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Weather War 101

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One of my researchers sent me an article from The Guardian (The CIA asked me about controlling the climate – this is why we should worry)… and urged me to address it.

“Certainly it is the job of the US military and the CIA to help protect our country from such threats, and it is not surprising that the CIA is interested to learn about geoengineering.”

Very few people are currently aware of it, but I’m in a singularly unique position to shed light on the reality of global geoengineering (and its 100 year history of development and implementation). Anyone legitimately concerned and asking these questions should find my research, my work, and my perspective – more than enlightening.

Let me start by making one thing perfectly clear. I am an American, to the core of my being. The very circumstances by which I even exist and have developed into what I am, could have only happened in this country, and I am extraordinarily grateful and proud of that reality – in spite of the many problems and struggles that very much still exist in the U.S.

In my youth, my father (who was himself warrior) instilled in me a variety of things about war and fighting for one’s country very clearly, but first and foremost was: Only go to war to fight for what you truly believe in. It took a very long time to recognize and understand what I was willing to go to war for… but I’ve been entirely committed to it, ever since. All who know me – know just how true that is.

When I read articles or discussion regarding “Climate Change” (an antiquated diversionary term that needs to be changed to Climate Collapse) or “Geoengineering,” regardless of source (AMS, IPCC, NOAA, NASA), it’s akin to Galileo listening to astronomers discuss how the Earth is the center of the Solar System. The fact that we live on a quite literally globally geoengineered planet and have for the last one hundred years, is an indisputable and eminently easily provable reality, yet all scientists speak about “geoengineering” as if it only exists as a hypothetical future possibility. Geoengineering is so much of a reality in fact, that if it stopped tomorrow, so would all of the rain, yet somehow (if we are to take them at their word for a moment) all of the scientists and meteorologists involved on the issue of weather and climate – are completely oblivious to this reality.

The reality of global geoengineering is so clear, I can easily explain it in a few paragraphs.

In the natural water cycle, water slowly evaporates from natural sources like the ocean, ponds, trees, the soil, etc., and turns into Water Vapor. This water slowly rises and accumulates in the air.

In order to form clouds, this Water Vapor requires particles in the air to accumulate on. In the natural cycle, these particles are dust, fire-ash, etc. These particles are called CCN (Cloud Condensation Nuclei). When enough of these water droplets accumulate to form rain clouds, the Water Vapor re-condenses back into water, and falls to the ground as rain.

In order to initiate, accelerate, or even – emulate – this natural process, one would need to start by emulating the fuel source of the system… which is Water Vapor. Water Vapor, is just Steam. Steam, that is no different than steam that comes out of a tea kettle.

Creating enough Water Vapor to create a rain cloud, would take a pretty big tea kettle, but the process is exactly the same. To fuel a cloud system, all one fundamentally has to be able to do, is provide the Water Vapor.

Unbeknownst to most people, this planet is already completely covered with Giant Tea Kettles, and has been nearly 100 years. In fact, the source of the Water Vapor for Global Cloud Systems is the same source of the electrical power required for you to read this article: Your local Power Plant, the 6,000 Power Plants across the United States, and the 62,500 Power Plants Worldwide.

In 2015, the foundational technology of Power Plants worldwide is essentially the same as it was in the 1800s – the steam engine. A fuel source is burned (coal, oil, gas, etc.) to boil water, to create steam, to drive a turbine, which creates the electrical power this global society runs on. Therefore, all Power Plants on the planet are potential sources of Water Vapor Generation.

It takes a great deal of Water Vapor to create a Cloud System. Additionally the “Jet Stream” and local winds are always moving, so it is rare when an individual Power Plant can produce enough concentrated Water Vapor to produce a rain or snow event on its own. However at the AMS Conference on Weather Modification in January Meteorologist (B.J. Simpson) presented his documented instance of Plant Induced Snow which verifies and validates my research, and this presentation. I covered and illustrated this reality in my recent video on the Valentine’s Day Blizzard – Neptune.

In order to create and fuel a Cloud System then, it is necessary to fuel it sequentially from the ground, using Water Vapor Generation from multiple Power Plants in sequence, as the cloud system passes over each Power Plant. This fueling process can continue indefinitely until the cloud system reaches saturation, and drops the accumulated Water Vapor as rain or (if cold enough) snow. Centralized and remote control over this Global Network of Power Plant Water Vapor Generators, and the timing and sequence of their Water Vapor Generation Release, is necessary and plainly evident.

Exactly none of this is imaginary. This system very much exists in the now, and guaranteed – is fueling whatever rain or snow falls on you next. Not only can I prove every bit of this, I already have in 150+ detailed Geoengineering videos freely available on my YouTube channel (WeatherWar101). I can prove it any day, at any time. For more detailed information and examples of this reality, see my video (and linked article) - Proof: Effects of Cooling Towers on Weather.

I could elaborate of course. There is much more to the system. For instance, in order to have any actual ‘control’ over a cloud system, requires control over the material in the cloud system. This requires systems to put controllable and variable CCN in the air, and requires a global frequency grid to manipulate those components, which also has to be centrally and remotely controlled. These systems too quite identifiably and observably exist in the now, and visibly manipulate storm systems as they cross this country and this planet every single day.

I never used to call myself “Patriot.” I won’t take the time right now to go into just how much and on what dimensions… but you can bet your life – Patriot is exactly what I am.

I watch the weather being created and controlled in my country – every single day. From every little rainstorm, to every tornado swarm, to every blizzard, to every hurricane – I watch as they are all deliberately created… all of the time with immense deliberate effort, that often doesn’t even achieve the intended magnitude.

If this Government isn’t controlling this system and the CIA doesn’t know who is, the CIA very much needs to find out. If this Government isn’t in control of these systems on American soil, then the CIA’s hypothetical fears not only exist in the now, they have for over 50 years.

My team members and viewers are often amazed at what I can see and the clarity in which I see it, but I frequently remind them of one simple fact. All I am really doing here, is reverse-engineering – based on publically available and incredibly obvious data – what someone else already engineered to begin with. Not only that, they were engineering and implementing it – before I was born… and I am no child.

Know for a fact – this Patriot wants to know who is controlling these industrial networks and the weather in his country, just as much as the CIA should. If the CIA of the Government of My Country asked this Patriot for assistance in understanding the reality of global geoengineering and its in-place 50+ year active implementation in this country, all they would have to do – is ask.

In fact, I’ve already made the first step in understanding the reality of geoengineering, as easy as I possibly can – for anyone in the CIA, Government, or anyone else. Get my Amazon eBook “No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101” and in 40 pages, you’ll understand 100 years of geoengineering development and implementation better than anyone on the planet – short of the geoengineers themselves.

“I highly recommend this well researched E-book, as it is of highest scientific value! Everyone interested in meteorology and especially those who call themselves professionals in this field should get a copy and some know-how of the ongoing planetary geo-engineering operations and it's strategies - such as mixing Chemtrails (aerosol cloud seeding) with Water Vapor Generation (over land and sea) and stimulate the mixture by Nexrad Frequency Control radar technologies. It's the same here in Europe and that 's exactly why WW101's E-book is so important: it helps our planetary citizenship to TURN BELIEVE SYSTEMS INTO SYSTEMS OF KNOWLEDGE.”

- eBook review example

I welcome any inquiries about this work and reality from anyone in CIA, any other Government Agency, State Government, Climate Scientist, Meteorologist, and any other genuine organizations or individuals worldwide who want to understand the reality of the geoengineered world we live in. As I say frequently, we are all quite literally in the same planetary boat on the issue of climate collapse and geoengineering… but someone is clearly at the helm of this Concordia Cruise we are on. The CIA – and all of us – better understand who that is.


Comments and Psyops:

As is always the case whenever I produce a video about Psyop (particularly when it challenges the status quo "NWO, Agenda 21, Owning the Weather by 2025," and all associated misdirections), the hordes of blank, identytiless, videoless, discussionless YouTube channels all line up to force their expertise into my comment stream to change the subject, dilute the reality, and discredit the information. It is all psyop, all the time, and I've documented it so thoroughly on this channel, that it is actually boring and redundant to talk about at this point. If you wish to gain an extensive understanding of psyops, psyops disinformation, psyops obstruction, and psyops cyberterrorism, spend some time in the psyops section above.

However, there were a couple of excellent comments and a couple of excellent psyops examples, that I will include here. As my viewers know, I don't generally allow psyop comment at all (because disruption and diversion is what they are designed for to begin with) I will include them once again, to show viewers, the CIA, and any other interested government agency or official - the exact nature of the tactics employed against all truth, and that is used to fabricate and propagate - all lies. It is textbook, it is tactical, it is exhaustively documented on this channel, and it dominates cyberspace. These examples of changing the subject, accepting no other possibly enemy other than the U.S. Government, and going to great length to find "cause" to dismiss my work and 100 years of geoengineering reality, are all classic characteristic of Psyop Disinformation Operative, and again - are all thoroughly documented in the Psyops Section.



I find it hard to believe any three letter gov agency has not heard of the air forces boast to own the world's weather by 2025. Something they already do. Or at least the geo-engineers do...


Actually, what's harder to believe, is the effectiveness of the disinformation and misdirection saturation campaign, driving everyone to point to that one document (Owning the Weather by 2025) as the basis and "smoking gun" for everything we are looking at. I'm not talking about you in particular my friend, I'm talking about the whole of the "geoengineering activist" community.

I'm sure I've looked at the document before. At the moment, I can't recall anything at all memorable in it, and certainly nothing that reflects any of my research. Talking about owning the weather in 2025, even if it isn't on purpose, is misdirection - to an embarrassing degree. That's true of not only anyone propagating it (or the mass organized "activist" campaign to do so), but also from the United States Government - if anybody meant it any kind of serious fashion. The same goes for that document calling "Chemtrails" and "Exotic Weapon." It is uneducated in the extreme, completely ignores (and is therefore completely counter-productive in having any effect or any chance of being taken seriously) the actual realities and scope of the geoengineering program, and merely demonstrates to anyone who actually understands, that the person saying it is not serious, of any consequence, or (in the case of the geoengineers and the protection of this illusion) no threat whatsoever.

For instance, unless the Owning the Weather by 2025 document discusses implementing a nationless borderless network that links and controls Water Vapor Generation in the 1960s (that could actually date back to before WWII), then that document - is not relevant to our reality. I haven't even solidified an origin date for this network methodology, but there isn't any doubt that when the United States was figuring out how to make clouds and rain in Vietnam, this global industrial network - already existed. So, in fact, while the United States was seeding clouds, the international industrial network - was already making them. In that context, Operation Popeye is less than meaningless. It is not 'logical' to think that the United States Government and Military - were running both. As you know, and as with everything I say - I can prove all of this.

That's why, when "Activists" point to Operation Popeye, as foundation for Owning the Weather in 2025, and then use that as "proof" that the (now decommissioned) HAARP is the "real threat" of weather control (thus making the United States Military the culprit and enemy), it is nothing but colossal and extraordinary disinformation and misinformation, knowingly - or unknowingly.

The reality of the situation is that there is an nationless industrial network covering this planet, sequentially firing Water Vapor in identical cycle every single day, and that network has existed for as far back as I can find satellite imagery of the Planet Earth for. That - is fact. Nothing anyone can say about "chemtrails" or "HAARP" is even in the same Universe as what I just said, I can prove every bit of it, and yet the "Activist" community speaks of nothing but the colossal misdirection. Certainly it isn't news around here, but is it's another glaring example of what the so-called "Activist Community" is designed and intended to do (corral actual truth seekers in disinformation and misdirection). When the "interest in truth" ends at "the U.S. Military is responsible for all of it, and the enemy," the motivation and methodology exposes itself… and nothing the "Activist" community has ever said about the United States military, nor any document 'they' have produced, explains or reflects one scintilla of my voluminous work and research. Otherwise, I wouldn't have had any reason to respond to this article - at all.

Perhaps if I say "Industrial Network" enough times, people will look at something - other than the United States Military.

Again though my friend, none of this is directed at you personally. In fact, exactly the opposite. Had it not been you posting it, I would assume it another attempt at propagating the misdirection, which - as I just stated - is all there is circulating cyberspace. The fact that you brought it up, gives me opportunity to address it properly.


Well then your welcome friend. I am well aware of the dis-info campain on this and many other geo-engineer crimes against humanity. The fact that a dark shadow 3 letter agency who supposedly knows all is questioning this is why I would leave such a comment. I do believe "Industrial Network" is the proper term.

Lu Beau

WW101 I have a day job and am an entrepreneur, so I watch and read as much as I can on what seems to be false realities to me. Does the CIA know about this? Is that an honest question? Do they know about Sandy Hook and do they know about the Federal Reserve? I mean, I'm confused. I guess that's the point, but I have unwavering trust in my ability to eventually find truth. Meanwhile please be up front about who you think this is controlling the global strings. You are a source I find very interesting indeed-first heard about you from Sofia on Red Ice Radio. I wonder if Red Ice would interview you. I think it would be a great platform.


Actually, it's a perfectly honest question. It's one I have to ask myself for a variety of reasons. Finding any actual truth or reality in media these days is beyond needle in a haystack (since they are all evidently infiltrated at one level or another and are fed nothing but manufactured reality from the outside anyway), but the simple fact the Alan Robock article exists at all is a good reason to ask that question.

Assuming Alan Robock actually got this inquiry and assuming it was actually from the CIA, then that is quite a question - and statement. Granted the question was asked in 2011, but still - it's an extraordinarily rudimentary question: “If another country were trying to control our climate, would we be able to detect it?” To anyone in the know or any of my viewers - that is a profoundly naive and nonsensical question.

Even more disturbing, is the response. It's further from the nature of reality than the question was. So there are only two possibilities. Either the article is false (for which there is lack of intelligible motive - and "weather derivatives" doesn't cut it), or the article is real… in which case the CIA dearly needs to understand what is going on in this country and on this planet. They certainly seem to be having a tough enough time getting a handle on Anonymous Cyberterrorism, so It's not at all outside of the possibility that they don't know.

Hence the reason for my article and video. As I said, I am a Patriot (in the true sense - not the slogan), and it's very clear to me - my country is under attack. You can bet your life, I'll stand up to defend it.

The same reality should be clear to everyone else in every other country too. Either you believe that all of our Governments are collectively at war with us all (for which again there is lack of intelligible motive - since they go down with us), or all of our governments (and industries) are infiltrated, manipulated, coerced, and controlled, by some other deeper collective entity. One that could for instance - be in in control of a nationless, borderless, industrial network beholden to no one, that wreaks havoc on all countries around the world - in fairly uniformed fashion.

As for the other issues (and the complexity of levels of false reality, false flag, and misdirection that surround them all), I strongly suggest starting with Psyops 101. The articles collected there present a very clear picture of the forces and motives behind the deluge of false-flag manufactured reality we are faced with on a daily basis, and its extremely important foundational knowledge and perspective - for looking at the state of the world.

Psyops 101: The Essentials

Note: As for Red Ice, my friend Sofia Smallstorm asked them to contact me on several occasions. I have yet to hear from them - or any media of consequence on this issue.

Psyops Comments:

Ernie Givens (YouTube)

I presume the CIA wants to know who you are and is posing the question as a false flag. They know how the weather is manufactured. I wouldn't fall for the CIA at all; they have no conscious.


Here's another prime example. Instead of uploading endless videos of female weather forecaster's legs, you would benefit from actually watching, reading, and studying the information you are commenting on. Comments that ignore the material, ignore the situation, and ignore comments I've posted that explain my position in detail, identify the poster as having a motive for delivering a specific message - regardless of its it's relevance.

If you had actually watched the material and read the article, you would know that the CIA didn't contact - me. The CIA contacted Alan Robock, and Alan Robock wrote the article I am responding to. Unlike the hordes of Anonymous Terrorist Socks who are forever questioning, concerned about, and bringing up my identity, the CIA has never harassed me, threatened me, or tried to interfere with this work - in any fashion.

If my Government was in control of this nationless borderless industrial network (as is not only propagated by the Anonymous Hordes of "Activists" that dominate the conversation, but is INSISTED upon), surely someone of consequence - would have mentioned it by now. Rarely a day goes by without at least one comment from a non-identity Anonymous Sock telling me that "my government" is the only enemy I should be concerned about, but - not once - has a government official ever given me cause.

Fascinating… isn't it? An entire army of Anonymous Socks dominating cyberspace and all activist arenas, proclaiming the government is the real enemy of the truth (and mocking, harassing, and threatening anyone who dares to believe otherwise), while using that "manufactured reality" as the basis for fomenting "uprising." Yet - not once - has my government actually given me cause to believe that.

For those unfamiliar with this channel and my work - that is called "Psyop" (Psychological Operations), and it screams "Enemy of the United States." The endless campaign to ignore all of this work, ignore all of the evidence, and ignore where it points, solely to create and foment the "evil government" mantra, is an exhaustively boring and self-identifying theme that runs through the entire "Anonymous Activist" community.

I don't believe that's your name, or your face "Ernie," but if it is - you should be embarrassed. Endless videos of legs does not give you any credibility on this topic, and if that was truly what you were all about - you would never be watching or commenting on any of these very serious video anyway… would you. Yet this isn't your first attempt at comment - by a long shot. Which means you are "trolling" these video with ulterior motive… which you've just demonstrated.

As I say frequently, I am in a singularly unique position to discern reality and veracity on this subject. I have the market cornered on this reality, like Galileo had the market cornered on his. I am - well past BS-able on this topic… on any dimension. 6 years of Anonymous Terrorists dominating cyberspace proclaiming all governments the enemy of all people (in a similarly 'borderless' global operation) while I watch the president fight for healthcare for 6 years (and now fight to keep the Department of Homeland Security itself funded), tells a very different story than the one we are obviously 'supposed' (being forced) to believe… doesn't it.

Psyops 101: The Essentials

Ernie Givens

I am at a loss on how to respond to this. Pretty girls and serious discussion about weather manufacture are not exclusive. I'm a guy and can think with both heads. I've been supporting your work whenever possible. I purchased your e-book and have forwarded your website to HS Science teachers so they could have their students learn the truth about weather. This "ulterior motive" stuff from you is a bit paranoid, though I can understand your trepidation. Yes, this is my identity, which I really (for government purposes) probably shouldn't use, but I have nothing to hide. I never said in my first post that the CIA contacted you. I simply said "I presumed the CIA wants to know who you are" out of selfish concern that they might want to take your site down. I did read all of the info you posted. I absolutely have the right to question my government, which has been done throughout history. I question the motives of the NSA and CIA to protect vs. use the masses. Many others, such as, and do the same. Weather manipulation is one of a number of coercive items; Fukushima, Transhumanism, Agenda 21 and Bioterrorism are others; we could be facing a massive global financial crash in the next 6 months. I use your site and info as a resource to stay abreast of world events, just as I do the others cited above. The CIA works with mainstream media to suppress information, from what I've read. And no, not all people in government are horrible; I wish more like Bernie Sanders were able to run the government, but the CFR and Rothschilds won't let that happen. I find it very hard to believe that this global weather manipulation is not funded and controlled by someone in a government role, be it NASA or something similar. I totally disagree that they're not, considering how massive and global of an operation this has been. Perhaps the Oil Companies are the primary drivers. I'd really like to know myself who is behind all of this - it's too well orchestrated. Moreover, it's obviously destructive for the planet, as you've compassionately described. We are at a transition stage in history; read about the Kali Yuga ending in 2025; that will also tell you about my spiritual beliefs. I want people to be free of tyranny and control, which is why I've supported your site since I came across it. Regardless of your rant, I will continue to support you, and watch pretty girls' legs too.


Rant is it? Here's the thing... How familiar with this work are you Ernie? You're "concerned" about the CIA? How "concerned" are you about the relentless Anonymous disinformation and misdirection campaign consistently waged against this work, that is thoroughly documented on this channel? Apparently not at all - because you didn't include it in your laundry list of concerns.

How concerned are you about the methodology to overthrow governments worldwide by lying to and using the masses of disenfranchised people of the world to overthrow their own governments? Also - not on your list. How concerned are you about Cyber Terrorism and threats intimidating people from speaking any truth about any topic at all? I don't know where you spend your time in cyberspace (other than women's forecasts), but according to your list, these are not your concerns… but the one page Agenda 21 document (that They relentlessly propagate as misdirection) is.

How is it I can say "This Global Industrial Borderless System has existed in all likelihood since before WWII," and the focus STILL reverts to "don't trust the CIA?" What does that have to do with anything? It's one of two things Ernie. Either it is your intent to keep the focus on this diversion and misdirection, or you have been listening to the very forces I'm talking about - for far too long.

Think I'm misjudging you Ernie? Feel free to prove it. You can start, as you should have before posting your "counter-comment," by studying the documentation of psyop misdirection I sent you - which you are currently mirroring. You - are the one ignoring ALL of the points of this video, and, as has been attempted at least a thousand times whenever I bring it up, are trying to once again divert the topic to Psyops favorite catch-all swamp. You are not in position to be offended. You should have the courtesy and consideration to address the actual topic of my work, and not your agenda.

I've yet to hear from any high school teachers who have contacted me on your behalf Ernie. Perhaps you should remind them. I always "hear" of this support. I never see it.

Psyops 101: The Essentials

Ernie Givens

You took my response to this earlier today down from here. So be it, but I'm letting your readers know that I met your challenge above and you deleted it. If you want support, accept that people aren't cowards and have the right to express their own opinions, even if not exactly in line with yours. Otherwise, you're replicating the very Psyop that you claim to be against. Anyone who is sane (a challenge to prove sometimes) can see in my original response above that I am simply trying to support your work, and get a handle on who is responsible for this weather manipulation.

I told you in my response that I watched your psyop information on Dane Wiggington, and that I ceased watching his information as a result. I simply attempted to defend and protect your work by citing the CIA as a potential threat.

I'm paraphrasing my earlier response, but in essence I said I expressed concern about Cyber Terrorism; for example, I don't believe that the North Korean government was responsible for the Sony attack, and shutting the country's internet down is an act of war. I also said that I've read a number of accounts regarding the CIA suppressing information (Carl Bernstein) and supporting the propping up of totalitarian governments.

I read your history of weather manufacture, and have shared the information as I said earlier. The CIA is capable of becoming involved after the fact. I also said if you took time to peruse my YouTube video library, you'll also see "The Satanic Occult Behind the Music Industry" series, which includes information on MK Ultra Mind Control, used by the US Government. As I said, "I'd really like to know myself who is behind all of this - it's too well orchestrated." I am not some sinister misinformation guru - I'm simply a citizen wanting the truth about this stuff.

"I've yet to hear from any high school teachers who have contacted me on your behalf Ernie. Perhaps you should remind them. I always 'hear' of this support. I never see it." - I've posted your information on my FB page and no one responds. HS teachers and many others have their head in the sand. When I went to protest geoenginnering on one of the global days, people said "we can't do anything about it." I cannot force people to respond to me - or you.

"You are not in position to be offended. You should have the courtesy and consideration to address the actual topic of my work, and not your agenda." I don't have an "agenda." I tried to protect your work. I'm more interested in the content of your work than any psyop crap. "You are not in a position to be offended" is arrogant, dismissive and self-serving. Yet you want supporters. Very few of the masses believes what you're espousing, though it makes perfect scientific sense. If I were you, I'd embrace my and others' efforts to support your work - and stop this emotional nonsense.


Note: I deleted Ernie's comment, but not before saving it - as I do all psyop comments. Ernie's comment, identified even more SOP Psyop Tactics and issues in spectacular fashion. Ernie launched directly into the false-flag takedown of North Korea's internet for instance, which is a trade mark tactic and ability of Anonymous Psyops since they began developing the methodology during #IranElection. Normally they would brag about it. In this instance, they did it to (False Flag) blame it on the United States - in order to foment tension between the two countries. All of this information is detailed here: "Manufactured Realities: The Truth about Arab Spring, Occupy, and Anonymous." Ernie should have read the link I sent him several times - before bringing this up, and identifying himself as part of the ongoing false-flag deception running since #IranElection, 2009. If you want to understand the methodologies developed to take down websites and networks, understand the development of DDoS tactics developed and originating from #IranElection, that were used against the Iranian Government, and subsequently all others - including the United States.

Ernie Givens (deleted comment)

Dude, or madam - I’m trying to support you. but this is getting a little weird even for rne. I understand your psyops concerns: I briefly read through your videos on the tactics to understand them long before this exchange. (I stopped paying attention to Dane Wiggington after seeing your Psyops info, by the way.) If you took time to peruse my YouTube site, aside from the frolic of leg videos, you’ll find ‘The Satanic Cult of the Music Industry” series that includes info on MK Mind Control (if I have that correct) - this abuse of power by the government is also on my list of concerns. I am entitled to my opinion: it doesn’t have to coincide with your beliefs or knowledge for me to support your work. I don’t feel obligated to tell you everything about my interpretation of our existence. i.e. my full beliefs. That being said, I am concerned about Cyber Terrorism - shutting down North Korea’s internet for a day was an act of war, in my opinion. (I don’t believe for a second that that country had anything to do with the Sony emails.) If I wasn’t concerned about people’s voices. I wouldn’t have included the websites of dissent in my reply, for which they are many. and cited the CIA’s co-opting the media to suppress information. (See Carl Bernstein for his information on this.) Yes. I watched a number of your videos that instructed people on the history of the weather manipulation process - that it started long before WWII. It strangely seems, on the flip side, that you are defending the CIA. as if it isn’t possible that the CIA could not be involved after the process started. At the end of my reply, I stated I’m more concerned with identifying who is the culprit and included the Oil Companies. NOT just the CIA. as possible orchestrators. On another subject. it is up to the FIS teachers to reach out to you on their own - they’re not under any obligation to me or you do so. They may be intimidated by School Boards, and Pearson. and other institutions to say anything to their students - or they may simply have brushed this site off as implausible. I also post your information on my FB page. and no one responds to it there, either Once again, I follow your work and concentrate on it, not the Psyops concerns. As I said in my reply. I use your site as a source of information on weather manufacture and how critical it is to the health of the planet. I thank you for your dedication to this cause. Once again, as I stated in my earlier reply. I was concerned that the CIA would shut your site down, and didn’t want that to happen.


Congratulations Ernie. You've proven like all psyops do, that you're only objective is to change the topic, discredit the source, and diminish the validity of 100 years of geoengineering reality. You, instead of supporting this undeniable research, tried to change the subject - in three comments - to Satanism, MK Ultra, Agenda 21, and any other diversionary nonsense you could think of. Instead of defended the horrific reality facing us all, you (like all of Dane & Co. has been doing for five years) have decided instead to take it upon yourself to do this: "I'm letting your readers know that I met your challenge above and you deleted it." Too bad you didn't make that kind of effort to share this reality with the "school teachers" you mentioned (fraud). All viewers who are contacted by this op, or any other op on behalf of Dane & Co. should notify me immediately, and I will document it as always.

However Ernie, this is a tactic documented numerous times - in all of the psyop videos I have produced. You haven't met a single challenge I posed… and everyone here knows it.

Disinformation Rule 4. Use a straw man. Find or cre­ate a seem­ing ele­ment of your opponent’s argu­ment which you can eas­ily knock down to make your­self look good and the oppo­nent to look bad. Either make up an issue you may safely imply exists based on your inter­pre­ta­tion of the opponent/opponent arguments/situation, or select the weak­est aspect of the weak­est charges. Amplify their sig­nif­i­cance and destroy them in a way which appears to debunk all the charges, real and fab­ri­cated alike, while actu­ally avoid­ing dis­cus­sion of the real issues.

For anyone unclear, dismissing a decade of research, 150 videos of indisputable evidence, and an indisputable eBook illustrating 100 years of geoengineered planet, because I won't post your diversionary comment about Satanism from your "nothing but legs" YouTube channel - is a straw man argument.

You should have watched the videos after I sent them to you - twice Ernie, because now you are part of it. You get your addition to the psyop page - today.

Note to viewers: This - is the ONLY conversation anyone is having about this video. Obviously, it proves my point - as well as the video does. I guarantee it isn't the CIA behind Ernie's 10,000th attempt to discredit me and this work. While Ernie and his handlers were developing this response, I was building my my Thor video which accompanies my new article "Understanding Snow and Ice Nucleation." I guess Ernie didn't look out the window yesterday… since it obviously wasn't as important to him as his Satanism comment was.

As everyone around here knows, I do not approve psyop diversionary comments… as opposed to Dane & Co., who delete all comments pertaining to me, this work, or this channel at all. The only reason I posted Ernie's comments to begin with, and the SPECIFIC reason I deleted his last comment (WITHOUT blocking him) was so that he could PROVE once and for all, what his motivation and intent was. He did exactly that as all Pavlovian Psyops do, he is now blocked, he will be added to the psyop section of my site, and that is what will happen to every single individual who attempts to diminish the validly of this work. Obviously the handlers don't tell them this before sending them to read the same script… but I am.

Psyops 101: The Essentials


This is going to piss you off and I am so sorry. I knew there was something about you that I could not put my finger on... and now I see it... your still asleep. You may know the weather but you really don't know a darn thing about crony capitalism, socialism and our new world order do you. Your waking up. It's almost like the 5 stages of grief and I think you are in the denial stage. Many of us have gone through this and I can tell you... it really sucks... good luck hang in there... I think you do very important work... but you owe Ernie an apology... that was totally uncalled for.


+walterdelle Ah yes, more psyop methodology. See the obvious intent? Suddenly "nothing but legs" Ernie is the victim and focus here (as opposed to the video and the reality), defended by someone else I've never heard of, who has no videos whatsoever, on a channel created in 2008 - with 8 subscribers. Yet low and behold, once again, the only thing these blank accounts are authority on and the only thing they comment on, is the most critical topic in the history of the planet, and to defend ALL OF THE OTHER blank accounts. Let's make sure neither of you acknowledge and address the topic at hand: The proven and documented psyop effort to discredit this work - or to overthrow this country. You would be astonished at how many times my viewers have seen these exact behaviors and tactics… makes one "wonder" what side you are on. #Psyop #Self #Identifying

"I knew there was something about you that I could not put my finger on... and now I see it... your still asleep."

Right… that's it. I'm asleep. We live in slave-driven Capitalist Global Society that values the artificial construct of the dollar over Eternal Human Life, and big bad "socialism" is the fear. Note to all… stop using that meaningless NWO term around here. Saying it serves only one purpose - blaming all of this on the amorphous blob "NWO," that can never be isolated. This prevents people from dealing with the actual facts, and actual perpetrators… and the perpetrators are the only ones who benefit from that intentional "confusion." It is also the reason that whenever I bring this topic up, the hordes of blank accounts show up screaming "NWO!" It couldn't conceivably - be any more obvious.

Rest assured… I'm not the one asleep. You aren't hurting my feelings at all. I'll give you the same opportunity I gave Ernie. One chance to say something in your own defense, before I block you and add your comments to the psyops section - right along with Ernie's.

That's a "trick" offer of course. The smart thing would be to go study the psyops 101 section - and not reply at all. Since I have other things to do, I won't be entertaining anymore psyop comment examples, but (as always) I will be saving them - and using them as I see fit.

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I'm going to post this here as well, because there is so little relevant conversation in this comment thread. Naturally, it happens every time psyops is the topic, but here is an example of an intelligent and relevant comment. It this isn't your focus, if this isn't your most shocking and pressing concern, then by that fact alone - you are illustrating ulterior motive. This viewer asked the right question, that is always on my mind anyway. If you care one wit about this planet and everything on it - it needs to be your singular concern as well.


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I'm still trying to grasp and wrap my head around the enormity of this. If the Frequency Activated Ice Nucleation Field cycles totally stopped, for whatever hypothetical reason, cold temperatures throughout the winter months wouldn't exist and it'd be almost as warm as summer? Is that how bad it is?


Hard to deal with, isn't it. But basically - yes… all evidence points to that reality. It isn't something I've looked into yet, but it would be very useful to find the air temperatures - above the "Temperature Inversion" that the whole of the United States is under - for each day of this past winter. Without geoengineering and the Ice Nucleation Field, that is what the temperature would be on the surface… only warmer.

We see instances illustrating this reality - all of the time. Atlanta being 70 degrees for one day illustrates this reality, as do the one day temperature variations in New York that Matt Lauer refers to, as do all such incidences across the country, and across the planet. When the temperature swings like that, it is because - for one day - they are unable to complete the normal Ice Nucleation Cycle. Surely you can extrapolate what would happen if they stopped for a week… or a year.

It's also illustrated in the reality experienced by everyone who isn't under Ice Nucleation Field. For the rest of the world, 2014 was the hottest year on record.

Not to belabor the issue or anything, but that is why everybody needs to read my eBook "No Natural Weather." It illustrates, over the last 100 years, how we got to this point. As I personally found out, and as was the reason for writing the book to begin with, one must have a hundred-year view of the situation, to put it in any kind of comprehendible context.

No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101