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When a natural disaster hits our great nation, the United States military gears into action. The way the different facets of our government’s armed forces have come together to help Hurricane Harvey victims is absolutely amazing.

According to Business Insider, the military has really put its best efforts forward to ensure the fewest number of casualties and provide relief and supplies to those displaced by Harvey’s aftermath.

The Pentagon’s Defense Logistics Agency plans to supply 20 million meals, along with 1.5 million gallons of fresh water to Harvey victims.

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In addition to the state and local assets being brought to bear, the military is using 87 helicopters, four C-130 cargo planes and eight U.S. Air Force pararescue teams to get victims to safety. While the Coast Guard has 46 helicopters scanning the areas for survivors.

But wait, there is more…

According to the post the Texas National Guard has deployed 11,000 troops to aid in the relief efforts. Louisiana’s National Guard has sent 700 troops to the areas to assist the ground crews.

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Arkansas sent its boat teams as well as law enforcement, private citizens with relevant businesses, and National Guard troops into the area.

So far, the U.S. military was able to rescue over 6,000 people in the Houston area while the Coast Guard rescued 10,500.

On Sept. 6, it is reported that the USS Kearsarge and USS Oak Hill are expected to arrive off the coast of Texas from Norfolk, Virginia, to continue relief efforts.

Still, there is more. Not only has the military troops stepped in to help with material and logistics, but the military hospitals have been continually treating those with injuries from Harvey’s strong winds and high waters.

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It is also reported that Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio has treated over 7,000 patients with hurricane related problems.

If these numbers don’t make your heart swell with American pride, then you may need to recheck you patriotism meter. This is what being American is all about.

We salute our military and thank them for their continued, unfailing support of the American people.

H/T Nationwide Unrest