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WILDALERT NEWS: Roadless forests win!

Kathy Kilmer - The Wilderness Society

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After ten years of defending the last unprotected roadless areas on our national forests, we’ve prevailed! Last month, the Tenth Circuit Court ruled strongly in favor of the Clinton-era rule to protect roadless forest areas, a conclusive ruling in a long line of legal actions we have taken to protect the rule.

This win is one of the greatest land protective measures in the last half century. Now, 49 million acres of wild lands in 37 states (an area nearly the size of Kansas) will remain protected. Critical sources of clean drinking water, important wildlife habitat, and places for recreation and solitude are safe.

Your support helped The Wilderness Society play a leadership role in every aspect of this campaign. Thank you! We simply cannot do this work without you.


Kathy Kilmer

Kathy Kilmer

Nov. 1, 2011