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11-14-18Wed.) It is astonishing to see the giant frontal system move through California on these NOAA satellite maps without leaving a drop of rain in California, while all of the politician / cyphers and weather stooges say nothing. The deliberate heavy chemical aerosol assault in our skies yesterday prevented the precipitation process. By preventing the lift in the atmosphere, these weather controllers can prevent precipitation.

The chemtrail aerosols are a second tool / method used by these weather controllers to modify weather patterns and the temperature of the upper atmosphere. The weather control operation is likely being run from the USAF, as they control all of the Defense Meteorological Agency satellites which is a part of the DOD and USAF at Los Angeles Air Force Base in El Segundo, CA and from a location in Colorado. Nobody is saying a word about this manipulation, given: a) the visual evidence on the Surface pressure map, the 500mb & 300 mb pressure maps, b) the specific timing of the chemtrail spraying activity, c) the evidence in the NOAA watervapor & IR satellite maps!

Our politicians are not addressing this problem. They have been duped because they have a lack of scientific, technical understanding. The politicians are chasing an empty wagon with the CO2 / smokestack emissions / greenhouse gas ruse. It is a fraud. This educational deficiency with our public officials and politicians is being explioted, as we see, with what is happening with our weather right under our noses!! This frontal system that just moved through should have brought 4 more inches of rain to California and put out those fires.

As I said previous, the frontal system should have moved through on Friday-Saturday and prevented such fires to erupt but this front was blocked. This is domestic terrorism by rogues in our USAF & DOD, which is not surprising given the massive corruption and scheme uncovered in the FBI and DOJ to frame this President while the mainstream media say nothing and COVER IT UP. Same thing is happening with the weather