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10 Democrats Who Have Vowed To Raise Taxes


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10 Democrats Who Have Vowed To Raise Taxes

The Democrats are trying their very best to keep taxes as a non-issue in 2018, who wants to vote for someone who will take away their big paycheck, but don’t let them tell you they love the tax cuts. Here are 10 Democrats who want Tax cuts out of here, and an 11th person who is very active in politics and has been funding the Tax Cut repeal efforts.




FYI---. Here is the List of the 10 Democrats who would raise taxes:


1.) Chuck Schumer

2.) Bernie Sanders

3.) Tom Carper

4.) Maxine Waters

5.) Nancy Pelosi

6.) Elizabeth Warren

7.) Jared Polis

8.) Ted Lieu

9.) Steny Hoyer

10.) Ro Khanna