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Iceland Volcanic Ash Conspiracy April 2010

Alcuin Bramerton

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· Is the volcanic ash cloud story a cover for CME disruption of aircraft communications? More here. CME = Coronal Mass Ejection. Ejection of plasma and entraining coronal magnetic field energy from the Sun. More here.

· Who would most benefit from the mandatory clearing of European airspace? And who would most suffer? Are the military in the air? Whose military?

· Is European airspace being kept clear for military defensive purposes or for military offensive purposes? Whose military?

· Is European airspace being kept clear to let something much more important happen up there? Or to let something much more important in or out? Something which might be hugely disruptive to conventional radioelectronic communications between aircraft and their ground control systems?

· Is European airspace being kept clear to prevent people seeing something significant out of aircraft windows? Or to prevent flight crews from seeing things on their screens or data displays which should not be seen by personnel without military or intelligence security clearances?

· Is European airspace being kept clear by covert security agencies acting for the City of London Corporation in order to disrupt flights between Europe and the US which are scheduled to carry high-status legal documents and law enforcement personnel to élite financial criminals on both sides of the Atlantic? (see previous item on this page about Wall Street and City of London securitisation fraud)

· Is European airspace being kept clear to block the movement of interbank gold freight deliveries?

· Is European airspace being kept clear to disrupt the travel arrangements of major European financiers trying to get to the Spring Meetings of the IMF and World Bank being held in Washington DC during the week beginning Monday 19th April 2010 (schedule here)?

· Volcanic ash-sized particles are present in the atmosphere at civilian flying altitudes all the year round, everywhere. It is routine for sandstorms in the Sahara or Gobi Deserts to elevate volcanic-ash sized particles into flying altitudes where they are carried for thousands of miles. Volcanic ash particles measure from 0 to 4 on the Krumbein Phi Scale (particle diameters in the range 1.0 mm to 0.0625 mm). Particles of this size are routinely airborne all the year round, all over the world. Aerial plankton can contain larger bioparticles such as seeds, spores, eggs and microarthropods. These categories of airborne particles do not, normally, pose any safety threat to civilian passenger aircraft. Larger bits of volcanic debris very quickly return to ground/sea level under the influence of gravity, and they do this within a few miles of the active volcano, and only a few minutes after ejection.

· Active volcanoes are common natural phenomena on this planet. There is nothing unusual about volcanoes. About twenty volcanoes are erupting in the world at this very moment. Only one of them is in Iceland. Since 1980, as many as five volcanoes have erupted each year in the USA alone. Worldwide, about sixty volcanoes erupted each year through the 1990s. The total was one hundred and fifty four in the full decade 1990-1999. Why has this single, relatively small, volcano in Iceland suddenly been allowed to empty northern European airspace for days in a row? Between fifteen and twenty different sovereign nations have had their passenger fleets grounded. This has never happened to air traffic before on anything like this scale, anywhere or at any time.

· Why now? And why so widespread and long-lasting? More here

April 17, 2010

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