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Arctic Polar Vortex North Pole to Greenland Shift: Ozone Hole, Sea-Ice Loss

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Mar 28, 2020

Arctic Polar Vortex Shift from North Pole to Greenland: Large Ozone Hole and Sea-Ice Loss

I predicted 1.5 years ago that Arctic sea-ice loss will shift the jet stream center of rotation to Greenland’s center at 73 degrees N latitude. This shift essentially occurred, at least temporarily, about one week ago; the center of rotation of the polar vortex moved near the northern tip of Greenland.

The tight polar vortex with a cold upper atmosphere (recall as the surface warms the upper atmosphere cools) has created a large Arctic ozone hole, mentioned over a decade ago as an Arctic tipping point. With more air exchange from low to high latitudes, the Arctic sea ice peaked early (Mar 2) and has since been......