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From: KK
Sent: Tuesday, December 22, 2009 5:44 PM

Mr Bellringer,


Please take a good look at the attached windows file, which is pasted from an E-mail promoting investments.

It looks like some group or company tries to monopolize /is monopolizing the world’s water supply or at least that is what I make of it.

Even in South Africa it seems people will be forbidden to operate their own water pumps, off course the rhetoric will be safer & continuous supply, blablabla.

I tried to google the names, but up to now no result.

Even the investment advisor seems to think this is a dubious way of earning money but he promotes it anyway.

Can yo or your readers make anything of this and if so how can we stop these crooks?


Kind regards and Merry X-mas.


K K, The Netherlands.


Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Dear Energy and Capital Reader,

There's a global commodity takeover going down right now.

It began in the Third World, where resistance was minimal...

But it's quickly making its way to the developed world, with takeovers and lawsuits already reported in the United States.

You see, for years now, a consortium of private and public companies has been scrambling to privatize one unique resource. We're the first to bring this takeover to the public's attention.

And as with any takeover, there will be winners and losers. Those that bet on the winners will walk away with fortunes.

In the report below, five companies are detailed that are certain to come out ahead in this resource war. Reading this report now could not only secure you a massive investment windfall, it could prevent you from becoming a victim when the takeover comes to your neck of the woods.

Good Investing,

Keith Kohl

Editor, Energy and Capital


Over the past 7 years, a shrouded group of privileged, high-level investors has been quietly hoarding the world's most lucrative commodity... 


It's more valuable than gold, more important than oil...

and has the potential to generate more than

$1.25 Trillion in profit. 

Here's how to get your cut... 


Dear Reader, 

On the southern outskirts of Johannesburg, a very quiet deal is going down. 

It's a deal that's aroused little suspicion, despite the secretive nature of it.  And it's a deal that'll deliver as much as $2.28 billion to a group of very smart, high-level investors known as the Order of Amanzi. 

In Orange Farm, South Africa — an informal settlement home to thousands of laid off farm workers — the Order of Amanzi is actively buying up the infrastructure that provides direct access to a very specific commodity worth more than gold, oil, and uranium combined!   

But this isn't the first time the Order has done something like this. 

The fact is, over the past 7 years, the Order of Amanzi has been buying up access to this commodity all over the world.  And they're making an absolute fortune in the process. 

So much so, that when all is said and done, their yearly profits will be more than the annual GDP of 27 different nations.  

But here's the best part... 

While most investors haven't got a clue about the Order of Amanzi - or even the value of this particular commodity - we've identified 5 specific companies that the Order needs to continue its buying spree. 

Bottom line: Without these 5 companies, the Order of Amanzi folds. 

And with the kind of money we're talking about here, they'll never let that happen.  There's just too much at stake. 

So in just a moment, I'm going to show you exactly how to get a piece of these 5 specific companies — and ride the Order of Amanzi's game-changing profit run for every penny it's worth. 

But first, let me show you exactly how this secret society is taking control of this resource... 

With Help from Two of the World's Richest Banks 

It's actually a pretty questionable practice.   

But it is one that's gone nearly undetected and unobstructed for years. Until now.

You see, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are now approving millions of dollars in loans to the South African government to be used by the Amanzi for the development of this resource. 

But in order to get those loans, local populations must first agree to a couple of non-negotiable conditions. 

So in the case of Orange Farm, those loans only materialize if:

  1. The residents of Orange Farm disassemble their extraction devices. 
  2. They also shut down their entire personal development of this resource.
  3. Allow members of the Order of Amanzi to privatize and control the resource themselves, and the profits that come with it .

So basically, if Orange Farm Citizens want access to what used to be their resource, they now have to go through the Order first... and pay for it! 

And The Order of Amanzi is Doing This All Over the World...

  • In Afghanistan, a $50 million contract was awarded to an Order member to secure "foreign aid" development of this commodity in the Arghandab valley.
  • India has seen its share of this silent takeover. In one month alone, over $180 million in contracts were awarded to process this precious resource in the rural areas of Andhra Pradesh.
  • In Bolivia — South America's poorest country — a $20.1 million loan has been awarded to maintain production of this resource.

In every impoverished corner of the globe, the handful of investors that run the Order of Amanzi are privatizing this resource and reaping huge profits. 

But I've discovered a way for you to leach these profits from right under their noses.

And here's the best part: These profits are about to kick into overdrive now that the Order of Amanzi is shifting its scheme from the Third World to the First. . .taking control of this precious resource in Europe and even the United States

Conspiratorial Menage-a-Trois: The former president of the International Monetary Fund has vice presidents from two of the world's largest water companies as his advisors.  The three of them - through the Order of Amanzi - are conspiring to take over the world's freshwater supply. 

You see, this is all a masterfully orchestrated plan.  

And these not-so-isolated events happening across the globe are intentionally shaping a new commodity crisis that's poised to make the Order even more profitable than they are today. 

So what is it? 

What's so valuable and so important that the Order of Amanzi is willing to disregard the interests of local populations, political backlash... and inevitable international condemnation? 

It's the World's Fresh Water Supply... 

For years, the Order has known one very powerful and uncomfortable truth... 

The world's clean water is disappearing fast. 

You see, "Amanzi" is the Zulu word for water — which makes sense when you are trying to take over the water supply of the richest country in Africa

This elite group has been all to aware of the toll that pollution and over-consumption of water has taken on the world's clean water supply. 

Just ask the Chinese, where $14.5 billion has been set aside to clean up just one of its severely polluted lakes, Lake Tai.  Meanwhile, 70% of their country's main rivers and lakes are still so polluted that the water is completely undrinkable.  

Or folks living in the Katanga province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where clean water is so hard to come by that locals often resort to drinking from polluted rivers and streams... 

In fact, a cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe has claimed over 4,154 deaths in a matter of mere months. 

And while we may not have to deal with the same types of waterborne illnesses in the United States, there's absolutely no doubt that we're also exceptionally vulnerable to fresh water shortages.   

And if you don't believe it, ask yourself why... 

The Order of Amanzi is Quietly Setting Up Shop in the U.S. 

It's true... 

In Michigan, the Amanzi has been actively (and quietly) forcing residents with cheap access to water to either move or try to force legal action. 

In the town of Mecosta, a water-bottling giant member of the Order has been sucking up all the water for its plant, draining the supply to the rivers, streams, and wells that maintain many residents' livelihood.  

But the Amanzi's actions in Michigan  are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our own water woes. 

You see, Lake Mead and the Colorado River Basin supply water to much of the Western U.S. — including America's gambling metropolis Las Vegas

But over the past several years, their levels have been steadily decreasing... with absolutely no relief in sight. 

Just look at these satellite images of Lake Mead, where islands have turned into mainland and the water level has receded hundreds of feet:

And the Colorado River

That thing doesn't even flow into the sea anymore. 

Meanwhile, because of consistent drought conditions, aquifers across the United States are unable to replenish themselves as farmers have increased their reliance on irrigation to make up for the lost rain. 

No matter how you slice it... 

The Well is About to Run Dry 

And in just a few years, water rationing will be the least of our worries. 

According to The Guardian, there have already been attempts by farmers in the Klamath River Basin of Oregon and California to forcefully get their water back from the government. 

While the government shut off water to the local farmers to protect local salmon populations, the farmers' crops — and livelihoods — suffered.

Water promises to be to the 21st century what oil was to the 20th century: the precious commodity that determines the wealth of nations. --Fortune Magazine

So the farmers decided to take matter into their own hands — literally. They broke into the units which control water for their irrigation and redirected water back to their farms. 

It was a good 'ole fashion farmer's rebellion. 

Of course, that's back-burner stuff for now. 

Today, while most have been sweating it out over oil prices, health care, and the recession... the Order of Amanzi has been gearing up to milk this water crisis for all it's worth. 

That's the whole reason GDF Suez, an important member of the Order of Amanzi, developed the entire water infrastructure in Orange Farm. 

Remember, the Order of Amanzi insisted that in order to develop South Africa's water supply, the local residents had to disassemble their wells and pumps... 

While at the same time setting up pay-as-you-go water meters so that the citizens of Orange Farm had to re-buy their water. 

So basically, Suez is selling them their own water. 

Meanwhile, Suez and Hydrosult, Inc. — another member of the Order — have now been awarded contracts with the IMF and World Bank to develop new dams in India and Afghansistan. 

Pretty convenient little setup these guys have going here.   

But the bottom line remains to be... 

There is No More Easy Water to Be Had 

The fact is, as water resources continue to decline, the wealth of those who control those resources continues to soar. 

Especially when you consider countries with booming populations. 

Just take a look at the world's expected population growth in the chart below: 

With robust population growth comes increased demand for fresh water. 

And don't disregard the demands of emerging economies in China and India where... 

The Demand for Water is About to Explode! 

As wealth increases in these regions, so does the demand for the types of basic "luxuries" that Americans have taken for granted for years. 

Luxuries that are extremely water-intensive. 

Consider this.  It takes:

  • 39,090 gallons of water to manufacture one new car
  • 2,096 gallons of water to make one quarter pound hamburger
  • 40 gallons to make just one cup of coffee

Couple this kind of new global consumption with the continued consumption in the West — it's clear that the profit potential for water is going to be like nothing we've ever witnessed. 

That's why I'm writing you today. 

You see, the Order of Amanzi is doing everything it can to control the future of water. 

And one thing is certain: in an effort to secure future fresh water supplies, new technologies that enable increased water availability around the world are paramount — and insanely profitable

We're talking about things like:

  • Greater performance of delivery systems
  • Advanced detection of underground sources
  • More productive water purification and filtration
  • More effective sewage treatment plants
  • Increased efficiency of desalinization techniques

And all of this stuff is going to cost hundreds of billions — if not trillions — of dollars to develop. 

But rest assured, it is being developed...

Like I said before, there's just too much at stake here for the Order of Amanzi to not invest heavily in this sector. 

And there are 5 companies that are basically making money hand over fist because they are the companies that the Order is reliant upon to build out their water infrastructure. 

But what makes these five companies so attractive is that they're profitable with or without the Amanzians. 

"Global investments in the water indexes is the one area where people are still going to invest. It's not going to fluctuate the way other commodities do, because we're a species running out of clean water. The other thing I'm worried about from the credit crisis is that cash-strapped municipalities and states may sell off water treatment plants to the private sector."  --Wall Street Journal

The truth is, if the Order of Amanzi was stopped in its tracks tomorrow, there are plenty of other companies that are already in line to develop the world's fresh water resources.   

In fact, Siemens, Bechtel and GE all have at least one full-scale research segment dedicated solely to water processing technology. 

But our five companies are the ones that are in high demand now. And it is their technologies that have already started to facilitate the world's necessary water infrastructure development.  

In our latest report Hydro Profits: The Water Industry's Secrets Exposed, you can read all about these five companies — and more importantly, how to profit from them. 

And I'll show you how to get a free copy of this report in just a second. 

But before I get into the particulars, let me introduce you to the man who knows more about the water industry than anyone I know.

Meet Water and Alternative Energy Analyst Nick Hodge 

Nick is the founder, lead analyst, and managing editor of the Alternative Energy Speculator.

The last time he recommended a water stock, he made readers like you gains of more than 30% — in a single month. And now, he's about to unleash a flood of profits with his groundbreaking Hydro Profits: The Water Industry's Secrets Exposed report.

This report details five companies that are cornering each niche of the water market — and are catching the Order of Amanzi's eye in the process...

      Hydro Stock #1- Desalination: A manufacturer of desalinization equipment who has signed major contracts with technology giants GE and Siemens, as well as recently brokering a deal with communities in Southern Australia.

      Hydro Stock #2- Hardware: This water delivery specialist has recently done so much business in the piping industry that it recently reopened an idled plant in Louisiana, expecting to create another 120 jobs.

      Hydro Stock #3- Irrigation: One of the largest providers of irrigation equipment in the United States. They're aces at maximizing crop yield while minimizing water loss. You can expect their stock to skyrocket as water wars heat up across the U.S.

      Hydro Stock #4- Engineering: Arguably the premier water infrastructure and development company, this industry leader  excels in the exploration and analysis of water supplies. Top shareholders include financial giants Barclays, Deutsche Bank, and Vanguard Group.

      Hydro Stock #5- Purification: Known internationally as an air and water purification company, it produces both the chemicals and equipment necessary for making our drinking water safe. They were recently awarded a contract to provide UV filtration systems to munincipalities across New England

I'm dead serious when I tell you that these companies will not remain bargains for long.

The last time the Order of Amanzi took over a company, the stock shot went on a ridiculous 100% run.

I'm not kidding. The company is called Veolia Environment, which AES readers already sold for a hefty profit. Just check out the chart:

Or check out Flowserve Corp., another big infrastructure company that Nick's readers have sold for massive gains  It's also up more than 100% as investors slowly learn what the Order of Amanzi already knows.

Of course, these aren't the first winning stocks that Nick has discovered this year.

In fact, Nick has closed out...

A Whopping 53 Winners This Year Alone!!

Nick knows a thing or two about easy energy and water profits. Over the past year, if you'd followed his research, you could've closed an astounding 53 winners already.

That's one gain every single week of the year, and then some — a lot better than the money that's been evaporating from the pockets of Wall street's fat cats recently.

What's more, while most investors were blindsided last year and the world shuddered in the cold grasp of the Great Recession, Nick nailed a stunning series of double- and triple-digit winners for his readers:

  • Solarfun Power sold for 110.64% gains in five months.
  • Flowerserve Corp. sold for 12.88% gains in three days.
  • Johnson Controls sold for 11.12% in a month.
  • JA Solar sold for 30.45% and 43.91% in weeks.
  • SunPower Corp. sold for 47.54% in five weeks.
  • ReneSola Ltd. sold from 24.65% in five days.
  • American Superconductor scored 27.12% profits in three months.
  • Ormat Technologies banked 36.65% in two and a half months.
  • A-Power Energy Generation could have made you profits of 40.53% in three weeks.

All told, Nick's readers have had the opportunity to enjoy an average gain of 32% A MONTH over the last year!

Nick has been able to pull off these stunning gains because he focuses on just one thing: the best-performing market sector in the world: Green Stocks — the cutting edge of energy and water technology.

And the companies in his Hydro Profits: The Water Industry's Secrets Exposed report could deliver the biggest winners yet. It's all a part of...

The Best Alternative Energy Newsletter on the Market 

Obviously, with all the time and research that goes into uncovering the kinds of little-known energy plays in the Alternative Energy Speculator — not to mention the massive gains Nick's readers have made...

You might think I'd ask a hefty fee from you to join us.

After all, Nick has crisscrossed the globe in search of profitable new companies. He talks with CEOs and inspects their systems.

These expenses are not cheap. (I should know, since I had to sign off on his last invoice from an investigatory water trip.) And that's without mentioning all the new cleantech gadgets he tests...

So considering this expertise, cost of travel, and research... a subscription fee of $5,000 wouldn't be out of the question. After all, you could make that amount back — and then some — with just your first two or three Alternative Energy Speculator recommendations.

There are plenty of Wall Street research organizations that charge $5,000 for this kind of research... if not 3 to 4 times that much.

And if $5,000 per year is a fair price — and I think it is — then a "bargain" price of $1,200 per year would be an absolute steal.

Now remember, we've had 53 winners so far in 2009... an average of 32% gains every month — more than enough winning gains to pay back that $1,200.

But even though a $1,200-per-year fee would be an absolute steal, I'm still not charging that much.

You can get a full year of the Alternative Energy Speculator — starting right now — for just $499. (That's a full $200 off the retail price we charge on our web sites.)

Look, there are many people who are out of work... small businesses are going under... homeowners are losing their houses. But I've made a lot of money over the past few years, and I feel that people like us have to stick together during the hard times. Part of making money is giving back.

But this is far from charity. I've found that if I help others make money, they tell their friends, and my business grows.

I want you to make money. And if you join us, we can all make money together.

So let's get to it. Here's the deal behind... 

Your FREE Copy of  Hydro Profits: The Water Industry's Secrets Exposed 

Let me remind you that global demand for water already exceeds supply and this gap is increasing at an alarming rate. 

That is why I want to give this report absolutely free when you sign up for a no-risk subscription to the Alternative Energy Speculator. I think it's imperative that you maximize your profits in this explosive industry before it's too late. 

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I want you to understand that when I tell you that Alternative Energy Speculator is the foremost green energy newsletter, I'm not talking out of my behind. And I'm going to prove it to you buy sending you FIVE of our premier green energy reports, absolutely FREE!! 

Each of these reports normally sells for $99 apiece. But when you sign up for our elite service, you'll receive:

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And very likely for the next century.

I'm giving away the store... and giving you the chance to keep it for free. I know you'll love Nick and you'll be making money with his green energy and water stocks, starting with the five water companies that are taking over the world.

I urge you not to wait. Most investors don't know about these five companies, but as with any hot profit opportunity, word is getting out — and quickly.

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Good Investing,

Brian Hicks

Brian Hicks, 

Publisher, Alternative Energy Speculator