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Video: The “Mystery” of This Nasty Black Water Coming out of Texas Faucets Solved?

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March 4, 2016

Flint, Michigan isn’t the only place with polluted, disgusting water that authorities (at least at first) attempt to claim they are “baffled” by. It’s always rather ridiculous and hard-to-stomach when “authorities” claim total ignorance in these cases and the local media always back them up… Gee, what could possibly be causing black goopy poisonous water to flow out of faucets in Texas?

It’s a lot like watching someone stand right next to a bomb and then pretend they don’t see or hear it even after it has exploded.

Via Dutchsinse on Youtube:

Professionals (and officials) in West Texas are baffled by the appearance of thick black drinking water flowing through the town of Crystal City, Texas.