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Indigo Revival - Meditate

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Dec. 25, 2016

Published on Dec 25, 2016

Here's lyrics with chords:



Hm G Em A Hm G Em A

Seasons past, holding all my reasons fast.


Start to wonder if I could move from beyond.


My mind is set. I know from my intent.


Be your own. A case in point to show.


See the light like a doorway in your life.


Always waiting for one to choose. Look inside.


There you'll find all the answers one by kind.


A moment in silence is all one needs time to time.




Synth intro, guitar, vocals and lyrics: Rami Pääjärvi


Bass guitar: Arto Pääjärvi


Drums: Kennet Moisio


Original homerecording, rough mix.



Mastered at 21Mastering