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Understanding Severe Weatherk Flash Floods and Global Warming is not as difficult as you think


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HAARP is an obsolete research facility that is about to be dismantled. Methods and functionalities developed at this facility have long-since been distributed to other platforms and facilities (ie: Nexrad grid or 156+ station in U.S. alone) and are visibly in use daily – to create the superstorms we see worldwide. The Air Force quite literally can’t even give the HAARP facility away. The University of Alaska is willing to take over management of the facility, but only if someone else pays for it. No other government agency has any further interest in this antiquated site.

The one purpose this facility still serves however, is as the central focus for a massive disinformation campaign, to keep people focused and talking about this obsolete facility – instead of the Global Nexrad / Doppler / Phased Array Radar Grid that many of the abilities and functionalities developed at HAARP have been distributed to. This grid is visibly in control of weather patterns worldwide on a daily basis, and I detail that reality in every single geoengineering video I produce (130+ to date).

The PSYOP HAARP Report Account was created barely 6 months ago, already has 150+ (meaningless) videos, and has almost half as many views as WeatherWar101. This PSYOP Misdirection site completely ignores the daily visible evidence, and peddles the opposite of reality without a shred of proof – claiming that this obsolete facility is being used to STOP the (non-existent “natural”) rain and storms that the rest of the Global Doppler Radar Grid, Power Plant WV Gen Grid, and Global Chemtrail Program are fervently trying to create. The entire premise of this channel and all videos claiming the opposite of reality (efforts to stop rain instead of to create it), are deliberate misinformation designed to make those who believe and propagate it look foolish and ignorant, keep them from ever having any workable geoengineering understanding, and to keep them from being able to take any kind of effective action.

This account is yet another front account for Dane Wigington & Co., and Dane Wigington is already propagating HAARP Report psyop disinformation and posting his videos. This account is a smorgasbord of textbook psyop disinformation tactics, and very much deserves its own section. There is much to illustrate about this account and methodology, and the ongoing concerted Anonymous effort to keep the illusion of Dane Wigington’s false-credibility (somewhat) intact, and continue fabricating excuses for why Dane Wigington refuses to answer for any of his multiple, proven, and continuous lies about me, my work, and the reality of 100 years of global geoengineering and NO NATURAL WEATHER.

No one on this planet (or any dimension for that matter) can call me paranoid. I keep finding exactly the same rampant and insidious psyop tactics, terrorism, and fear porn, time, after time, after time. Obviously I don’t personally hear much of it anymore (because those with a brain realize challenging me on what I can and have repeatedly proven only exposes them as the psyop shills they are), but it’s quite clear to me (and the team) that this particular account was specifically created to combat and dilute the reality of Nexrad Weather Control and Global Power Plant Water Vapor Generation that this channel and this team distributes and teaches, and to keep Dane Wigington from having to defend his proven lies on both realities. As I told the team however, it’s no surprise whatsoever. In fact, it was to be expected… and I’m more than prepared.

How do we know this? We know this because the first I heard from this “HAARP Expert” that appeared out of nowhere six months ago without a shred of corroborating evidence for his ridiculous claims, was as part of the Anonymous #OpTohidy false-identification and character assassination campaign, that was specifically created to tarnish my credibility in calling Dane Wigington on his many, many lies, and keep him from having to answer for them. To date Dane Wigington has not had the dignity to respond to the proven charges or retract his lies, and it is eminently clear – that protecting Dane Wigington’s false credibility (at the expense of mine, my work, and the need for every living thinking being on this planet to understand this reality) is still what this is about.

So… once again, it’s time to modify the approach. Since this Psyop HAARP Report regurgitation of the 1400 Watt Metabunk misdirection started two months ago, I’ve gotten maybe four or five associated comments. The comments were from different accounts, but they were all practically verbatim. All have exposed themselves as psyop.

I always wait to respond to these insidious psyop charades… I wait, to see who is fool enough to expose themselves supporting such tripe. As you can see, there are very few takers these days. My memory is not static, and I store and distribute all data. You would think everyone one would know that by now… the smart ones obviously do.

However, as the opening comment in the video from Psyop HAARP Report proves, just because they aren’t talking TO me, doesn’t mean they aren’t talking ABOUT me. That comment was posted on Psyop HAARP Report’s latest video consisting of 20 minutes of him waving his pen around… and the comment was made to someone – who posts on my videos as well.

Time to separate the wheat from the chaff. I haven’t found need nor have I had any interest in following what these fake geoengineering activists are peddling on a regular basis (I obviously have my hands full with reality), but in addition to them flooding the thought-space of climate change and geoengineering with disinformation, they are clearly continuing the insidious and deceitful defamation campaign against me to salvage Dane Wigington’s false credibility… and of course, keep everyone on the planet from actually understanding what is going on.

That will not stand. I’m creating an associated set of accounts on the usual social media platforms so my team can seek out and find such comments, lies, and disinformation, notify me of them, post my evidence and responses to them, and engage and inform any and all making or responding to such psyop misdirection and tactics. After all, as my viewers know very well (most of them first-hand), these psyop frauds have certainly been “reaching out” to my viewers individually for a very long time now.

Any who want to join in this Truth Planting endeavor, are more than welcome.

Additionally, I will be building a section on my site (for which Psyop HAARP Report is going to be prototype) where I and the team will log all such comments, and determine the ‘veracity’ of the other so called “popular geoengineering activists” and commenters. My team will reach out to everybody – once. Everyone gets to decide whether they support the truth and work of this channel, or if they are going to pretend they can’t hear or see me or this work, and expose themselves as Psyop Fraud in the process. It’s not like we need any additional large projects around here, but let’s face it… no one else has the topical knowledgebase, capacity, is in position to, or least of all – has the integrity to separate the wheat from the chaff anyway. My team speaks the truth, can back every bit of it up with fact and evidence, and everybody knows it.

Besides, when I looked my channel the other day and saw that every single ‘randomly generated related YouTube channel’ listed was some degree of psyop sock or patsy (a feature I subsequently turned off), it was another clear indication that a genuine list of who’s who very much needs to exist. Since they all refuse to talk to me, while refusing to stop talking about me, that list is going to exist on… right along with the rest of reality.

Dane Wigington HAARP Report Links

My last video of the November floods in Europe took 8 hours to render, was compiled of 40 tracks, covered satellite imagery from Nov 3rd to the 17th, and I individually downloaded 500 images for the close-up series of Italy alone. HAARP Report’s latest video consists of twenty minutes of him waving his pen around a single sanitized Nexrad Station image, and completely making stuff up. My detailed educational video on a month of engineering weather in Europe currently has 1,200 views. Psyop HAARP Report’s video of baseless double-speak currently has 7,300 views.

There’s a very simple reason for this. My work, the reality of 100 years of Geoengineering, and NO NATURAL WEATHER is methodically obstructed and suppressed, while the Psyop HAARP Report fraud videos are deliberately and methodically propagated and advertised as legitimate. Most importantly – by Dane Wigington and Dane Wigington doesn’t have any of 130+ detailed geoengineering videos over the last five years, but has suddenly and consistently been posting and propagating the factless, baseless, anti-reality videos from six-month old account from nowhere, reporting on an obsolete and irrelevant facility.


WW101 Team Research

Aug. 13 Pacific Hurricane Blown Apart By The Climate Engineers (This is the first reference. Although HAARP Report had put out videos for about 5 months prior to this, it’s almost like Dane picked up on this video to counter yours. That was one of the first ones where you bring up some theories on two warring factions of geoengineering. Prior to this video, his videos never reached 1,000 views. After this one, they started climbing)

WW101 Note: I found that timing particularly interesting as well. The first video I did on Iselle was on August 11th and second (in which I elaborate on the visibly opposing forces) was published on the 18th. That video also includes the particularly relevant JFK quote:

"For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence--on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations." - JFK 1961

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