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Improve Drinking Water with Prill Beads - Part 2 of 2

Dr. James Howenstine, MD

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Structured Water And Aging

Dr. Mu Shik Jhon states, “Aging is a loss of hexagonal water from organs, tissues and cells and an overall decrease in total body water.” Evidence exists that replenishing the hexagonal water in the body results in increased vitality, prevention of disease and slowing the aging process. Structured water hydrates the body and removes free radicals thus slowing degenerative illnesses.

Two water-related factors have been closely associated with aging:

  • The relative water content of the human body declines with aging. Newborn infants are more than 90% water. A one year old is about 70% water and an elderly person can be less than 50% water.

  • The movement of water in and out of cells slows with age. Cells function better when 60% or more of the cell is water. With aging that value may fall as low as 40%. This has adverse effects on the osmotic pressure of the cell membrane making it difficult to re-hydrate the cells. Dr. Norm Shealy has shown that use of structured water and magnesium rapidly restores youthful function to all cells.

Water Is An Energy Source

Water is the body’s main source of energy. Dr. Jhon explains that hexagonal water has the capacity to hold more energy than normal water because of its structure. He relates, “100% hexagonal structured water has a huge capacity to store energy which can be released immediately when it is utilized by living organisms.”


When water is placed in a magnetic field the molecules assume a more organized geometry over time. This slowly dissipates when the magnet is removed. The earth’s magnet field is weak currently.

Nutrient Absorption

Digestion requires large amounts of water for adequate assimilation of nutrients. Because structured water improves water movement in the body it makes a better carrier for nutritional supplements.

Healing Effects Of Water

Orthopedic surgeon, David Stokesbary, states “cellular water movement is critical for adequate absorption of nutrients and for the elimination of metabolic waste products. Those who drink this (structured water) are benefiting both ways. With better nourishment and waste removal every process in the body will happen more efficiently.”


Insufficient water causes the body to operate in a state of continual crisis management. Frequently acne, afternoon fatigue, constipation, dry skin, heartburn and headaches are often overlooked as possible clues of dehydration.

Dry Skin, Wrinkles

The skin is a vital detoxification organ for the human body. Dry flaky skin is a sign that the water level in the body may not be adequate. Prompt skin improvement follows rehydration.


When the store of water in the body is low the colon moisture becomes absorbed into the bloodstream. This removal of fluid from the fecal stream leads to hard stools. This also causes toxic substances to be absorbed as well. Every organ eliminating wastes (skin, colon, kidneys) is dependent on plenty of water. Dry skin, constipation and dark urine point to lack of water in the body.

Body Fat

When toxins build up in the body the body stores them in fat tissue where they do not cause serious problems. These toxins are acidic. Alkalizing foods (lots of raw fruit and vegetables), exercise, saunas and ample structured water helps remove toxic substances. At times so much stored toxins are being removed the body experiences a detoxifying reaction (Herxheimer reaction). In this situation more toxins are in the blood than the liver can process and excrete. This causes undesirable symptoms (muscle aching, headache, malaise, skin rash, liver enlargement). If narcotics, hallucinogens, LSD etc. from prior usage are getting mobilized, remains of the old drugs can cause the same symptoms that appeared when these drugs were used in the past. Therapy simply consists of slowing or stopping the detoxifying process until your liver can handle the volume of toxins it has to process.


Water carries nutrients that provide energy for the whole body. Regular water intake helps keep this process working smoothly. If the energy supply fails the lymphatic fluid may experience a build up of toxins, which lowers its oxygen supply. This results in all body tissues receiving less than needed quantities of oxygen. Correction requires detoxifying measures and improved hydration.


Dr. Wang carried out studies on diabetic patients in China which revealed that hexagonal water was 13.4 times more effective at hydrating diabetics than was distilled water.


Asthmatic patients have usually been breathing with difficulty for hours before they are seen by a health care provider. Considerable water is lost in expired air during labored breathing. Additionally they have often stopped eating and taking fluids. These patients are always dehydrated and need their fluid depletion to be promptly corrected.

Brain Fog

The brain is about 85% water. The brain’s electrical activity is so intense it needs 20% of the total cardiac output even though it is a relatively small organ. When there is dehydration, loss of clarity of thought (brain fog) may occur. If the dehydration becomes worse, stupor and ultimately coma appears.

Sources Of Water

Natural springs can be good sources of drinking water and have healing properties. Unfortunately many commercially promoted waters are using common water nicely labeled so be sure to check the source carefully. Arrowhead water from California has a good reputation. The degree of structuring varies from site to site. Often structuring begins to deteriorate soon after the water appears at the surface. Some springs are able to produce energized water for centuries. The motion experienced by water in springs contributes importantly to its energized state.

Note: this operation has closed when Jim Carter died. I can’t confirm the statements he made.

Practical Aspects Of Prill Bead Use

Prill beads last a long time, several years of normal use. Steps in preparing and use of the beads include:

  • Rinse the sack of beads to get rid of the dust

  • Fill a 1-gallon glass jar or jug with water. Place the beads in this water where they sink to the bottom.

  • Wait 24 hours for the beads to build up the initial charge

  • After this breaking in period 3 quarts of water can be removed every hour if needed. Always leave some water behind to start your next batch.

  • After processing the energized water can be stored in glass or hard plastic containers but not in metal.

  • If you wish to clean, sterilize or restore color to the beads place the package of beads in one cup of pharmacy grade 3% hydrogen peroxide. This will clean and restore the color to the beads inside the package. Color changes are related to the type of minerals in the water.

  • To make superb water continue the use of your filtering system as an initial step. Then place the filtered water into the Prill bead jar. (My wife and I use a Birkefeld water filter and the resulting Prill water tastes even better).

  • Bathe in the bead water by pouring 2 gallons of water in a bathtub and filling with hot water.

  • Prill repels black mold and seems to eliminate odors.

  • Use to wash produce, in cooking, in humidifiers, cleansing infant bottoms

  • Prill water cannot be contaminated. It cleans up contamination.

  • Distilled water and tap water can be helped by prills. The tap water takes longer to process and the chlorine in tap water rises to the top, as Prill water is heavier than chlorine. It must be blown or fanned to remove from the bottle, as chlorine is heavier than air. Be sure to keep the lid off the bottle so chlorine has a way to escape.

  • If you leave the Prills on for a long time the water may become overcharged and develop a metallic taste. Just discard the water and start over.

A simple test will demonstrate the benefits of Prill beads: mix one can of orange juice in regular water and another can with Prill water. There is a striking taste difference.

For skeptics place a dried apricot in reverse osmosis water (common water ought to be fine) and a second apricot in hexagonal water. After 12 hours in the filtered or tap water the apricot becomes mushy, plumps up a little and tastes like a dry apricot. The Prill water apricot will reconstitute to nearly its original size, round and firm and will have a taste much closer to the original fresh fruit.

Suggestions For The Coming Codex Era

My impression of the Prill beads is that they may well represent the best health buy for the money that exists in the marketplace. Consider buying more bags of Prill beads than you need as these could make a major difference in the health status of relatives, friends, and neighbors when we have no supplements, are forced to eat GMO food, have serious shortages of food and the water may be of even worse quality than it is currently if water is still obtainable. These beads are not expensive ($15 per package) and could significantly improve the health of relatives, friends and neighbors when the end times have made living much more precarious.

We stock Prill beads in our fulfillment house (1-800-416-2806) and I am going to suggest using them to all patients with health problems. For part 1 click below.

Click here for part -----> 1,


Dr. James A. Howenstine is a board certified specialist in internal medicine who cared for office and hospital patients for 34 years. Four years of research into natural health convinced him that natural products are safer, more effective and generally less expensive than pharmaceutical drugs. This research culminated in writing the book A Physician’s Guide To Natural Health Products That Work (328 pages) $17.95.

This book and recommended products can be obtained from and by phoning 1-800-416-2806. Dr. Howenstine can be reached at and by writing Dr. James Howenstine C/O Remarsa USA SB 37, P.O. Box 25292, Miami, Fl. 33102-5292.