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New York to charge cars $11.50 and trucks $25 to enter

Jim Stone

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New York to charge cars $11.50 and trucks $25 to enter

Not an April fools joke (apparently). Wait and see I guess -

New York city is too congested according to friends of Ocasio, so they are going to toll everyone at least $11.50 just to enter the city with a car, and trucks will pay $25. While doing this, they admit the subway is such a POS now that it arrives "65 percent on time" which caused about half it's riders to quit using it (you know, the ones who work and have to get to their jobs on time) so these people started driving and jammed things up.

Here's the real deal, (what caused New York's enhanced congestion problem) what they will never publish:

EXPERIENCE: The only good electricians out there, (which a subway needs badly, it is actually a very high maintenance item) are white males. You can throw in Latinos also, however, EXPERIENCE: Latinos don't follow procedure and chicken wire things together even when proper parts are available. That's going to impact repair quality badly. They do this in the U.S. and I have seen this. They tend to be competent but really pull repair bullshit. And if they are any other immigrants, from Africa or other dark skinned places, FORGET IT. I never saw that work out, EVER. Iranians and Russians are very good, consider them white. The only ones who are not white that stand a chance are the Latinos. And I am not racist for stating a fact, facts are not racist if you are going to call it like it is.

So why is New York's subway failing, thus pushing street traffic through the roof, thus giving liberal scammers another reason to take money from the people? EASY ANSWER:

Because these same liberals who dreamed up an "entry fee" for New York are the ones who got huge numbers of minorities who can't troubleshoot anything or repair well doing the maintenance on the New York subway. The same thing happened to DC. This all started around 15 years ago, the last time I checked up on the transit systems was around that time, and they were only starting to bring the minorities in and oust the white people. There were enough whites in the system to ensure it all ran perfect, in Washington, New York, and Boston, all of which I checked out thoroughly and rode a lot during that time period. The only thing I can say bad was that the trains in New York were not clean and it really looked ghetto but it ran perfect. No problems EVER.

Now the white man is a bane, and they are getting people from everywhere else possible to work on that subway, paying outrageous wages to get them to do it, and they refuse to accept the fact that it all ran great before they gave preference to minorities and H1-B visa holders. Rather than suck it up and allow whites back into that system, they are going to bill people on the surface for trying to circumvent it, (the subway was the life of New York in the past, it was an absolute sparkling gem, even the parts that were 100 years old, age has nothing to do with it, MAINTENANCE DOES.)

I have ranted this before, but since they are apparently going to charge an entrance fee to get into New York now, I figured I'd rant it again.

DEAR NEW YORK LIBS: 100 year old systems run GREAT as long as they get proper maintenance, don't blame the system for being too old when it was rendered a wreck in the name of "fairness" and worked perfect before that. 15 more years on a system that old is NOTHING absent negligence. You can't take people from "shithole countries" who made their countries "shitholes" and put them in charge of American gems, expecting it to all work out and not go to shit!

And on that note, the MSM has pretty much now stated that conservatives hate Ocasio because she's a leftist woman, and nothing more. Not all the april fools worthy stupidity about 3 chambers of congress, mosques having pews, and the green new deal. There were many other april fools worthy Ocasio gaffes but it seems they were pulled off all the search engines and stuffed into New York's subway induced "congestion tax".

Jim Stone