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James Gilliland

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I’m finally home. The trip to Australia was both awesome and grueling. It encompassed 12 hour drives, dense smoke, and lectures right in the heart of the beast. Some of the events were held in buildings which could be referred to as illuminati central. I was out of cell phone and email  contact most of the time for this I apologize we were either in lectures on the road or surrounded by people. I could only use my phone where we had internet and the time difference played a huge role. People don’t like being called at 2 in the morning.

The prayers and ceremonies we all participated in worked concerning the fires. Indigenous people around the world participated, the Aboriginal Elders held a large ceremony at Uluru.  We did an override on the HAARP technologies stopping the coastal rains from putting out the fires. Everywhere we went was met with torrential down pours. Great job folks. I also want to add a big thanks to the California fire fighters on the plane with me. They asked why I was going to Australia. I told them to put out the fires. They said, oh are you a fire fighter. I smiled and said in a way, we work on a higher level watch the next couple of days. That is when the rains began. Go figure. They rolled their eyes, I could hear their thoughts, this guy is a nut case. Wonder what they are thinking now. Together we are a powerful force. It is said one on the side of Creator is the majority. Imagine the collective consciousness all connecting to the God/Creator/Great Spirit and focusing with the intention of putting out the fires. What is happening in Australia has many levels to it. The fires are not natural, up to two hundred people have been arrested starting the fires. There is also strong evidence of DEW weapons, directed energy weapons. Cars and houses burned to the ground steel and other metals turning liquid some of the houses still have green trees surrounding them. The map of a new railway corresponds exactly with the fires. It is the same playbook with the California fires. The people are becoming aware of this, uniting. Another fire has been set and it is in the hearts and minds of the people.


We also toured down town Melbourne replete with illuminati symbolism including the Parliament Building with statues of naked little kids, reptillians spitting water at them and fish people. There was a lot of Nights Templar symbology, Arch Angel Michael slaying dragons as well as Mary statues. Who knows, maybe they are trying to find a balance.  I did not see a lot of giant Jesus, Buddha or Quan Yin statues other than in stores, often Asian or new age. I did see massive war monuments on grid lines.  One thing I learned was there are people within these illuminati families, some aware of the corruption, the rituals, child abuse etc. that can no longer participate or turn a blind eye to what is going on. In fact, they want the light to win so they can free themselves. In the days to come we are going to see complete turn arounds, what we thought was dark will become light, what we thought was light will show its dark side. We are in those days now and it will increasingly be made known. Beware of who you tie your wagon too and outer appearances, things are not what they seem. We will go deeper into this later.

Traveling with Ben and Rob of Edge of Wonder, Peter Slattery, John Vivanco, Jordan Sather, must include Anita and Syl, Middi and Aj the ones behind the event was quite a treat. We  laughed to the point of where it hurt. One day we will live stream the conversations as a sit com but not until people transcend judgement and drop the PC correct control system. I guarantee none of us are PC correct nor can we be controlled by external forces. We are not perfect but no one can deny our hearts and intentions.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of mud slingers on you tube trying to make a name at our expense.  In Australia it’s called the tall poppy or crab in the trap syndrome. The tall poppy gets cut down first and the crabs pull the other crabs back into the pot when they try to escape. In the end they only establish their own ignorance and character as well as reveal the jealousy, competition and unhealed issues within themselves. Make no doubt about it there are those who choose fame and money first and foremost over authenticity and impeccable integrity.

There also are a lot of wounded warriors. Unfortunately, that has become the norm in the UFO and spiritual community where the narrative is now almost totally controlled and backed by Luciferian money. This will all be revealed and collapse in on itself. It is a fraud, out of alignment with Universal Law, a disservice to humanity and the Earth and not frequency specific to the ascension process. You will see those who are authentic, those who are committed to the awakening and healing of humanity and Earth in service to others will be black balled from the major conferences, so called alternative TV. Their reputations smeared and attacked by those willingly or in ignorance have made an allegiance to these darker forces. This answers the questions frequently asked why I and others with the best evidence, cutting edge knowledge are not speaking at the major UFO conferences.  Money and fame are the bait and many are biting the hook. It is all about profit, entertainment verses education, self-service, keeping the questions unanswered. After all, not answering the questions keeps people waiting tuned in to the next episode. The good news is those who are authentic are coming together, creating their own social media platforms and conferences.   

One of the highlights and players of the trip were the spiders. The first night there I was bit by a large black spider on the back of the neck.

There are a lot of venomous insects and snakes, even some birds and that cute little duck billed platypus have venomous barbs. Welcome to Australia. I gave the spider bite no energy other than the message spider brings. The second spider event was hilarious. I will let the video explain that one. A little disclaimer I was in the back of the van so you won’t hear my voice screaming yet I must admit that spider was nothing I would want crawling on my face. We did not actually go off a cliff and explode otherwise I would not be writing this newsletter. Or am I? I might be a clone, how would I know the difference? Just kidding yet I do wonder how many leaders are clones or have sold their souls, totally taken over due to rituals and agreements with darker forces. There is so much inhumanity on the Earth because there is so much non- human interference. Only explanation that makes sense.

Spider on Van

We also made a trip to Gosford Glyphs where the true history of Earth, humanities origins is written in stone. This is covered in ECETI Down Under a wonderful documentary produced by Peter Slattery who also produced The Uncontrolled Narrative and Contact Has Begun 2. I highly suggest watching these videos.

The Uncontrolled Narrative
Contact Has Begun 2

When going to the Gosford Glyphs one has to honor the Aboriginal traditions. People who are driven by ego, spiritual ego will get slammed by the energies there. You have to have respect, ask permission from the Mother Tree, do a cleansing ceremony then enter. If the Lizards are not at the entrance do not enter. That is their way. We had lizards all along the way including a large monitor, a Goanna who paid me a visit while meditating at the Mother Tree. I twisted my ankle on a rock, tweeked my knee and was asking for a healing. Sandals not recommended on this trip. After the meditation the ankle and knee were healed as a testimony to the energies.

Over all Disclosure Down Under was a tremendous success. Believe it or not over 90% of the people that came to the conference love Americans and are Trump supporters. They were very informed despite the lame stream media in OZ.  Yes, I know this will take some heat, just stating a fact. They are depending on America to win back its independence, clean up the corruption and be an example to the rest of the world. This movement is global. I also noticed a lot of Q followers fully aware of the global political scene. The only issues they had were concerning the environment. I agree we all need to hold leaderships feet to the fire concerning this issue.  If the current environmental agencies were not totally corrupt why do we have chemtrails, heavy metals like aluminum, strontium, barium, toxic chemicals even biologicals raining down on us. Look up geoengineering and what they are spraying in our skies. Why won’t the NGOs environmental groups look into this? Why are Global Warming NGOs ignoring the facts about global warming which are contrary to their narrative? Why have major NGOs been caught financing those setting many of the fires in Brazil then blaming it on Global Warming? Talk about egg on face. Climate change is real, the major driving forces behind these changes are coming from changes in the Sun and other Cosmic events. This is a fact, CO2 is less than .03 percent of our atmosphere. 97% is natural only .03 percent of the .03 percent is manmade. Do the math. We do need to clean up the environment yet to blame humanity for global warming is like blaming a fish for a tsunami.  

The big question we all need to ask is where does the money for carbon credits go and why would we give the same people who created the problem control of global industry?  Are they being authentic, true to their mandate? Who are their major funders? We are all for fuelless energy, anti/counter gravity, clean earth friendly technology, energetic and natural healing, spiritual healing, practicing right, thinking, eating, non- participation with the disease and war profiteers, those adding toxins and carcinogens to our food and water . We are also in total support of cleaning up the environment. It has to be done at the top, the swamp has to be drained first of those who are corrupt and have allegiances to the war and disease profiteers, the toxic polluters over their oath of office. We do need a strong military yet that military needs to end being the corporate brute squad and follow its original mandate. Protect and Serve. This includes all agencies within law enforcement.  The corruption, drug and child trafficing, pedophilia at the highest levels has to be addressed and cleaned up. For those who have not been paying attention no other president has addressed these issues like our current president. Do you wonder why Hollywood, the corporate owned lame stream media, and corrupt politicians are constantly attacking, smearing, doing everything possible to remove him from office? If he is one of them why are they vehemently attacking him.  Connect the dots, watch the behavior. Who better to clean up the government other than the person who’s favorite line is, “Your fired”.  I see Trump as a major process-oriented therapy session. Being a rich powerful white male in some eyes is three strikes against him. Sit with this for a while, see what he is triggering, how much damage have rich powerful white males done through history? Is he acting like those in the past or is he dealing with projections? Wounds and traumas from past experience. He has done more for the women’s movement than the women’s movements by bringing this all up for healing. He has done more for Women, the Black and Hispanic community than any other president. Including your last Black President.  Did you know the panel appointed to end child trafficing is mostly if not all women? How many child and drug trafficers, and pedophiles have been taken out since his administration took over? This was ignored over all by the previous administration. Talk about the Divine Feminine with a bat. I am not saying things are perfect and more work needs to be done.  In the path to enlightenment many say you have to become a warrior before you become the priest. We are not ready for the priest or the Gandhi. The present society is not supportive of it. A major cleanup is necessary first to create a support system for a Gandhi or other spiritual leader. Ask Marianne Williamson.

There is a plan, we have to trust the plan. Things will not happen on the time line we desire, they will happen however especially if they are aligned with Universal Law. You are going to see Creator 2.0, the master plan unfolding. Flow with the plan. Be kind to each other and the planet. Although love, joy and bliss are wonderful energies they are a two-edged sword. A question was asked to a great master, “Are you the peace maker?” The answer was, “Yes but first I bring a sword.” We are in the days of the sword, allow it to cut away that which no longer serves you, that which is out of alignment with Universal Law. We have to transform, break through rather than break down. We need infrastructure, yet that infrastructure needs to align with Universal Law, be in the highest and best good for Humanity and the Earth.

I love the two wolves story. There are two wolves within all of us. A dark wolf and a white wolf and they are battling for control. The one that wins is the one you feed. I must say the dark wolf is barking the loudest. There is another Cherokee saying, “If it isn’t good for everyone it isn’t good.” We have to do what is good for the next seven generations. The times we are in have been prophesized by almost all indigenous people. We have two paths laid out in front of us. One path is massing material wealth often at the expense of humanity and the earth, using technology to control and dominate, a separation from soul and spirit. This is the downward spiral ending in total social, economic and environmental collapse. The other path is Universal Law which in its simplest form is Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All, living in harmony with each other and nature. Like in the days of Atlantis we have to choose once again which path we are going to take. Which wolf are you listening too? Are you in impeccable integrity? Are you intellectually trying to support a path that you know in your heart to out of alignment with soul and spirit? Do you equate money with security, survival? These are tough questions we are all going to have to ask ourselves. Our choices and actions will determine our future.

Be well,

James Gilliland

ECETI Stargate the Official Channel YouTube.