and sensible approach is to open up opportunities in the home country or along the borders shared with immediate neighbors, not a wholesale forced resettlement and migration "plan" cooked up by elitists who are ill-equipped to deal with practical life.

One is reminded of clueless Marie Antoinette blithely (and with good intentions) saying, "Let them eat cake!" ---- because she saw no reason that the crowds of hungry peasants couldn't eat cake.  She was generous and ignorant and was more than willing that they should all sit down and have all the cake they wanted.  It is the same with the Planners and their meddling in the Middle East.

"Well, the Europeans need workers and the Muslims need a place to go, now that we have bombed their homelands into smithereens.  Why not just move the Muslims to Europe and create an instant underclass of cheap labor alienated from the native population in as many ways as possible?  Racially, culturally, and religiously different.  Then isolate them in burgeoning slums like rats in a trap and see what comes of it?"

As if any sane person doesn't already know what comes of it?

How about the Planners stop bombing and meddling and playing war games in the Middle East?  How about they rebuild the Middle East and let it be at peace and encourage all the Muslims to return home to their own countries and their own cultures?

Israel is not the consequence of God leading the Hebrews to the Promised Land.  Israel is the consequence of British and Catholic Planners run amok.  So now we have untold billions of dollars invested in another failed experiment and the political and human consequences of that experiment on our hands, and it should not even concern us. The whole problem of Israel v. The Neighbors wouldn't even exist without the meddling and self-service and elitist ignorance of the Planners.

The Creator loves diversity.  Crocuses bloom along with lilacs and apple trees, lilies bloom with pansies and petunias, why in blazes can't we be allowed to blossom in our ways and forms and seasons?  And homelands? 

That would be too simple, too natural, too healthy, too.... outside the control of the self-appointed, self-important Planners!

Who made the Pope and the Queen the great Mixmasters, plopping down Jews in the middle of the Arab Homelands and then plopping down Arabs in the middle of French and German Homelands?

And now that they see the results of their handiwork and "planning" and everyone else is ready to take them to task for their meddling, they want to beat feet home and tend to their knitting?  They want a "no deal" Brexit backed up with American military power and the continuation of the Lateran Treaty though we all know what a den of thieves has been operating out of Vatican City.

The Roman Catholic Church since Charlemagne has never grasped the fact that you cannot force conversion of the heart. Their "killing and stealing "for" Jesus" logic fault got even worse in the wake of the Inquisition and Ignatius Loyola. Their partial success at conversion-by-necessity has encouraged a tragic and misguided history of intrigue, violence, oppression and flawed logic on the part of some factions within the Church.

And unfortunately, aided by closet Satanist cells within the Church, that basic idea that you can force beliefs and values on others and mandate the behavior of men and nations by force of arms and monetary blackmail continues.  Whatever the Pope considers to be "good" becomes the mandate, and you wind up with irresponsible nations feeding upon responsible nations --- a recipe that doesn't help or teach the miscreants better behavior, but which does serve to reduce everyone to a commonality of misery while discouraging those who are trying to do better.

We are dealing a form of extreme Communism egged on with very repressive Fascist moral overtones --- a "worst of all political worlds" synergy that has been exemplified already by the Nazis, who borrowed vast amounts of money, then murdered their Priority Creditors in cold blood, shared out the ill-gotten gains with the Swiss bankers, the Pope, and the Queen, and found themselves in key positions in the US Government and scientific community, still suffering under the delusion that they were right and good and everyone else was stupid and wrong.

Getting back to your original question --- the American ESTATES have been claimed by the Americans.  The British Territorial Government dba "in our names" as "the" United States of America is attempting to horn in and take a middle man position and we are objecting to their presumptions and keeping the pressure on the Pope and the Municipal United States government which has similarly been doing business "in our names" as "the" United States.

Our process was to seize upon and collapse the Municipal Trusts including the STATES OF STATES, then enclose the State of State franchises, then roll them all back onto the land jurisdiction of the actual unincorporated and sovereign government in international jurisdiction, The United States of America (notice "The" --- our Proper Name)--- and from there conveyed all the way back to the soil jurisdiction states of The United States (again notice, "The") and re-assignment of the assets. 

There isn't a power on Earth that can say one word about it, because these are our assets and we have claimed them fair and square, and we are not incorporated.  We are fact, they are fiction.

So, now the Americans--- the actual, factual Americans, not the "US citizens"--- who are the rightful heirs of the actual States and all derivative property, have exposed the whole international criminal enterprise that was afoot and we have claimed back our inheritance and we have no obligation to serve our servants anymore. Instead, there will be a performance review and new contract negotiations.  We are finally getting back on track after 150 years of this betrayal of trust.

Fortunately or unfortunately, because we were the first victims of the scheme, we were also chosen as the staging ground for the unfoldment of the patent and copyright and trademark abuses that have been implemented by the criminals as a means of disguising and implementing and profiting from their activities, often using the excuse that their "business models" and other tripe were necessary components of "National Security" ---- doublespeak for cloaking criminal activity. 

The US Navy was the tool used most consistently to promote this agenda, and its actions were directed by the British Crown and the British Government, though the US NAVY, a municipal corporation, was used as the front for a great deal of the skullduggery.  Ditto US ARMY and USAF.   They have been trying to set up the same sort of cozy nest to promote this same brand of criminality in China, hence all the cyber attacks and patent and copyright and trademark abuses that China has been committing.  They have also made in-roads in the Russian Navy though the Russians have been far less amenable to manipulation.   Thus the Devil was cast down into the sea and has ruled for a short time.

The Americans are standing with their feet planted on their land and soil again, operating in their unincorporated -- that is, sovereign -- capacity.  All the stuff that these misanthropes accumulated "in our names" under the guise of managing and administering our assets "for" us have to be returned and re-venued, and thence, all the ill-gotten similar gains have to be returned to the other victims.  Not coincidentally, it is the Double Jubilee, and this time, no excuses can be offered by the Church and Queen for any failure to deliver a full measure of remedy and debt forgiveness at all levels.

It's time.


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Posted by Paul Stramer at 5:41 PM 

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bubbapatricJuly 9, 2019 at 7:10 PM

No Anna not the pope not the queen.

it's the neoconservative aka zionest jewelry . One type is boloshivic.communist.biggest Mass murders in history then the zionest who want world domination through Thair.central bank system that has Rothschild said give me control of a nations money supply and doesn't matter after that . couple it with Benjamin people like cattle FDR..and col.Mendell.House doing it in america.and you get Wallstreet fund mangers making the zionest tons of cash..



Wink WinkJuly 9, 2019 at 8:50 PM

yep bubbapatric, she's got to pretend its Christian Kings & not Pharisee jews, or the Queen is Bolshevik'ing our nation & the Pope's running UN Agenda 2030 aka Elders of Zion.

Everything she describes are well known, well verified, documented JEW-ops, the "contractors" for their Pharisee Upper jews.

How is the same business model is repeated endlessly, as they force us to pay to destroy ourselves, cannot be admitted by Anna, as 100% Pharisee JEW. Be it Rome, Venice, Swiss Octogon, ADL, B'nai Brith, Chabad, Talmud, Islam, Communism, Fascism, anti-White'ism, KKK, Lutheranism, Mormonism, MexAmerCan, crypto-jew Loyola, jewsuits, Habsburgs, AshkeNAZI, Israhell, Saudi royals, yadda yadda - ITS THE JEWS & to pretend it isn't aids in their DESTRUCTION OF OUR EVERYTHING - & ENDANGERS OUR CHILDREN whom the JEWS have always MURDERED, CONSUMED, KIDNAPPED, SEX-TRADED, ORGAN HARVESTED, SACRIFICED As they are doing TODAY - Its so sickening to pretend its not the jews!

Gosh, that Queen & Pope sure do get around, don't they? WHO IS EXECUTING THEIR ORDERS? Who is running as many scams as possible for themselves while doing the Q&P's bidding? JEWS.

ITS THE JEWS, all of it. All of this is JEW COLLATERAL DAMAGE.

Annie McShaneJuly 10, 2019 at 6:15 AM

The People have to be able to get their minds around the Criminal Perpetrators directly involved.

Most people I talk too look at this situation as something they would rather not know about and they as a single man or wombman have no power to fight so why bother. I am asked: "What is your agenda"? Like I've independently picked up this issue all on my own and somehow have the power to do something about it, HA HA HA. GET A LIFE.

It is more realistic for People who know the BRITISH EMPIRE and THE ROMAN EMPIRE are bad.

The JEWS are hidden by the actions of their CRIMINAL COCONSPIRATERS.

EXPOSE to the People something they might believe they can take a stand against.

It doesn't make sence that 80 year old, Mr. STEINMAN next door is part of this problem as a Jewish man who goes to temple instead of the Connelly family that attends Mass.

Old "Mr. STEINMAN" is not the problem any more than "Bob" the "Mason" who wholeheartedly believes the Masons are helping the homeless in the community.

Anna is right to explain it this way as it is also true and correct even though there is another Higher Power at work above the Queen and Pope in ultimate Power here.

IF the Criminal COCONSPIRATERS are exposed don't the JEWS loose Power too?

Give the People knowledge of something each Man and Wombman can actually take a stand against. This certainly will make my job easier in Re-educating my neighbors. Relating to Michael, Suzanne and Iris three of my neighbors that the JEWS are causing our Problems with TOWN OF MILTON INCORPORATED will have Michael, Suzanne and Iris laughing at me after I leave. I can print out this article, make some other references and just maybe they will see that their effort to reclaim their "ESTATE" will benefit their families directly and maybe America as a whole.

Annie McShane On Delaware

Wink WinkJuly 10, 2019 at 8:20 AM

Annie – yes, we get this & it would make sense, except the gross charges are blasted upon Catholicism w/o exception, when Pharisee jew bloodlines usurped Catholicism, kingdoms, nations, peoples. Why then is it Catholic Church, Christian Kings, Europeans etc are made the enemy when jews are coddled, protected when all of this IS JEW COLLATERAL DAMAGE, IS jew agenda? Broadly blaming Europeans when it is NOT Europeans, but JEWS. As AshkeNAZI are Nazi, not Germans.

True Whites have zero genetic diseases, jews have 112 genetic diseases including a host of severe mental diseases, 30% of jews are severe mentals. 98% jews have brachycephalic skulls, NOT European skulls. Jews are NOT White.

No, the jew does not stop just becuz their top echelon master-baiters are identified. The jew is given permission to run any scam they can & do. Sandy Hook nobody died, all jew children photos used by jew parents, as same jew children appeared 2 months later at halftime New Orleans Super Bowl. Christmas Eve 100 home mortgages were paid off in Sandy Hook, a bedroom CIA community. All donation site proceeds were kept as bonus pay for their acting skills. Same for Parkland, etc.

Jacob Greenberg scanned area computers while at Harvard & stole the patent for what is now FaceBook & gave it to his granddad David Rockefeller, then changed his name to Mark Zuckerberg & we tax-fund 47% of FaceBook. Greenberg cousins appear in False Flags as actors, one even had the disgusting low-life audacity to show up last minute for a vid interview in Paradise (must appear to get shekels!), where WHITES were turned to ashes escaping in their cars, by jew-operated DEW. No flowers for Paradise, but bouquets & tears for False Flag jew-op shekel-shaker Chabad Tree of Lies jews.

Gabby Giffords, jew went to the same synagogue as her jew shooters mom. Greenbergs appeared as sheriffs & Sandy Hook & many other jew-op false flags.

Paid 150k-175k/yr w full benefits JEWS must run 6 false flag events/yr, as destroying our history pulling down statues, or run Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Ferguson, Charlottesville, etc.

Few yrs ago jews across our nation posted Public Notice they were FOR illegal immigration based upon their holohoax baalsh*t mega scam. Behind the veil jews shuffled paper to get $2400/illegal they could claim. One jew group = 10,000 illegals x 2400= $2,400,000 tax free in just one groups pockets. Large Muslim families insure future profits.

30,000 Brooklyn jews were the Bolsheviks. At this same time in Brooklyn a rare disease epidemic broke out, Polio. & jews started w their injections into CHILDREN, enter fraud Salk jew.

Wink WinkJuly 10, 2019 at 8:20 AM

… Nancy Alexandra Pelosi, Argentinian jew. Hildabeast Radomsky Clinton, Polish jew, changed their name in England. John ‘Kohen’ Kerry. Kamala Harris (Harris is a jew name) married to jew Douglas Emhoff, her family owned Irish & Negro slaves in Jamaica. Smollett dad’s jew, he’s a Negrew pulled lynching scam to blame Whites. Charlottesville jew-op said ‘White supremacist’ killer of jewess Heather Heyer, (who isn’t in any of their CGI images & whose actor jew mom said died of obesity complications & held rent-a-crowd fake memorial blaming Whites & Trump) is in FACT a JEW by his own defense that his jew granddad killed is jew grandma then himself, thus makes JEW FIELDS mental thus innocent. False Flag Chabad Tree of Lies shooting, as Parkland false flag, as Sandy Hook, all jew-ops, brings in megal-shekels for jews. Congress anti-White Nationalist ‘Bill’ all JEW w their Negrews to destroy Whites.

Jews ran the African slave trade NOT Whites, 78% slaves were jew-owned, then Negros owned slaves, then Indian tribes owned thousands, while less than .35% Whites owned slaves. Over 3000 Negros owned slaves around New Orleans alone. The jew flips truth to destroy their ultimate enemy, True Whites.

Kosher Tax Extortion Racket in tax free trillions/yr we pay the jew to merely exist. Where is our Christian tax against jews? Jew-run DHS hands out millions/yr grants, 95% go to jews, 5% to Islam. Broward County, Fla has more Chabad Centers than any place on Earth.

Israhell is worlds organ harvesting capital.

What if most all so-called White serial killers are in fact jews? Jews were non-White until 1987 when jews changed their identity to do their crimes, blame Whites w impunity. Read the most heinous crimes in the news WITH EYES OPEN, see how many are JEWS, who writes the article, who is quoted, who is in power perches directing the narrative.

Why are jews on our town boards? Parks, museums, hospitals, SPCA, schools, city hall, neighborhood, law enforcement, libraries, charity, corporate, real estate, universities, colleges, churches, etc? Ya get one then all of a sudden is loaded w jews telling us what we can & cannot do, say, think, passing moral, ethical judgment, giving their jews access to our everything?? Synagogue & jew Community Center dark rooms where jew students are paid to destroy us?

What we do not realize is the jew is but 2% of global pop. This makes the jew the single most criminal psychos on Earth. NXIVM all jew. Epstein & pals, jew. College pay-for-play jew run, most all are jews, or married to jews. Sandusky + Second Mile pedo ring, JEW. Ambrosia consuming our childrens blood: Peter Theil, Eric Schmidt etc jew, history shows jews have bled our CHRISTIAN CHILDREN for Kosher Meals. Ask why jews really have 2 kitchens. An ashamed jew confessed to me why.

The jew never ceases. You do not comprehend what the jew really is. Please, do not make the same mistake again. Do research. No JEW SCAMS, GENOCIDE, POISONS, LIES, THEFT, FRAUD etc NEVER CEASE. thanks


Happy camperJuly 9, 2019 at 8:03 PM

The isms ring hollow and bleed together at their edges. The globalists vote for oppression with their money transfers, which displace jobs and feeds the military-industrial complex. Countries managed fine before Europe's and now our corporate colonialism, reducing people's freedom, creativity and options. In some ways you sound like a euro-elitist yourself, adopting language of management. Countries used to respect US and took care of their own when we practiced some level of humanitarian and egalitarian ideals, but now we know the modern men of commerce are just running a self-serving sham. It can't get better when you're talking to people bereft of ideals, not when they define the "meritocracy" as themselves the most deserving and the model everyone must follow, like diversity has no value.



Wink WinkJuly 9, 2019 at 8:59 PM

We have been JEW'ed.


Chef-doctor JemichelJuly 9, 2019 at 9:07 PM

Thank you "Happy camper"!

The following definition is offered for added clarity as it may be needed and that this blog-commentator recognizes as worthy of supporting:

meritocracy -

government or the holding of power by people selected on the basis of their ability.


a society governed by meritocracy.


"Britain is a meritocracy, and everyone with skill and imagination may aspire to reach the highest level"

a ruling or influential class of educated or skilled people.

"the relentless advance of the meritocracy."


In the process of digesting the comments (for: "What's Really Going On?") comes a realization that efforts made toward a most suitable formation, grouping, community-building, etc. of truly American people needs to include open dialogue among all the participants. An axiom has been formed that says that dialogue is the new community and that without dialogue the door to pathology is left open. Dialogue has also been presented as the quintessential need for individuals who suffer from the previously mentioned "pathology." Truth without love risks abuse. Also creativity is needed in the whole synergy and that is possibly the way whereby the value of "diversity" can be expressed and thereby known!

In Gratitude




Wink WinkJuly 9, 2019 at 10:32 PM

'This is a diverse nation' = Gentile.

"Diversity" is forced upon us = JEW.

a followerJuly 10, 2019 at 4:39 AM

Satan cares not what your genealogy is, He is very inclusive.

Wink WinkJuly 10, 2019 at 9:21 AM

Knowing one means well to express compassion! Yes, that's what WE think becuz we are good. WE are good.. & we are blinded by such evil that we can't comprehend it, can't admit it, as its so destructive to our very being.

Tho... Ohhhhh yes there is a genetic component. We just do not realize it, yet. More genetically mental jews than any group on Earth, keeping in mind the jew is but 2% global pop. What If 30% of jews are severe mentals, & they are running our governments, agencies, banking, false flags, food, energy, water, organ harvesting, universities, all education,jew'dicial system, wars, Queen & Popes agenda, etc.

jews slaughter animals every week as a religious right/rite, neck-ringing chickens & tossing their bodies, bleeding lambs, so as to place their sins upon innocent helpless animals, thus relieve the jew of its evils.


PSYCHOPATHS DO THE VERY SAME THING, & for pleasure, as jews do, to feed the abyss of self-hate, to feed the demon within whose appetite is never satiated.

And, jews do this ritualistically in front of their children to ensure generational psychopathy. To see ANIMAL TORTURE, SLAUGHTER as a most prized jew characteristic. And they are HIDEOUS, ugly, vile... & it doesn't stop with animals. As known psychopaths ritually torture, kill animals as practice, elevating their ritual to mankind.

Here is a video of jews, rabbis convening in a posh hotel DEMANDING RE-INSTATEMENT of jew laws to KILL GENTILE CHILDREN & FAMILIES. That's RE-instate JEW LAWS. Never has a jew condemned, nor ever has a jew even commented when faced w it. Why? Becuz JEW PSYCHOPATHY IS IDOLIZED. Is Evil intrinsic in the jew?

Why don't jews condemn their most evil jews? Even jews in this video speak of KILLING OF GENTILE CHILDREN in whispered tone, respecting JEW PSYCHOPATHS.

Jews on Killing Goyim Children & Families 3:26

Thanks for your compassion & its expression for good. Its that the jew must not be equated with Gentiles, especially Christians. We are so good that jew evil is incomprehensible, intolerable to us, so we pretend it doesn't exist. PEACE & thanks


a followerJuly 10, 2019 at 4:42 AM


Publish means to spread. Spread the word of God, (without changing it.) Without watering it down etc.

Douay-Rheims Bible Acts 13:49

And the word of the Lord was published throughout the whole country.

Also,It is not 'private.' Once one or as one receives of the Holy Spirit.


UnknownJuly 10, 2019 at 7:35 AM

We can do nothing without unity .there cannot be a battle without the community ,we have mere words that travel as far as a rock can be thrown ,every street needs a leader every block needs two .every town must have hundreds within these leaders they must give even the weakest of us all a weapon and the hope that every house on the street will come and stand by them when ever a street sweeper to a police man comes to give them an order of policy ,statute ever enforcement officer would need to be met by every man woman and child of that block to be sure no harm will come .also the day of calling the cops over every little thing must stop for they are not there to solve problems they come to do harm and pass out paper bills while shooting anyone who questions there authority .now you not agree with me but I say if you called them and someone gets hurt your as guilty as the cop that harmed them .work it out yourself first never call the cops unless you want your neighbor harmed and then shame on you.


ShelbyJuly 10, 2019 at 8:10 AM

Celebration in front of Lincoln statue

Scroll down and read the information about Lincoln and his selling of all of us into slavery therefore we all carry the mark of the beast

At least that's how I am reading it

And this link is enclosed in the above link

Again lots of stuff in this blog that point out exactly what these psychopaths are doing literally leading people to slaughter and the so called 'leaders' in every 'nation' are marching the people right to their deaths

Lots of information in this book

Iceland? They threw the bankers out?

Looks to me based on these maps that Iceland playing critical role in the protection of the motherland?

If you choose to read that is your choice but I found the information contained in this book to be very compelling to say the least


ShelbyJuly 10, 2019 at 8:48 AM

Again you can read and take it or leave it but very compelling information if you ask me

Antartica or Greenland?

UN remapping of the world and the nations into regions but where is Greenland, Newfoundland, Antartica?

2 million acres of land with only 57,000 people living there, Greenland

As i said you can take it or leave it but some very compelling information


DETJuly 10, 2019 at 10:52 AM

This comment has been removed by the author.


DETJuly 10, 2019 at 10:54 AM

Thank you Anna for answering my questions.

It is the same with "The Cestui Que Vie Trusts" currently here

in the "Federal Republic of Germany".

But it is not only this.

By reading your articles I have been learning that the occupation

law we still have here on German soil is coming from the British

Territorial Government dba as "the" United States of America

and not "The United States of America". An important difference

hardly anyone knows here and we have to live with this conditions.


AnnaJuly 10, 2019 at 10:57 AM

It disappoints me that people who are trying to find freedom and make sense of what has happened to this country are so easily misled by old (and ignorant) prejudices into blaming "the Jews" when I have repeatedly and vehemently pointed out that all the things they are accusing "the Jews" of doing are NOT JEWISH PRACTICES!!! They are Satanic practices!

I have also pointed out that these same actors -- the Satanists -- ALSO pretend to be Muslims or Catholics or other brands of Christian, too.

As long as you are deluded by their play-acting and stupid enough to fall into their traps, there is no hope of addressing the actual problem and the actual "religion" causing the problem.

And that religion is not the religion of the actual Jews, nor the actual Muslims, nor the actual Catholics. We are dealing with Satan-worshipers masquerading as members of all these other religious groups the same way we are dealing with commercial corporations masquerading as our governments. Wake to hell up! And stop dirtying my blog with your pernicious ignorance and stupid