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Feb. 12, 2012

  Adolescence is a group that has got everything totally together. These guys are beyond amazing, they can take situations that affect people and turn them in to brilliant songs that give meaning and hope. The creativity and imagination they have for lyrics is extraordinary. Adolescence can deliver their songs in a way that they keep your attention all the way through, and the great ability touch you in your heart. One amazing example of this is a song Hans wrote called, "It's Not Over". This song deals with teen suicide, it is a very powerful song with a great message to anyone who may be thinking there is no way out. Suicide is never an option. The video that was produced follows a girl (Clarissa Garcia) through some bad times when it seems that everything is going wrong and that no one cares and thinking life is not worth living. In the end she see's that someone does care, and loves her. No matter how bad life may seem, "It's Not Over". This video was picked up by the San Diego school district which they now use for their suicide prevention web page, the school district has said that the video has had a positive influence on some kids, they understand "It's Not Over". Adolescence should be very proud of themselves, they have accomplished what most artist have not been able to do, make a true difference in someone's life.

This awesome group Adolescence was formed by Hans and Patrick in July 2010. Then Samuel joined in May 2011. They each started off their career a bit different, but now they have come together and making some fantastic music that literally sticks in your head. Patrick started out performing on the 4th of July 2010, at the  Mira Mesa Celebration. Hans started out in August 2008 at Callahan's Pub Mira Mesa Ca. Samuel is from Germany he started January 2010 at Kulturwerkstatt  the performing arts and cultural center in his home town Paderborn. The three of them are such great individuals each with their own story and perhaps this is why they are so well suited together. Their producer Tony Wilcox of Tiger Studios has truly done an amazing job with this group.

Hans, is a great songwriter taking his ideas from just laying back and day dreaming about things that matter to him. That is how "It's Not Over" came about, he was just in his room trying to think of a subject to write about and it just hit him, and now we have a song that means a lot to many people. He hopes to write many hit song in his career as an artist. Hans gets a lot of inspiration from, The Script because they put so much emotions and feelings into their songs. He got to do a performance this past month for a  girl's 18th birthday. This was a spot light solo of Guns and Roses, "Sweet Child of Mine" to the birthday girl on the dance floor, he really enjoyed this performance.

Patrick, he really enjoyed performing at the 4th of July celebration 2011, because they got to headline the show, and close to a huge display of fireworks. Patrick also writes songs, he gets his inspiration from girls. One of the songs he wrote is called, "I Don't Deserve You", which was written for a girl, and he wants all the girls to know that he is "single". He says no matter what, he will always keep playing music whether they ever get singed or not.  He likes the music of A J Rafael. He says, his songs have great meaning.

Samuel, in 2009, 2010  was chosen to represent his school as one of the best students in drums and percussion. He was asked to perform during their open house event which turned out to be his first public performance. He likes John Bonham and Steve Jordan, because he feels they are the best rock and blues drummers ever. Samuel also writes all the drum beats for their music. He gets the ideas for the drum beats by playing the song over and over in his head, this lets him hear where the drum beats go. He says, he will continue to play music, and he loves the thrill of playing in front of fans.

Adolescence has so much to contribute to the music world. They are each different, but when it comes to music they strive for perfection, and the results of this showing in their rapidly growing fan base. These guys are making some outstanding music and touching people's lives the way music is suppose to be.   "It's Not Over"  the song and video is one, that if it has saved even just one life, Adolescence should hold a great honor in their achievement. The life or lives that has been saved, the people will be holding Adolescence in their minds and hearts for the rest of their wonderful life. To make music like this takes compassion and heart, and  you get all this from, Adolescence.