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The Secret behind 'The Secret'

Soren Dreier

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Feb. 26, 2012

Do you want to know a Secret?

“The Secret” is carefully wrapped in snake symbols (Reptilian). Notice the “S”.

If you actually bought it, the book or DVD, and got into it with a vigilant mind, you could find that the spiritual nutrition value of this little new age blockbuster is as spiritually hollow and holds about the same value for the soul as a Big Mac, with extra fries.

It holds, and focuses only on material values, underneath the serpent skin that it’s wrapped in.

Now cold materialism, everybody has his or her own God. But a spiritual shortcut to it? That bugs me.

Harry secret Potter like, right? Here comes The Secret Wand……

“The Secret” does a little creative Deepak Chopra imitation, and Deepak already did that with the Yoga Sutra, in the 7 Laws Spiritual Laws For Success. Deepak, made it mainstream. But the second great hit the ancient knowledge took, by the way: all understood by men who didn’t want to own diddely squat, washed it down the drain.

So the spiritual core, that of the ancient teachings, is way gone. Only a visualizing supermarket left. Vizua-shop. On-line. Crock.

You and I cannot attract anything that’s not in our vibrational state already. Dig it!

The Secret is a Matrix.

Let me put it this way, since visualizing is the key in “The Secret“ and I´m quoting free from memory.

“The Secret” suggests you visualize a fancy car.

You can get that fancy car by “ The Secret “ vizualizing technique. Bull. Who doesn’t want a fancy car? Even Al Gore doesn’t give a shit about his carbon footprint. But that’s another Matrix.

My suggestion is: If you have a fancy car, pimping blim – blim like, you’re happy with it.

Fine. You should be.

The spiritual point is:

You actually can feel bliss, or whatever you want to call it, by taking it a nudge or two up by truly understanding:

The reason for being happy is, or the spiritual perspective is, that you are not attached to your possessions, physical, emotional and mental.

You know the stuff is there. Or they can manifest. And you know that if they disappear one day – then it’s ok. Come what may.

It is the universal mechanics, which states: No Affiliation. The Secret creates: attachment.

If you’re attached to your car, you start worrying ’bout it, right? It loses value. Someone could steal it and so on…

That’s not being happy.

Furthermore, one could find these views extremely problematic:

Quote, from memory:

“If you protest against war, injustice and similar things – you give it more power and it will grow.” Oh my God. Here I want peace badly. And justice for all. And food for all. And according to “The Secret“ I´m helping the system create more bloody dehumanizing.


The secret behind that secret is:

Let`s pacify the spiritual segment into not doing something about this mad world or to even think of it!

Out goes: Gandhi, Jesus, and Martin Luther King… No spiritual approach there, I reckon. Did Martin Luther King think: ”If I go against apartheid, I support apartheid.” Knock, knock, I don’t think so. And luckily he didn’t know “The Secret”.

This “Secret” argument is really exposing the whole mindset, as it can be applied to other conflicts besides war and peace: ”If you think there is too much evil on earth, and protest by insisting on the good, then you promote the darkness.”

“If you think there is too much suffering and you should come out to help someone, you are supporting the suffering.”

- Would this sound fair? It’s the same twisted arguments!

The Secret is perhaps the most Matrix-like commodity that has hit the mindset of getting what you want out of this life.

“The Secret“ helped the designers of “The Secret“ into abundance, and frankly, do they want to share that? Nope.

They want you spiritually lobotomized, gazing into a hollow wishing well…knowingly or not.

Why all the freemasons they are referring to? Take a guess.

Relax, the Universe will give. That’s the secret in this.

Get real! Get want you want out of this life. Take a shift in perception and you’re already there. We may not always get what we want, but I believe we get what we really need.

Let’s finish with John Lennon’s contribution to more war in the world, according to “The Secret“ logic.

Now John: Were you really a warmonger?