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EARTHQUAKE in FLORIDA! NEW MADRID = did NOT go! Salt dome was not RUPTURED! read below ..


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Feb. 18, 2012

Uploaded by on Feb 18, 2011


this was all based upon false supposition, the person who promoted this theory, actually two people in particular.. patrioticspace and 2010thecountdown, have been proved to have been wrong in their assumptions (and facts). I was wrong for listening, and this has since been proved wrong. No new madrid zone threat of "sinking" is a bogus theory, and I have never subscribed to that theory, but the threat of a large midwest quake due to the salt dome is not valid due to the salt dome NOT being ruptured as spread around the internet with "false facts" at the time this video was made.

look at what a difference a few months makes in analysis..

ALERT to anyone in the midwest .. from Beebe / Greenbriar Arkansas, to Pensacola Florida, up to North Carolina ! This effects the ENTIRE north american Craton (or continental plate) .. and the faultline which run through the midwest and lower south eastern United States.

A 3.5 magnitude quake DIRECTLY beneath the oil drilling platforms off the coast of Florida...

Gulf Shores / Pensacola just 2 miles away !

After watching the video above.. you MUST watch the video on the SALT DOME!

here it is:

The salt dome video is by youtube user - 2010THECOUNTDOWN - aka (Henning).

I suggest subscribing to his channel :

His video which i've linked is SPOT ON about the salt dome in the Gulf of Mexico, the BP drilling puncturing it, and the connection to the New Madrid earthquake fault zone.

This quake in Florida, and specifically, the AREA in which it happened is suspicious to say the LEAST ! I've been RIGHT there! 3 miles off the coast of gulf shores ARE SEVERAL OIL PLATFORMS!

New madrid = READY TO GO ! The signs are there.. lets hope we are wrong!