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“If you spent a million dollars every day since Jesus was born,

you would have spent three-quarters of a trillion dollars. A million seconds

is about 11.5 days. A billion seconds is about 32 years, and a trillion seconds

is 32,000 years.” - John Allen Paulos, Ph.D., Math Prof., Temple Univ.






February 7, 2009 - What Happens If Alaska's Mt. Redoubt

Volcano Erupts Soon?  Click for report.    Tune In  Dreamland Online.

“February 7, 2009: Seismic activity at the Mt. Redoubt volcano

remains elevated and consists of tremor fluctuating in amplitude.

AVO continues to watch the volcano 24/7.” - Alaska Volcano Observatory


Mount Redoubt volcano one hundred miles southwest of Anchorage

has been rumbling with seismic activity and steaming fumeroles since January 31, 2009.

USGS reports the volcano could erupt in “days or two weeks.”  Image courtesy USGS.


February 4, 2009 - Part 17:  Army/CIA Unit Studied

the Real UFO Blue Book Cases.   Click for Real X-File.

“We (CIA) gave President Eisenhower the report we had

that U. S. naval ships had radar screen information about saucer craft

coming in from outer space and going into the South Pole

and down into the Argentina region.”  - “Stein,” Former Army/CIA UFO Analyst


Dwight David Eisenhower,

1st Supreme Allied Commander Europe

and 34th American President,

January 20, 1953 – January 20, 1961.


February 3, 2009 - Part 1: Viewer Comments On Camouflaged

V-Shaped and Other Strange Aircraft    Click for report.

... this lightning had hit this V-shaped craft and did something

to the craft's invisibility device. It teetered as it righted itself and floated

upward to hide in the cloud cover.” - Jacksonville, Florida, resident, 1997


Computer illustration of 1997 V-shaped aircraft that appeared

after lightning strike © 2009 by Jacksonville, Florida resident.

February 3, 2009 - Earth's Only Immortal Life Form?

“We are looking at a worldwide silent invasion.”

- Maria Miglietta, Ph.D., Smithsonian Tropical Marine Institute


“Immortal jellyfish,” Turritopsis nutricula, is a hydrozoan that has spread

from the Caribbean all over the world's oceans in ships' ballast water discharged in various ports.

The 5 millimeters-long creature (less than a quarter-inch) is the only known animal that can revert

from reproductive adulthood to its younger self. The unique jellyfish can transdifferentiate to

its juvenile form, seeming to cheat death. This “eternal” process was first reported in 1992 by

G. Bavestrello et al in Scientia Marina and reported by Science News on June 23, 2008.

Are these jellyfish truly immortal? If so, what happens to the Earth's oceans as the creatures

spread and thrive in their immortality? Geneticists and marine biologists are trying

to figure out how Turritopsis nutricula reverses the aging process.

Image courtesy of M. P. Miglietta, Pennsylvania State Univ.


February 2, 2009 - Comet Lulin Headed Near Earth in February.

Comet Lulin is approaching Earth for a 38-millon-mile close encounter on February 24, 2009. Look for it before dawn in the constellation Libra.


February 1, 2009, image of Comet Lulin

with 14-inch telescope © 2009 by Jack Newton, Arizona.


January 30, 2009 - Trends Journal Forecasts 2009 Economic Depression.

Click for report.     

“You don't have a clue what is going on

and neither do the American people because if they did,

there would be a revolution in this country.”

- Former Texas Gov. John Connally to Gerald Celente, 1992

“We're just seeing the tip of the iceberg in the big firms (layoffs).

There's certainly other firms beneath them that will lay off workers as quickly or even quicker.” - Rebecca Braeu, Economist, John Hancock Financial Services


Front Page, Albuquerque Journal, January 27, 2009.

Cuts announced January 26, 2009, include: 20,000 from Pfizer/Wyeth;

8,000 from Sprint-Nextel; 7,000 from Home Depot; 5,000 from Caterpillar;

3,400 from Texas Instruments; 2,000 more layoffs from General Motors.

January 30, 2009 - Alaska's Mt. Redoubt Volcano

Ready to Erupt Again?

“Mount Redoubt is still rumbling and simmering, prompting geologists to repeat their warning that an eruption may be imminent.” - Anchorage Daily News



Mount Redoubt is a 10,197-foot-stratovolcano in Alaska's Lake Clark National Park

and Preserve Chigmit Mountains. Mt. Redoubt erupted in 1902, 1966 and 1989. The eruption in 1989 spewed volcanic ash to a height of 14,000 meters (45,000 ft) and managed to catch KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flight 867, a Boeing 747 aircraft, in its plume (the flight landed safely at Anchorage). For five months, the ash disrupted international air traffic and dusted the Anchorage region over an area of 20,000 square kilometers (7,700 sq. miles). The 1989 eruption was the first ever volcanic

eruption to be successfully predicted in a long-period seismic events method developed

by Swiss/American volcanologist Bernard Chouet. Images source: Wikipedia.

January 29, 2009  Coast to Coast AM News Updates:  

- Parts 1 and 2: Nanodiamonds Link Outer Space Impactors

to Earth Extinctions 12,900 Years Ago.

Click for Part 1.      Click for Part 2.


Illustration of outer space object

headed for Earth impact.

- Updated: Star Field Camouflage On Large V-Shaped Craft

Near Cape Canaveral, Florida?   Click for report.

“When we stopped our car, the huge V-shaped aircraft stopped, too,

and then turned from the direction it was going – which was to the west –

it turned back and was facing towards the east looking right at us.”

- Robert Howe, Merritt Island, Florida


Large V-shaped aircraft, longer than a football field, an

estimated two stories high and camouflaged with starry field

in thin clouds around 12:30 AM Eastern on August 16, 1987,

near Cape Canaveral, Florida. Computer illustration © 2009 by Paul Kirsch.

- More Mysterious Multi-Colored Aerial Light Patterns Over

Reno, Nevada, and Now Over Empire, Ohio. 

Click for Part 1.     Click for Part 2.



  Left:  December 10, 2008, 9 PM Pacific, over Washoe Valley South of Reno, Nevada.

Digital image © 2008 by Penny Rubsam.   Right:  Unidentified aerial light projecting many

odd, colorful patterns between 7:15 pm to 8:00 PM Eastern, on January 3, 2009, above Empire,

Ohio, home. 3-D patterns similar to Stephenville, Texas, video in January 2007; and Reno, Nevada,

in December 2008; and others sites. Image © 2009 by Robert Maxwell.

January 25, 2009 - Methane Mystery On Mars.  Click for report.

We observed and mapped multiple plumes of methane on Mars,

one of which released about 19,000 metric tons of methane.”

- Geronimo Villanueva, Ph.D., NASA Goddard


Dark central area is region of Syrtis Major Planum,

locations of Nili Fossae and Syrtis Major ancient volcano,

both emission sites of methane gas plumes. Image by Hubble.

January 7, 2009 - Part 16:  Army/CIA Unit Studied

the Real UFO Blue Book Cases.   Click for Real X-File.

“I wonder if this triangle craft is coming from an entirely

different place? Entirely different aliens? Just what is this?”  

 - Richard M. Nixon, V. President, Oval Office, Fall 1958


Richard Milhous Nixon, V. Pres. for 34th President,

Dwight D. Eisenhower, January 20, 1953 – January 20, 1961;

and 37th American President, January 20, 1969 – August 9, 1974.



January 7, 2009 - “UFO Hits Wind Turbine,” Reports U. K. Sun.

“[There was a] massive ball of light with tentacles going right down to the ground”

over the wind farm. “It was huge. With the tentacles, it looked just like an octopus.”

- John Harrison, Resident of Louth, Lincolnshire, England



Left:  Close-up of wind turbine with one blade missing and a second blade crumpled

after reported collision of unidentified light with the turbine in a wind farm near Louth,

Lincolnshire, England. Right: Wider photograph of broken turbine between two wind turbines

unaffected by whatever the force was that mangled the damaged turbine. Images © 2009 by The Sun.

On January 7, 2009, at 4 AM in Louth, Lincolnshire, on the east coast of England, local residents were awakened by a sound and some reported “a giant explosion in the air” after several other residents earlier in the night had reported seeing “flashing orangey-yellow spheres over Lincolnshire” where the wind turbine was seriously damaged. The Sun reports this statement from the U. K. Ministry of Defence: “Unless there is evidence of a potential threat, there is no attempt to identify the nature of each (UFO) sighting.”


Also former Ministry of Defence employee, Nick Pope, said:  “This could be one of most significant UFO incidents for years. If something collided with the wind turbine, as seems certain, there may be residue on the damaged parts that could help solve this mystery. In the last two months there have been two near collisions between UFO's and police helicopters, and now this.” For more information, see: The Sun.


January 4, 2009 - H5N1 Bird Flu Back in Hong Kong Poultry.

“What alarms me is that we have developed a sense of pandemic-preparedness fatigue.”

- Michael T. Osterholm, M. D., Dir., Center for Infectious

Disease Research and Policy, Univ. of Minnesota


Hong Kong health workers slaughter all the chickens at the wholesale poultry

market in December 2008. The city suspended poultry imports for 21 days and

slaughtered 80,000 birds after three dead chickens tested positive for the lethal

H5N1 bird flu. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the

total number of verified human cases from the H5N1 bird flu since the 2003

Hong Kong outbreak is 391, of whom 247 died.

Image source: Kin Cheung, AP.

January 2, 2009 - Part 15:  Army/CIA Unit Studied

the Real UFO Blue Book Cases. Click for Real X-File.

“To finish their meeting with Vice President Nixon, the FBI had a short film

about a saucer materializing over a power station. Nixon said he brought

us in to the FBI and USAF meeting to see that 16mm film of the UFO.”  

 - “Stein,” Former Army/CIA UFO Analyst


December 31, 2008 - To More Peace Everywhere in 2009.


Green aurora and ice sculpture polar bears in Salluit, Nunavik,

Quebec, Canada, January 9, 2008. Image © 2008 by Sylvain Serre.

December 30, 2008 - Intense Earthquake Swarm in Yellowstone Caldera.

The University of Utah Seismograph Stations report that an intense swarm of 250 earthquakes has been underway since December 26, beneath Yellowstone Lake in Yellowstone National Park, three to six miles south-southeast of Fishing Bridge, Wyoming, centered on the east side of the Yellowstone caldera.


Red circle is site of Yellowstone Lake in Yellowstone National Park

where intense swarm of 250 earthquakes since December 26,

have been recorded beneath the lake.

This energetic sequence of events was most intense on December 27, when the largest number of events of magnitude 3 and up to 3.9 occurred. The Yellowstone Caldera erupted about 640,000 years ago in a “super volcano” that produced 240 cubic miles of ash distributed in a radial pattern from Lava Creek around the caldera.

Scientists cannot identify any causative fault or other feature for current seismic swarm without further analysis. Seismologists continue to monitor and analyze the data and will issue new information if the situation warrants it. The upward movement of the Yellowstone caldera floor – almost 3 inches (7 centimeters) per year since 2004 – is more than three times greater than ever observed since such measurements began in 1923. From mid-Summer 2004 through mid-Summer 2008, the land surface within the caldera has moved upwards as much as 8 inches at the White Lake GPS station. For more information, see Yellowstone Volcano Observatory.


December 29, 2008 - 9 Threatened Animals in 2009.

World Wildlife Fund's list of  “9 to Watch in 2009”  is an annual list of some of the most threatened species around the world:  Javan Rhinoceros, Vaquita, Cross River Gorilla, Sumatran Tiger, North Pacific Right Whale, Black-Footed Ferret, Borneo Pygmy Elephant, Giant Panda, Polar Bear. See:  WWF.


Sumatran Tigers, threatened by poaching and deforestation,

are down to about 500 in Western Indonesia.

December 24, 2008 - Part 14:  Army/CIA Unit Studied

the Real UFO Blue Book Cases.   Click for Real X-File.

“‘Tagging’ was when non-humans put little chips into the necks of people -

the CIA had many cases. One implant device was supposed to have produced

hieroglyphs when passed over a certain kind of scanning device.”  

 - “Stein,” Former Army/CIA UFO Analyst


December 22, 2008 - Part 2:  CIA, UFOs and Hollywood.

Click for report.

If you’ve got government agencies working in Hollywood covertly

to improve their own images, that’s not only a bad use of funds, it’s also

fundamentally anti-Democratic and wrong.”   - Matthew Alford, Ph.D.  


Medium Cool, directed by Haskell Wexler about anti-war protesters

at the 1968 Democratic convention was temporarily blocked from 1969 Paramount

Studio release by Paramount's parent company, Gulf and Western,

pressured by Chicago political forces.

December 21, 2008 - Mystery of Missing East Coast Acorns.

Click for report.

“Once I started paying attention, I couldn't find any

acorns anywhere. Not from white oaks, red oaks or black oaks,

and this was supposed to be their big year. It's really bizarre!”

- Greg Zell, Long Branch Nature Center, Arlington, Virginia

Acorns on Black Oak, Quercus velutina.

Image from Virginia Dept. of Forestry.

December 20, 2008 - Carbonate Finally Found On Mars.

Click for report.

“We know there’s been water all over the place,

but how frequently have the conditions been hospitable for life?

We can say pretty confidently that when water was present in the places

we looked at, it would have been a happy, pleasant environment for life.”

- John Mustard, Ph.D., Geological Sciences, Brown University


Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) illustrated in an

elliptical, low-planet orbit around Mars. MRO entered Mars orbit

on March 10, 2006. Image courtesy NASA/JPL.

December 17, 2008 - Coast to Coast AM News Updates:  

- More Ohio Eyewitnesses See Glowing “Pod”

Rise Up to Triangle.   Click for report.



- Crystalline Triangle in Ohio.  Click for report.  

“As the large white-orange object was rising up,

it looked like it was going into the center of the triangle of blue lights. ” 

- Tim Comstock, Ohio Truck Driver


- Erath County, Texas, Policeman Saw 600-Foot-Diameter

Aerial Craft Over Stephenville Court House.   Click for report.

“I’m looking directly at this craft and it starts pivoting upward

at a 35 to 40 degree angle off the left ‘wingtip.’ It rises there for about

three seconds and then it goes completely 90 degrees and starts moving

away from me, all without sound!”  - “Greg,” Erath County Police Officer

January 8, 2008, between 7 PM and 7:30 PM Central,

hovering over Erath County Courthouse, Stephenville, Texas.

Graphic illustration produced from eyewitness testimony of three Erath

County police officers. Provided to Earthfiles by officer Greg.


- Updated: Part 1: CIA, UFOs and Hollywood.  Click for report.

“If  NASA took the time to write me a 20-page letter,

then I knew there must be something happening.

When they read the (Close Encounters) script, they got very

angry and felt that it was a film that would be dangerous.”

– Steven Spielberg, Director,

Close Encounters of the Third Kind


Close Encounters of the Third Kind, released

on November 16, 1977, directed by Steven Spielberg.

December 17, 2008 - Saturn's Mysterious Moon, Enceladus.


October 2008 image by Cassini spacecraft from

a distance of 15.6 miles (25 kilometers). Upper chasm is .6 miles

deep. Big mystery is what's in that chasm and beneath the moon's

icy surface? Image from NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute.

This composite image of Saturn's moon, Enceladus, was taken in October 2008 by the NASA Cassini spacecraft. NASA:  “The incredible detail of the photograph shows the fractures that indicate significant geological activity on the icy moon. The deep chasm visible in the upper half of the image is Labtayt Sulci, a furrow some 0.6 mile (1 kilometer) deep. Enceladus itself is only about 300 miles, or roughly 500 kilometers, in diameter. The 28 images that constitute this mosaic were taken as Cassini drew away from Enceladus after a flyby that brought the spacecraft to within 15.6 miles (25 kilometers) of the moon's surface.”

January 8, 2007 - U. S. Navy Yeoman Sees Extraterrestrial Photos.

A brief video excerpt from an upcoming Earthfiles Vodcast about an aerial disc technology described by government documents as “interplanetary” and the strict American policy of denial about the disc intelligences in the interest of national security.


Click on Google or YouTube for links to Earthfile's video excerpt.

For more about Navy Yeoman, drawings of non-humans and documents:

Click on Earthfiles reports:

• 03/17/2006 -- Part 1: U.S. Navy Chief Yeoman Describes "Extraterrestrial Biological Entities" in TOP SECRET/MAJIC Photographs.

• 03/23/2006 -- Part 2: U.S. Navy Chief Yeoman Describes "Extraterrestrial Biological Entities" in TOP SECRET/MAJIC Photographs.


Special Real X-Files: Electronic Reprints

The Crash/Retrievals Status Reports, I - VII © 1978-1994 by Leonard H. Stringfield.

The Cattle Mutilators © 1980 by John J. Dalton.

Chapter 18 excerpt:  “We are from a different dimension, a different plane of existence. We have no boundaries or limits, as you have. We are an anti-log of everything you see visually. We can travel in any dimension and occupy the same area as say, earth, but not the same time or space without being observed. The possibilities of existence are infinite.”

The Unthinkable Truth © 1976 by Fredrick Smith.


Mystery Stalks the Prairie © 1976 by Roberta Donovan and Cascade County, Montana Sheriff's Deputy Keith Wolverton.The first book by an American deputy sheriff about his firsthand investigations of animal mutilations and associated high strangeness around Great Falls, Montana in the 1970s. Out of print since 1979, see this important classic.


What Are the Large Triangular Aircraft Seen Around the World?

By Rich Dolan, Author, UFOs and the National Security State.


Peculiar Phenomenon - See Real X-Files Reports 

“The object that had appeared next to the launched V-2 was defined as 'hostile'

since it appeared to have caused the rocket to veer off course. Therefore, that

unidentified disc was considered to be an advanced

foreign weapon system.”  - J. Andrew Kissner