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From: S C

Date: Mon, Mar 1, 2021 at 1:16 PM

Subject: Letter to: President Donald Trump of the uNITED States of the Republic

To: <>


Dear President Donald Trump,

     I am writing you this letter to inform you what is going on with Mother Earth, for we in this civilization are the most evil of all civilizations that have populated her and have nearly killed her. I urgently ask that you please take a few minutes of your time to read these words with discernment and not fear as there is not much time left for this current civilization. 
You are an extremely brilliant man and I know you have a great many plans as to exposing the great great evil and lie that has been perpetrated on us for an eon. I also realize that you, with the help of the military are doing that at this very moment.  Will  you also be exposing the greatest lie and evil of all?  The Greatest Evil accomplishment in the history of man? The lie of  the religious cult and reincarnation? 
I know that you are a great Christian man and follow the bible.  I will make myself very clear that I am not of the darkness and am not of evil intent.  I am a humble messenger of God ATON of the Lighted Realms.  I ask that you please read the history of the Judeo/Christiany origins which can be found on the website ( in  Phoenix Journal 39, The Trillion Dollar Lie: The Holocaust-Vol. l and Phoenix Journal 40, The Trillion Dollar Lie: The Holocaust-Vol. ll. 
These Journals expose the lie of the Holocaust and how Judeo/Christanity was started. The Holocaust is another of the greatest lies and deceptions of all time.   Please understand the TRUE history of our civilization and know that Man has fallen hook, line and sinker for these complete LIES.  Lucifer and his minions know who we really are. They have purposely deceived us into believing the LIE they have created as truth.  It keeps us bound here on this planet in 3-D.  We have come back as great Masters of the Lighted Realms and reincarnated and have lived many lifestreams on this planet.   We agreed to come back into this dimension one last time to help Mother Earth in her transition to 5-D.   Her Name is Shan Planet of Tears.  She has agreed to house Lucifer and his minions as a jail planet and has housed them for 4.6 Billion of our 3-D years. 
The TRUE history of Lucifer can be found again on the website ( in Phoenix Journal 5, From Here To Armageddon.   This website, I am sure, you are very aware of and have, also, read some of the articles on it. This website was created to bring TRUTH to the entire world. The Cabal and the evil controllers that you have and are taking down have tried many times to remove this website and have FAILED. 
Hatonn (Commander of the Starship called The Phoenix) protects the Fourwinds website and he has, also, contacted you many times.
  Please heed his messages and words for they are of utmost importance.  Mother Earth Shan is now at the very tipping point before she tips completely and turns over to end all evil and this 3-D civilization.  She has turned 20,000 times but this is the last time, for she is graduating into 5-D.  Nothing in 3-D will survive.  NOTHING. 
 She has been granted this by Creator and has earned this right and with the help of the awakened Masters, and she has been granted this great transition for she is a sentient being with soul just as we are.  The only way off this great Planet is via spaceship.  The Lighted Realms have been here  many years and have been patiently waiting for this joyous event to happen.  They have brought us the TRUTH via the Phoenix Journals.  They were written in Journal format so they would not be re-written like the Bible has been many, many, many times.  These were written in real time and are still TRUTH for today.  They can only be found on the Fourwinds website for they have been banned in every facet of our civilization.  Why is that?  There are over 200 of them. 
With that many Journals?  There must be something important in them to discover....... President Trump I again urge you to think on these words most carefully.  You agreed to become the President of the Corporation of the United States many years ago and were groomed to take down the evil Cabal and Controllers. Which you now have and are doing.  You also agreed that if you succeeded in bringing down the Cabal you would Become the President and of the uNited States of the Republic and put us back under the original Constitution, which you are and have.
  Yes we of the Lighted Realms know and have been watching you and helping you and It is now time for you to finish your last and most important contract you have made.,,,  to awaken to who you really are and to graduate to 5-D.  We all agreed to this and if we do not awaken we agreed to continue on in many thousands of years of more 3-D lifestreams on other planets until we come back to the Truth. 
I will leave you with one last thought.........your soul ALWAYS knows the TRUTH whether you consciously believe it or not.  After all we are HUMAN....Higher Universal Man.  Look to the Stars and see the beautiful rainbow colors blinking in them.   Thank you for your time and for reading this letter.
In Love and Light