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Iowa Flood - World Devastation - Where Are We Headed?

Jim Kirwan

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People have no clue what kind of devastation the flooding in Iowa will create in the very near future. The government doesn't want us to know.   Panic would occur,  but if people use their heads they will soon understand what is happening and it is time we take charge of our destiny!


Quaker Oats and General Mills in Cedar Rapids, IA, provide 95% of the World with cereal.  Quaker Oats is being destroyed (closed indefinitely). Will they be able to recover? General Mills is now contending with flood waters and reports are up to 10 feet.   Cargill - Corn Sweeteners - is also under water; they also provide the corn for ethanol!!! ADM in Cedar Rapids located down River from Czech Village which is 100% under water and no one is reporting on this.


Yes, panic and hysteria are of concern, but people need to realize what kind of ramifications are occurring which will affect not only Iowans, but the World.


People need to realize that Indiana has now reported that 95% of their corn crops are destroyed - Lord only knows what percentage in Iowa now (which is the corn producing state for the World) has been destroyed. With so much corn being provided to create ethanol, where will we find grain and food - not only for ourselves, but for the livestock that sustain us.  There will be no corn or grain to provide for the cattle providing meat, the dairy farmers, for our pork and poultry industries  - folks this is not just affecting one industry, it is affecting everything. What of the rice crops that have been destroyed with tsunami and earth quakes???????


What Iowa has right now is what Iowa will have until things are depleted and can be transported in - but when??? All of Iowa's major highways have been compromised with this flooding.


Is it time to take action?  


I would say that it is more than time. The time of getting back to the salt of the earth and learning how to provide for one's self and community is here.


Are we going to continue to depend on other countries for our well-being? Are we going to continue to provide shelter and income to others who send their monies home to support whatever radical movement is occurring elsewhere??????


People need to see the big picture.  I do not want to state this as doom and gloom, but if people do not start understanding that the almighty dollar is only a tool rather than a way of life we are all doomed.


Trucks that have been scheduled to be delivering to Iowa are having to be routed to other states.  Companies thriving on the trucking and railway are on the verge of being completely destroyed!


This is not going to take a few days or weeks to repair! Sewer systems have been destroyed, water systems have been breeched, electrical sources are being depleted and our food supply is being wiped out.  


Even for the small towns that seem to be thriving in Iowa, they are under attack. People in these towns are not looking at what their town nor the bigger cities in Iowa provide not only to the United States but to the World. Why are we called the Heart Land????? What does that imply?????? If the heart stops in a human being what happens??????


It is time to take notice of what is happening and it is time to protect what we have.  It is also time to figure out how we as a country can not only sustain ourselves but regain our standing as the Greatest Country in the World.


All of what I have stated above is only a small portion of the great ramifications that could possibly occur.  It is not set in stone that this will destroy Iowa; it will be crippled for a while - but the World-Wide ramifications will be felt and we need to take notice. We need to look beyond what is being reported to us by the media and by the government and we need to start taking care of ourselves and our neighbors within our country.


Maybe our Heartland needs to be extended further than just the MidWest; maybe our country needs to become our Heartland - the Heartbeat of the World.  What would happen if all of America started caring and providing to each and every neighbor within it's own land and not only when a need arises. What happened to taking care of our own first?


~~Thoughts of a Midwestern Girl born, raised, and left to came back to the HEART of IOWA with FAMILY that has done the same!~~