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From 2011! Agenda 21 Plans to Burn Up Northern CA

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Sofa King We Todd Ed

I had a pretty interesting conversation with my good buddy yesterday. We are both in the trades and have been impacted, in one way or the other, by this "wildfire!"

I was telling him about a video I seen from a helicopter. It showed the fire and when it zoomed in, only houses were in trees or vegetation was on fire, just homes, and in heavily wooded areas. He looked at me and got excited. He told me about him and his son. They went up the road to see how close it was to our area. He couldn't get in so he parked his truck and they hiked up the hill. They made it to the peak and his son started yelling..."DAD!! The houses are on fire...BUT NOTHING ELSE IS, JUST THE HOUSES!!" He said that he didn't say this to many people because he didn't want to seem crazy or hear reasons why. He, like me, knew that didn't make sense! His son knew it too, his son is 17 years old mind you. As soon as I mentioned "Smart meters being implemented" in our area, you could damn near see the fear in his eyes. The only thing that makes sense of how these fires burned, not burned, completely pulverized EVERYTHING is electricity! They can now turn the power on and off with the flick of a switch! I live in RP and my older house is not designed for this type of meter. I have been worried about it catching fire for a while now...many people have had serious issues with smart meters. Many people have been arrested for refusing them. I never even had the chance! It was just on before I knew it. I firmly believe this was a test, and it was a perfect success!

The way American Red Cross has treated people and seeing the fairgrounds having an event taking place there really shows that WE THE PEOPLE can only rely on each other!