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The Walking-Dead Banks Are Setting Us Up For Complete Loss Of Control Over Our Funds, With Complete Complicity Of The Government.

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Dec. 13, 2016

The largest one day moves EVER in HISTORY for stocks and bond rates just happened with Trump election, followed by record highs for stocks re-inflating the bubbles of 2000 and 2008, and setting us up for a tumultuous ride in 2017, which promises to be anything but predictable or secure for your wealth. On top of that, the walking-dead banks are setting us up for complete loss of control over our funds, with complete complicity of the government. Craig Hemke, founder of the TFMetals Report, rejoins Reluctant Preppers to spell out what ordinary people MUST DO RIGHT NOW to protect our ability to keep what we worked for, and prevent our money from being bailed-in or frozen out. Share this with your family this holiday season!




2016 Was a Year of Historic Records in Financial Volatility


Brexit vote June 23 caught banks, sovereign treasuries, and bettors off guard – By the time of the Trump election they were better prepared:

Stock Market turnaround on Trump Election – largest one-day turnaround in HISTORY

President’s Plunge Protection Team was proven to be associated with the past 3 record turnarounds, no reason the think this wan’t also their handiwork!

Largest one-day move in interest rates in HISTORY in the US Bond Market the day after the Trump election.

Massive dumping of treasuries by the Chinese and Saudis in anticipation of changing diplomatic relationships.


Record highs in the Dow Jones Propaganda Average,

Message of mainstream media is an untrustworthy consensus – watch out – this is when it’s wise to be a contrarian!

Setting up for a Wild Ride in 2017 – Watch Out!


Setup is similar to a year ago, setting up for a Fed rate increase, which last time set off an $8 run in silver!

Chinese Yuan devaluation: Aug2015 liquidity crisis and stock tumble, Jan 2016 saw similar stock tumble.

Who’s Afraid of The Big Bad “Cashless Society” Wolf?


Sound money is written into the US Constitution, freedom to move around, to hold, carry, conceal and manage your wealth.

If your wealth and your savings are stored digitally, you can be cut off in a keystroke with no recourse accused of a “crime”, free speech, association, insinuation, etc.. Your life work and savings taken out of your hands and out of your reach

The REAL REASON they trying to make the cashless society happen? Negative interest rates Banks are zombies, still being subsidized Deposits will be charged fees to store your cash in the bank Prudent person would want to withdraw their cash, refuse to pay the bank fees, but there’s NO CASH FORCED BAIL IN on the backs of ordinary earners and savers $1.3T in actual coin & currency in the US: If eliminate the $100 bill, eliminate $650B Impractical, burden to hold & transport cash

How Must The Ordinary Person Prepare? Having cash on hand is critically useful in a crisis, natural disaster, preparation Physical gold & silver always has protected your purchasing power over time Your savings are the accumulated value of your work – being systematically devalued by holding it in dollars.