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Experts: Japan “wants to just drop tanks” of Fukushima nuclear waste into ocean — Americans worried over plumes hitting West Coast — “Reactors are now leaking really high levels of radiation into sea… The world does need to help” — Official says Japan lying about catastrophe (VIDEO)

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TRT World transcript excerpts (government-funded public broadcaster of Turkey), Apr 14, 2017:

2:30 in – Dana Lewis, senior correspondent (emphasis added): As far away as the American Pacific coast there have been radiation levels found in fish, and radiation plumes have been tracked from Japan that have been detected on the shores of Oregon and in tuna caught nearby… Japan’s former prime minister has accused current Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of lying about the situation being under control…

7:00 in – Mark Whitby, engineer: I think the world does need help…

9:45 in – Dr. David Lowry, nuclear policy consultant: We’ve heard about the leakage of water in the Pacific and why that might worry Americans on the West Coast of the United States, but the radioactive contamination of the area around is very damaging…

10:45 in – Martin Stanford, host: They did try this ice wall — didn’t they? They spent billions of yen trying to create this barrier to contain contaminated water — it still leaks, I hear.

11:00 in – Whitby: It still leaksThese reactors are now leaking really high levels of radiation into that water, now that water then goes out of the sea and is relatively diluted. We know that, you know, the fish are getting contaminated… In a way we are very lucky that this radiation is going into the sea — now it’s a vast amount… They’ve got to try and develop a program for actually containing everything and sealing the reactor… They’re now getting to the point where they are beginning to talk about wanting to just drop the tanks [of contaminated water] into the ocean, because they just can’t keep building these tanks.

Watch the broadcast here

Published: April 26th, 2017 at 10:19 am ET