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Mayan Elder Carlos Barrios Interview

Mitch Battros

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Our interview was conducted from our Seattle studios to Guatemala where Carlos resides. Carlos has spoken with elders of his clan and has been given permission to share their knowledge with us.


This interview has been placed on ECM's 'Recent Audio Files' page and can now be accessed.


Carlos Barrios Audio File:


With just 4 minutes into our discussion, Carlos told us the period between August 9th and September 4th could be hazardous. He tells us according to the Mayan Calendar, this is a period of intense energy. He is most concerned about "war". It will most likely not have to do with the Republic of Georgia and Russia, but with US backed Israel and Iran.


Although China is now accepted as the wealthiest nation, and the leading industrial-manufacturing country in the world, Carlos tells us it will be 'India' which will be the world's mightiest merchant. Carlos tells us prophecy speaks of an internal revolt in China due to repression which will bring China down. He tells us India has temporarily drifted from its spiritual practices and integrity, but will regain its balance allowing India to surpass all nations of the world as the richest and healthiest country.


Yes, Carlos maintains there will be a single strike nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan. To my surprise, it may be India which strikes first to prevent a devastating escalation.


There is more - lots more. He mentioned Yellowstone Super Volcano, undersea volcanoes in the Pacific, and of course what surrounds 2012.


Reminder: It is important to maintain your own balance as your quest for information. It is very important to question, then verify, then question again what you hear or read. As I often say: "Just because I may say something with passion and conviction does it make it a truth. It only makes it "my" truth. It can only be up to each individual to "discern" and implement whatever knowledge you have of "critical thinking".


In this interview, you will hear Carlos remind us again and again we are not powerless, nor is fate carved in stone. We can collectively make a difference. I think you will find a most interesting exchange between Carlos and myself regarding "critical mass" and to further define a difference between a "Spiritual Experience" and "Spiritual Awakening".


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