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Are Biden-voter Firebugs Lighting up the West Coast?

Stephen Borthwick

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September 15, 2020

The FBI has officially denied it, but numerous Sheriffs’ departments across the states of Washington and Oregon have been reporting multiple arrests for arson, but the arrests are only showing up on local news. With Antifa terrorists being picked up across the country with gallons of accelerant and Molotov cocktails, is it that outlandish to suggest at least some of the catastrophic fires are being deliberately set?

Certainly, many of the wildfires in California can be attributed to the unprecedented number of lightning strikes in the state. Dems are calling that “climate change.” There’s definitely one kind of climate change going on in America – the political climate is shifting, as more and more violent, radical leftists are no longer hiding who and what they are. This has in turn led to non-political crazies taking advantage of the situation too.

In any case, the fires in Washington and Oregon aren’t the angry dirt-goddess the loony left worships. Ordinary citizens in the rural (and mostly conservative) counties are finding IEDs and incendiary devices on their property, and one woman even bravely made a citizen’s arrest of a man with an arson kit. Other arrests have been by local sheriff deputies in Wahkiakum, Multnomah, and Lane counties in Oregon as well as in Salinas, California, with many of the perps being caught red-handed. 


Whether these individuals are leftist crazies or just ordinary crazies has not yet been determined, but one thing is sure: the fires on the West coast aren’t “global warming”, and Antifa constantly screaming “burn it all down” are making them look awfully suspicious.