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Oct. 31, 2015

Since we are overwhelmed with new information every day, it is easy to forget the details we have previously received, and many people don’t have the time to connect the pieces of information together to see the big picture.  The following information, while it only scratches the surface, will show that the EPA is not serious about protecting the environment.

Armed and Ready on Behalf of Corporate Polluters

“The Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] has spent millions of dollars over the last decade on military-style weapons to arm its 200 ‘special agents’ to fight environmental crime.  Among the weapons purchased are guns, body armor, camouflage equipment, unmanned aircraft, amphibious assault ships, radar and night-vision gear and other military-style weaponry and surveillance activities . . . . The agency spends nearly $75 million each year . . .” (“Obama: Spending Millions Arming the EPA ‘Special Agents’ with Military-Style Weapons,”  This is a little extreme unless the EPA intends to go to war against other government agencies or against large corporations.  Will the EPA shoot down aircraft that are spraying chemtrails or arrest government officials who are using HAARP technology against us?  Do they need all this equipment to make a raid on Monsanto or BP to arrest corporate officials and scientists?

Radiation from Fukushima

The EPA “halted its emergency radiation monitoring of Fukushima’s radioactive plume in May 2011, three months after the disaster began.  Japan isn’t even monitoring seawater near Fukushima . . . The amount of cesium in seawater . . . found off Vancouver Island is nearly six times the concentration recorded since cesium was first introduced into the oceans by nuclear bomb tests (halted in 1963) . . . . [N]uclear power proponents claimed the cesium spewed from Fukushima would be diluted to infinity after the plume dispersed across 4,000 miles of Pacific Ocean” (John LaForge, “Fukushima Radiation in Pacific Reaches US West Coast,” 10/14/15,

The highest level of cesium detected in Japan when the Fukushima event occurred was in the Tokyo metro area at 919,000 BQ per square meter, a level almost twice as high as Chernobyl’s permanent dead zone of 500,000 BQ.  While Chernobyl involved one nuclear reactor, Fukushima has three emitting radiation.  Still, Hillary Clinton signed an agreement with Japan to continue importing their foodstuffs to America.  The U.N. foolishly gave an all clear report on Fukushima radiation on April 2, 2014.  Levels of radiation from Fukushima were at the highest levels ever recorded in North America one year later on April 4, 2015.  The U.S. government has not been testing the air, water, or fish for radiation for quite some time, and of course it has gone after individuals who have monitored radiation levels themselves.  Whale deaths off the west coast are 1500% higher than normal.  However, no public agency in the U.S. is monitoring this, so apparently their message is that there is no cause for alarm (“Expert Warns on Unusual Mortality Event . . . ,” 8/26/15, 

Let’s not forget that our government revised its figures for safe levels of radiation by raising the limits about 10,000 times.  Since meat and milk are the first places scientists look to detect radiation levels, you can be sure that the meat and dairy industries can’t afford to allow people to know what the current levels are.

While normal background radiation levels are between 5 – 20 CPM (cycles per minute), and 50 CPM is an alert level, Ft. Wayne, Indiana has registered at 1326 CPM, Billings, Montana at 893 CPM, Spokane, Washington at 432 CPM, New York City at 323 CPM, Dallas, Texas at 575 CPM, and Washington D.C. at 543 CPM (“Extremely High Radiation Levels all Across America . . . ,” 9/6/15,  Despite these extremely high levels of radiation, the government has done nothing to warn the public.  Certainly, eating iodized salt is not enough to protect one’s thyroid, and most people have tried to cut back on salt.

What may really make you upset is that our nuclear engineers succeeded in discovering how to use up all the nuclear energy in the fuel rods, but President Carter banned this by Executive Order.  Thus, only 5% of the fuel is used, and 95% has to be kept cool forever.  Our government even refused to sell these used fuel rods to other countries, even though they offered billions of dollars for them.  Consequently, we have a nuclear disaster far worse than Fukushima in the making, especially if we are hit with EMP (“Banning the Closed Loop Nuclear Fuel Cycle Put an End to America’s Free Energy Future,” 1/24/15,

The following information concerning the EPA is from the article “Fukushima is Here: This Month the EPA shut off the Beta Radiation Monitors Because Strontium 90 is Beta Type” (10/19/15,

1.     The EPA has shut off 74% of their Beta-radiation sensors in the states as a cost-saving measure, even though Beta monitoring only costs 0.01% of the EPA’s budget of $8.1 billion.  Both Beta and Gamma radiation cause cancer.

2.     Strontium-90 packs a wicked 1 – 2 punch to the red bone marrow (see article “Strontium – A Deadly One Two Punch [Leukemia]”).

3.     In 2014, the EPA discontinued part of its RadNet system that tested milk from dairies for radiation (where radiation shows up first), with the excuse that the FDA would deal with it.

4.     If the EPA doesn’t like the test results for radiation in our air, it just deletes them.  To make things worse, the EPA’s data is spread out on 135 web sites, making it virtually impossible for the average person to make any sense of the data.

5.     The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is trying to protect the nuclear cartel by lowering its costs by letting them release 100 times more radiation on us.  They’re even trying to say that radiation is good for us.  Carol S. Marcus, Ph.D., M.D. wants women, children, and fetuses to get the same new high radiation levels that are 65 times higher than what the average nuclear plant worker is exposed to.

Independent scientist Leuren Moret confirmed that the U.S. government has created “polar vortex and nuclear typhoons” and, after purposely steering them to Fukushima to fill with radiation, they are steered to the U.S. to contaminate Americans.  While Hazmat clothing and immediate evacuation are required for levels at 5 BQ/sec., levels of 11 – 15 BQ/sec., and some areas in America are as high as 600 – 1000 BQ/sec.  Levels of 8 BQ/sec. are common in airline cabins.  However, unlike Obama, Putin has placed an electromagnetic fence around Russia to keep out plumes filled with Fukushima radiation to protect the Russian population (“Fukushima polar vortex radiation in USA exceeds 2 - 3 times for evacuation,” 12/9/14,  Apparently, Putin learned something from Chernobyl.  Americans who aren’t saying or doing something about this are apparently in agreement with the government’s intent to kill us.

HAARP and Chemtrails

Dane Wigington reported that HAARP is letting in more ultraviolet rays on the earth, including the dangerous UV-B and C rays, which are devastating our forests.  Besides steering the weather to create drought on our west coast, the government is spraying chemtrails that contain aluminum, barium, and strontium oxide.  These are desiccants that dry out the soil and make fires burn more intensely.  The aluminum in chemtrails is radically changing the pH of the soil, the lakes, and the rivers, and is killing plants, trees, fish, birds, etc.  California stopped testing its water for aluminum in 2002. 

Coal ash is the medium being used in chemtrails to distribute aluminum and other substances that are added to chemtrails.  Of course, coal miners get lung cancer from breathing coal dust, and this can remain in the air for two years, filtering down to earth gradually (“Chemtrails are Coal Ash,”; “Chemtrail Pilot Blows the Cover of Operation Indigo Skyfold,”; “Chemtrail Source Material Finally Unveiled,” 2/6/15,

Chemtrails are also destroying farm equipment and airplanes, as well as killing microbes in the soil, creating the growth of fungae.  Ozone depletion and increased UV rays are warming the oceans and releasing methane (“So if Fukushima Kills the Oceans and Geoengineering Kills the Trees, What Happens to us?,” The EPA scratches its collective head and acts mystified as to the cause of all these environmental problems.  It usually blames all of this on “global warming,” which in turn can be blamed on the populace rather than on large corporations.


U.S. industries have pumped more than 30 trillion gallons of toxic liquid into the earth in the last few decades.  There are more than 680,000 underground waste and injection wells nationwide.  Between late 2007 and late 2010, one out of every six wells violated safety regulations (“Injection Wells: The Poison Beneath Us,” 6/21/12,  Deborah Tavares calls it “vaccinating the earth with lethal injection wells” (“Water Wars – Earthquakes & Deep Well Injection,” 10/8/14,

Uranium is the key element to fracking.  Depleted uranium is used since it cuts through rock like butter.  Since there is a lot of natural uranium locked up in the strata underground, it is an ideal way for the nuclear industry to get rid of its depleted uranium since it would require expensive, sophisticated analyses to determine whether the radioactive waste in fracking water is due to natural uranium or depleted uranium.  The EPA, of course, pays no attention to this issue (“Wrecking the Earth: Fracking has grave radiation risks few talk about,” 8/28/13,

Fracking also releases methane.  A man in North Dakota was able to set the water on fire coming out of his tap.  Residents in North Texas have also been able to light their tap water on fire because of the methane from fracking in their area (“Fire in the Hole: After Fracking Comes Coal,” 2/13/14,; “No Need to Stockpile Wood in Texas . . . ,” 1/24/14,

Proof that California government officials allowed corporations to pollute clean water aquifers, despite the severe water shortage in California, is given in articles such as “California has Allowed Oil and Gas Companies to Dump Dangerous Chemicals into Pristine Underground Aquifers” (  The oil industry has illegally injected billions of gallons of toxic wastewater into California’s aquifers.  They have also been selling their wastewater to farmers to irrigate crops (“What We’ve Known All Along,” 7/22/15,  “It takes up to five million gallons of fresh water to frack a single well.”  “Treating patients exposed to drilling chemicals is nearly impossible since the Halliburton loophole prevents anyone from identifying which chemicals they’ve been exposed to” (“Congress Stalls as Evidence of Fracking Harm Mounts,” 2/10/15,

Twenty-one million gallons of recycled oil field water a day has been sold by Chevron to a Water District in California (“California has been spraying toxic, cancer-causing fracking chemicals on food crops for 20 years,” 9/22/14,  Oil and gas companies have successfully prevented the EPA from monitoring their activities and from having access to their data to assess the degree of contamination of drinking water.  However, the EPA contends that instances of water contamination from fracking are negligible.

People in California have had to pay $1,500 per square foot for fresh, clean water versus paying $33 per square foot for fracking water (“California has been spraying toxic, cancer-causing fracking chemicals on food crops for 20 years,”

BP and the Gulf

When the EPA told BP, Nalco, and Goldman Sachs that they could not use Corexit on the oil spill, BP gave the EPA the middle finger.  Blue crab larvae at the bottom of the food chain are absorbing Corexit and are thus passing it up the food chain.

Six weeks after the BP oil spill in the Gulf, BP bought Google and Yahoo Search Terms related to the oil spill to conceal the truth as much as possible.

On June 10, 2010, the EPA found air quality levels to be normal on the Gulf coastline.  Of course, the EPA’s former director, Todd Christy, stated that the post-911 air was fit to breathe also.

Although children in Louisiana are still bleeding from their noses and some are now over 80 percent bald because their hair has fallen out, BP hasn’t given anyone a dime for their illnesses.  Nalco was the manufacturer of Corexit, and Halliburton, Goldman Sachs, and BP were partners in the manufacture of Corexit (“The People are Dying: Evacuate the Gulf Now!,” 10/24/15,  Dr. Wilma Subra has found benzene levels in several people tested to have 65 times the normal level (“Halliburton Got Away With Murder,” 9/6/14,

Residents in Memphis have reported toxic rainfall containing Corexit, and this is damaging their crops.

High levels of methane are building up underground in Louisiana in and around water wells and aquifers.  Residents are told not to light fires outside.  An explosion could be in the magnitude of one and one-half hydrogen bombs.  The oil that BP obtains from fracking the seafloor contains 40 percent methane, compared to 5 percent in typical oil deposits.  This methane has made its way ashore underground in Louisiana (and to the New Madrid fault line) and is now in the air also (“The Gulf Needs To Be Evacuated,” 7/28/14,

Since the oil spill in the gulf, sea-life has dwindled, and what remains is poisoned and mutated.  However, BP has had a net income of $38 billion over the last three years and has been granted the right to resume drilling in the Gulf (“Deepwater Horizon: BP’s Toxic Legacy,” 4/21/14,

As of this date, only $4 billion of the $20 billion had been paid out for restitution.  Conservative estimates put the losses in the Gulf at $90 billion.  Ken Feinberg was hired at $850,000/month to disburse the funds and save as much of the payout fund for BP as he can (“The Ongoing Great Gulf Coast Holocaust,” 3/9/13,

The Poisons of Monsanto

Monsanto, the creator of poisons like Dioxin, DDT, Agent Orange, PCBs, and RoundUp Ready, holds 90% of the patents on GMOs.  So far, the government has not charged Monsanto with domestic terrorism for using GMOs to turn people’s intestines into permanent pesticide factories.  Bt toxin is inside the DNA of GMOs, so it goes into the DNA of the bacteria in our intestines where it continues to be active as a pesticide.  Most Americans are not careful enough about avoiding eating GMO food, presumably because they trust the government to take good care of their health.  GMOs are also contained in prescription medicines, drug store vitamins, vaccines, citric acid, most sweeteners, and in enzymes used in bread, cheese, and beverages.  The GMO hormone rBGH has been in non-organic milk for many years.  Neither the FDA nor CODEX requires the labeling of foods containing GMOs.  While dietary supplements will be treated as “toxins” rather than as food, and therefore dangerous, CODEX will allow foods to be sold and eaten that contain pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs.

While the EPA is supposed to protect the environment, it allows Monsanto to sell RoundUp, the most widely used herbicide in the U.S. and the world.  While it is designed to kill weeds, its major component, Glyphosate, causes birth defects, cancerous tumors, and interferes with the hormones of mammals.  Glyphosate inhibits the enzymes in our bodies that detoxify foreign chemicals.  Our bodies break down Glyphosate, leaving ammonia as a byproduct.  Autistic children and the elderly who have Alzheimers have a significantly higher level of ammonia in their blood than normal.  Ammonia causes brain inflammation (encephalitis). Meat-eaters get more ammonia when they eat meat.  GMO corn contains more than 18 times the EPA’s safe level of Glyphosate and 200 times the amount of formaldehyde considered to be toxic to animals (“The Horrific Truth about Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide,” 

Fluoride and Glyphosate become even more toxic when combined.  Aluminum and Glyphosate act synergistically to promote autism.  Meat can contain high amounts of Glyphosate residue.  Breathing in aluminum from chemtrails can result in Pulmonary Fibrosis, scarring the lungs and making it difficult to breathe (“Aluminum, Fluoride, and Glyphosate Poisoning: A Toxic Trifecta,” 

Monsanto’s RoundUp Ready can be found in our soil, groundwater, streams, and even our air (see “Glyphosate weedkiller found in 75% of air and rain samples,”  The EPA doesn’t appear to be overly concerned about the causes of death of birds, butterflies, and bees. 

Pollen from GMO crops are killing honeybees, the insects upon which our entire food chain is dependent on.  Chemtrails are also killing them.  According to the Carotec Health Report (Sept. 2015), GM crops have been engineered to “self-pollinate” so that they don’t need nature or bees to do it.  Monsanto wants a monopoly on pollinating plants, so when bees attempt to pollinate a GM plant or flower, they will get poisoned and die (p.26).  To counter accusations that their products are killing the bees, Monsanto bought Beeologics, the largest bee research firm that studies colony collapse.  Thus, they have been able to claim that the bees are responsible for their own deaths.  “U.S. scientists have found 121 different pesticides in samples of bees, wax and pollen, lending credence to the notion that pesticides are a key problem” (“37 Million Bees Found Dead in Ontario, Canada After Planting Large GMO Corn Field,” 10/18/15,  

“To add insult to world injury, Monsanto and their partners in crime – Archer Daniels Midland, Sodexo, and Tyson Foods wrote and sponsored The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009: HR 875.  This . . . gives the corporate factory farms a virtual monopoly to police and control all foods grown anywhere, including one’s own backyard, and provides harsh penalties and jail sentences for those who do not use chemicals and fertilizers.  President Obama decided this sounded reasonable and gave his approval” (Carotec Health Report, Sept. 2015, p.28).


Honeybees rely on corn as a major protein source, but most corn is now GMO and treated with neonicotinoids and sprayed with RoundUp.  Neonicotinoids are also lethal to birds.  A single kernel of corn or a tiny grain of wheat or canola coated with a neonicotinoid can kill a bird.  The EPA ignores the harmful effects of these poisons, and the FDA allows these poisons to be in our foods (see “Russia Warns Obama: Global War Over ‘Bee Apocalypse’ Coming Soon,” 5/10/13,  RoundUp has also been linked to wiping out the monarch butterflies’ primary food source, milkweed.  During winter months, the monarchs occupy only 1.7 acres in Mexico, as compared to 45 acres in 1996.

Our government officials must arrogantly think that we are stupid and can be convinced to believe their propaganda even though it makes no sense.  Naturally, they don’t govern their own lives by their propaganda.  For example, while Monsanto insists on a stack of Bibles that GMOs are safe and will solve world hunger, it has a sign posted in its employees’ cafeteria that they only serve organically-grown food.  So shall we do as they do, or do as they say?

Pollution from Wood-burning Stoves

To pretend like it is doing something to protect the environment, the EPA, “the same agency that was recently caught using drones to spy on Americans, is now going after home owners who use Wood Burning Stoves to heat their homes. . . The EPA’s new environmental regulations reduce the amount of airborne fine-particle matter from 15 micrograms to 12 micrograms per cubic meter of air” (“EPA to outlaw many wood burning stoves,” 1/1/13,; see also “A Ban on Heating Your Home With Wood? It’s Happening,”  This is like putting the cart before the horse or looking for gnats but avoiding the elephant in the room.  The particulates from wood stoves certainly aren’t worse than what we get from chemtrails.  Why aren’t chemtrails and radiation from Fukushima higher priorities to the EPA than particulates from wood-burning stoves?

Surely with all their armament the EPA should be able to stand up to the oil and gas companies!  However, it seems that the EPA has found it easier to attack individual Americans who don’t have the power or means with which to defend themselves.  The EPA “unilaterally came out and wrote itself a rule in the federal registry saying it can take money from an American who breaks its rules . . . without court order and approval . . .” (“Outrage du jour: EPA now has the power to garnish your wages – without a court order,”  Instead of going after individual Americans, how about arresting corporate executives and “garnishing” their bank accounts without a court order to punish them for making money at the expense of life on our planet?

It appears that the EPA is being funded by American taxpayers, but it is being directed by the international bankers and One-Worlders.  If the EPA wishes to serve them rather than those who pay their salaries, then the bankers should pay their salaries, not us.  As things are currently, since the EPA is not serving us and serves no useful purpose, the EPA should be dismantled and/or its employees should all be fired.

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