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CAFR1 NATIONAL POST - October 10th 2018 by Walter Burien


WJB on Coast to Coast with George Noory:

Well, here are the 1, 2, and 3 qualifiers per what was discused within the above linked radio show:


1.)  TOTAL WEALTH, Government vs. the Private Sector -


2.)  EXAMPLES (about 4600 CAFRs) listed by category -


3.)  Corporatism and the TRFA (Ending Taxation) -


Please share with your contacts, ask them to do the same, and post where you can. The radio show linked above, all need to listen to the complete show and comprehend what is being said.


No excuses, you and all that you know need to know what was said, and disclosed.


From the test CAFR1 did, to see how many subscribers get the CAFR1 posts, the last test which requested a reply of "Got it" in the subject line, 152 individuals replied they received it out of 3818. That is less than 5%. So, sharing this information that is greatly repressed, requires some sharp networking to cut through the intentional void government and their cooperatives diligently create day by day, minute by minute.


Here is a very big, if not the biggest reality check and wake-up call you will ever get in your lifetime:


Out of the billions of people on this planet, and the decades that have gone by since the creation of the USA, who is the only individual in this country or in any other country that said and brought forward for action that: Taxation, in its entirety can be eliminated and here is how it can be done!


Being that this information has been repressed, and by control design has not been the continuous front page discussion over the last 20-years, when all from the population would and should want it to be the up front discusion and it was not, you should be genuinely afraid of the control degree you and all of us are "subject" to. (but then look at the massive money and wealth involved)


It is all about masterful ever-flowing entertainment and data management. What we see and what we do not. Most of us think things are "A OK" based on the control techniques continuously exerted on us, but be afraid. We can not protect ourselves if we are directed to view the fluff and are not comprehending the overbearing takeover of it all as we are lulled into a hypnotic (and hypocrisy) trance of masterful entertainment.


The TRFA is underway and there to be done. One individual stepped forward from Texas in 2014 with genuine investment capital that got the ball rolling.  Well, a few more individuals with investment capital are needed to finish the job of implementing the TRFA. (Tax Retirement Fund Association). A private association designed to represent the population and consult with local governments towards the objective of ending taxation. The peoples retirement account, an account designed to retire taxation.


It is very interesting how the majority of the population knows and wishes for taxation to be ended. The majority knows ending taxation would trigger and create an economy of prosperity of no equal. Most know it can be done. So again, look at the lock government and the media has over you and all others at this point in time to keep not a peep of this thought from reaching the people. Again, in reality you should be afraid, very afraid..


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