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US Banks Freeze Cash

Greg Coleman

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Attention: If you have $25,000.00 or more in the bank, please read carefully.

Under current law, if your bank is failing and the U.S. government fails to bail them out, under a mandate titled “Adequacy of Loss-Absorbing Capacity...”, approved by the G20, they can take your money and convert it into shares of equity in the failing institution. These laws exist and the public has no idea that access to their money can be confiscated as a big-bank "bail-in" to save U.S. banks from closing. Learn how to protect yourself from the next financial meltdown before it's too late! Request GSI's Investors Power Guide & US Bank Expose Today! Your termed assets such as; CDs, Money-Markets, Annuities, IRAs and Savings accounts are seemingly at risk!


Since the insertion of the Total Loss Absorbing Capacity, banks have grown increasingly dangerous for depositors. Banks are eliminating cash withdrawals over $25,000.00 without filing Suspicious Activity Reports! This is a concerning revelation considering the global banking system seems to be imploding in Greece to Puerto Rico, Ukraine, Argentina, Belarus, Venezuela and now India. Another Big US Bank failure could mean the banks turn to their lenders of last resort “Your Bank Deposits”.

Don’t let the banks make you the lender of last resort... and the last to be paid back.

Learn how thousands of investors are protecting themselves from the banking system with Gold & Silver that can’t be toted away by the Government. Request GSI’s Investor's Power Guide and US Bank Expose at no obligation, free of charge, today!


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