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The Federation is on Red Alert for Evacuation Now

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There is more happening in the area that we don't know about down here. They are watching the area closely. I was called up to the ship two days ago, because they wanted to show me what was going on. My ex lives there with his new wife, and they are on the list. E.  lives there also.


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[This story at bottom of the page on the URL above. Maybe that is what is causing the quakes in the Jones, OK area to start getting stronger recently.  I live a few miles west of the Seminole Structure and some miles southeast of Kingfisher. -- E ]

And reference is made here to an Arkansas volcano:

Volcano in Oklahoma? (1822 hits)

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In Kingfisher, Oklahoma, a series of geysers have sprung up along Winter Camp Creek. The phenomenon was first reported on December, 11th, and local officials and geologists are both scratching their heads, looking for a cause to this overnight springing of what's been described as several gas geysers, some of which are now erupting water, mud, and gas 12 to 15 feet into the air.

Work is still being done to determine what type of gas is seeping from the ground, and manmade causes have not been ruled out as of yet, but locals have been warned not to let their livestock drink from the creek, and an advisory has been issued that the groundwater may be contaminated.

"It's like something out of 'Jurassic Park,'" Corporation Commission spokesman Matt Skinner said. "That creek looks like a jacuzzi."

One possible explanation being explored is that the gas, which has been described to smell like super glue, is escaping from deep natural reservoirs in the earth as a result of some recent seismic activity, but in recent weeks, very little seismic activity has occurred which could easily explain the geysers' sudden appearance.

The fact that the geysers seem to be appearing along the natural creek bed is a clue, at least, to the natural origin of the gas. Creeks are often associated with larger geological structures such as faults, and in this case, the events are occurring in proximity to the Nemaha Fault Zone.

Could it be that this gas is a precursor to some larger event such as an earthquake or perhaps even a volcano?

Everyone from local officials to geologists are puzzled over these recent events. This could be one to keep an eye on. An event in Oklahoma could set off a chain reaction of seismic events across the region.

The New Madrid fault, which runs roughly from Arkansas and Mississippi up through Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, and Missouri, and whose series of quakes in 1811-1812 have gone down in history as mammoth geological events, could also be triggered by a significant event along the Nemaha and Central Oklahoma Fault zones.

More study is needed to determine the exact source of the events in central Oklahoma, but in a worst case scenario, the newly-formed geysers could point to the serious activity to come. This will be something to keep an eye on for further developments.

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