Ithas been reported the radiation detectors were set off at ChicagoO'hare and Dallas Ft Worth airports more" /> - Delivering Truth Around the World
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Japanese Passengers Set Off Radiation Meters At Chicago and Dallas Airports

Smaller Font Larger Font RSS 2.0">It has been reported the radiation detectors were set off at Chicago O'hare and Dallas Ft Worth airports found on the clothes of the passengers and in their luggage when the people passed through customs. To say low levels radiation was detected .I do not trust a word said because our government lies to us daily.

                I am concerned about the pilots and flight attendants who have been exposed to radiation since much of these particles were on people clothes that set the detectors off. I am surprised there is no reports coming out of Hawaii at their airports since it is the nearest point of entry of the United States from the island of Japan.There is a sizable Japanese population on the islands of Hawaii.They probably took in many family members who were affected by the recent major earthquake. It would not come to me as a surprise if this news was suppressed from the people of Hawaii  that passengers coming from Japan have set off the radiation detectors.

                Lets wait and see. I am glad people are buying radio active detectors now and taking their own data.It is because we can not trust our government to give a straight answer anymore . I am glad people are taking it upon themselves to bring the truth to use and counter the government lies. If the government say we are all ok and do not worry just like they said about the BP oil spill. This will blow up in their faces too as another big lie to prove they can not be trusted anymore with good reason this time.


March 17, 2011