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Earth Changes Media Has Moved Studio and Family to Texas

Mitch Batros - Earth Changes Media

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Many of you have noticed it has been quiet at ECM over the past week. Now you will know why. Yes, in part it has something to do with my first statement on September 7th titled "Extremely Important ECM Announcement Coming Tomorrow". As you can see, "tomorrow" turned in to "next week".


Before you start selling all your possessions and head for the hills, let me say it was a personal decision we had to make. What is occurring is not imminent, but it is factual and the time table is anybody's guess. As most of you know we have been in Seattle since 1987 and began Earth Changes TV in April of 1995. Later we updated our name to encompass all forms of media of which now we are 'Earth Changes Media'.


It was my personal decision, with the consultation of family and friends, to move from what I now to be an unsafe place to live or work. The US Northwest is known for its earthquake and volcano history. It is my belief the Northwest is in the cyclical period of very active earth changes activity. Scientific data has been expressed the Cascadia Subduction Zone is due (some have said over-due) to erupt. When this occurs, it is most likely to produce an earthquake of 9.0 mag. or larger. As a result of such intense activity, I speculate it will have a triggering effect lighting up two or more volcanoes along what is known as the Cascade Range which houses some 24 volcanoes.


Here is a list of the Cascade Range Volcanoes in alphabetical order. The ones in bold and most likely to have an eruption: Mount Adams, Mount Bachelor, Mount Bailey, Mount Baker, Battle Ground Lake, Beacon Rock, Belknap Shield Volcano, Boring Lava Field, Broken Top, Crater Lake, Diamond Peak, Glacier Peak, Mount Hood, Mount Jefferson, Lassen Peak, Lava Butte, Mount McLoughlin, Medicine Lake, Newberry, Pilot Butte, Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helens, Mount Shasta, Three-Fingered Jack, Three Sisters, Mount Thielsen, Mount Washington.

Magnetic Pole Shift

The news presented to you in reference with a compressed time-period regarding magnetic pole shifts, is the latest data which set my thoughts in motion. The pieces of this puzzle is coming together so fast, the science community is abuzz with the complication of shifting paradigms changing many known theories and formulas. In other words, the science community is back to a "we are all just kinda guessing" mantra. In many ways I find this refreshing and affirming which in my opinion gives great credence to our ancestors. On the other hand, it does indicate we are on the path which outlines great change - both externally and internally.

When and Where Should I Move?

Many of you will not like my answer. I get this question about 25 times a week. My answer is still the same and was the final thought to our decision to move away from the Northwest. The answer to this important and pressing question is: "It is not as important to "where" you move - as it is to "whom" you surround yourself with." This is why we are now in Texas, and I am surrounded by immediate and extended family. I am also networking with like minded people who take this period we are experiencing - in a serious but prudent manner. This is to say, no one is running down the street with their hair on fire yelling "the end is near". No; it is a well grounded thoughtful group who know the importance of "community".

Desperate People Do Desperate Things

Seattle is pretty much boxed in with only a north-south ingress--egress which would jam up in an instant if a regional evacuation where to take place. The two choices would be to try and fight the traffic, or to stay and maintain the fallout which could be very difficult. There is no one answer to this equation of a fight or flight scenario. Everything depends on the moment and given circumstances at the time.


Many of us have prepared for the option to stay, and have invested reasonably in the 7 to 14 day emergency supplies to sustain a large event. But one must also take into account the surrounding environment to support what could be a difficult ride. This brings me to the point of my answer as to "where" a person should live in the current and upcoming changes. Remember: I am saying my choice to move from Seattle was not based solely on geography; there are many fantastic people living in the Seattle area who are very much aware of the time we are in. I have little doubt we would do fine given the surrounding support and "community" we have witnessed. However, in my personal decision - family won out.


Many of you know I have a 29 month toddler "Alexa". She is the most precious entity in my life along with my wife "Mariela" and then to my immediate and extended family. I suppose it was having a small child which weighted most heavy on my mind. If it was just me my wife and perhaps older children, the choice of staying in the Seattle area increase dramatically.


Each of us will need to make a personal choice(s) as we journey though a well described path laid out by our ancestors. It is most important to follow "your" truth, not mine or anyone else - especially those who portray the "I have the secret vision of the future that no one else has". Perhaps the bibles, as well as several ancient text writings say it best: "In the last days (no, not the end of the world, but the end of this cycle) there will be false prophets who come forth telling of their knowledge of things to come". I think I will have to side with the scientists on this one in their recent mantra of: "we're all just kind of guessing". My intention of what I present to you - is a well educated guess of what is now and to come. But in the end, it can only be your measure of discernment which will lead you to where you are supposed to be.


(Part - II) The Magnetic Pole Shift and What it Means (coming this week)


The main magnetic field, generated by turbulent currents within the deep mass of molten iron of the Earth's outer core, periodically flips its direction, such that a compass needle would point south rather than north. Such polarity reversals have occurred hundreds of times at irregular intervals throughout the planet's history - most recently about 780,000 years ago. However, recent discoveries indicate the transition of north to south can occur far more rapidly than anyone had believed.


- Stay Tuned .....

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