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Pilot's View: Arubs A380 Approach and landing at San Fransisco

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Aug. 18, 2014

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This "pilot's eye view" depicts German commercial airplane pilots landing at a San Francisco Airport. Watch how the two pilots coordinate precisely with air traffic control just how to land.


Just thought you might enjoy seeing this humongous A380 as it makes its first landing at San Francisco airport. In case you've ever wondered what it would be like to land a "flying city", here's a look at it! What a beast............ Can't imagine 800 folks on the same airplane!


This is an incredible video of a German Airbus landing at SFO. The approach shows wonderful and memorable views of the GG Bridge, the Presidio, the Bay Bridge , and the approach to SFO. You will enjoy this aviation video.

Big, Big Airplane ~ 800 PLUS PASSENGERSAirbus A-380 First Landing at SFO.....NOW THIS IS REALLY WORTH WATCHING.Use full screen!The pilots sit away from everything, no yoke, etc. Captain pulls up a keyboard once in a while to enter info but the plane does most of the work.....


It seems extensively automated. The air traffic controller gives them heading, altitude and speed, and they dial it in. Pretty interesting.


For best results go "full screen" on your monitor . It will seem like you are in the cockpit.