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Kathi Lieb

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You can eliminate lots of wasted paper (translate that into trees and habitat lost) by getting rid of unwanted catalogues that just seem to appear each week. I don't know about you, but our recycle bin fills up with junk mail with lightening speed - and catalogues I didn't ask for account for a lot of that wasted paper.

So here's a cool solution: Go to (Catalogue Choice) - a free serve that registers your preferences (you can select the catalogues you no longer want to receive) and they will take care of the rest (contacting each company). There are other such services, but this one was recommended in a local newspaper (Evanston Round Table).

Btw, one of the first catalogues you might want to eliminate is Lands'End, a subsidiary of Sears. ( you can still buy their nice stuff on-line). Unlike more enlightened companies, they use almost no recycled paper in their catalogues...estimates (quoted in the Jan. Audubon Society magazine) are that "one third to one half of the paper comes from boreal forests, enough to wrap the Sears Tower six times a day, seven days a week."

Now that's a LOT of paper and a terrible waste of forests.

Catalogue Choice.

A few clicks away!