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Trump Axes Burdensome Obama-era Water Regulations


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Trump Axes Burdensome Obama-era Water Regulations

President Trump and his administration have rolled back regulations created by Obama under the Clean Water Act that provided burdensome protections for most of America's waterways.


The regulations hurt farmers, developers, and other businesses but imposing major fines for damage to wetlands that were loosely defined.


According to Fox News:

The Trump administration eliminated environmental protections covering a significant portion of U.S. waterways, paving the way for developers, farmers, and industries to operate with fewer impediments, as public health officials and environmentalists blasted the move.


The new policies scale back the number of streams, wetlands, and other bodies that are protected against pollution and development under the Clean Water Act. President Trump has opposed the long-standing policies that he believes needlessly stand in the way of businesses.


“EPA and the Army are providing much needed regulatory certainty and predictability for American farmers, landowners and businesses to support the economy and accelerate critical infrastructure projects,” EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler said in a statement.


The administration believes the removal of restrictions will make it easier for farmers to plow because they will not have to worry about accidentally going onto protected lands. Developers and other businesses will also benefit due to less regulation for waterways and wetlands, according to government data.

Trump has called the protections ridiculous while critics of Trump say that water will now get dirtier in the United States. This remains to be seen.