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Recycled water from sewers coming to California taps

Ted Andersen

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Water that once coursed through city sewers may soon find new life coming out of your home faucet.

New regulations approved Tuesday by the California State Water Resources Control Board allow treated recycled water to be added to reservoirs, the source of California municipal drinking water.

The regulations specify the percentage of recycled water that can be added and how long it must reside there before being treated again at a surface water treatment facility and provided as drinking water, according to the Water Board.

"This is a type of indirect potable use — it's not treated recycle water that goes directly to someone's house," said Miryam Barajas at the Water Board. "It's highly treated."

The State Water Board is looking to crack down on wasteful water usage with new rules. The new guidelines have support from environmental groups but also pushback from some water agencies that don't like the 1 size fits all restrictions. Enforcement might include $500 fines.

Media: KCRA

Barajas said San Diego is leading the state in infrastructure to begin carrying out a sewer-to-reservoir operation but the rest of the state will likely follow.