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Anne Bellringer

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SANANDA:  I greet all of you ones, especially the Fourwinds readers for your support of Anne and Patrick Bellringer's website,  I wish for all of you in the U.S. to have a joyful Thanksgiving with your family.  I wish the same for all readers to have a joyful day, wherever you live.

I am grateful that the Phoenix Journals are available for anyone on this planet to freely read and copy at their will.  The are The Holy Books of the Lighted Realms.  In spite of al disbelief, Creator God is aboard a spaceship! 


I wish to quote the very words spoken by Him that are published at the beginning of the Journals.

Here is that statement:

The Phoenix Journals are included in a "real time" commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationship of both to the physical destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated to achieve and maintain control over other men.  When we can understand that everything is comprised of "energy" and that even physical matter is "coalesced" energy, and that all energy emanates from God's' thought, one can except the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.


If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the "end times" (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.) That would put us in the "sorting" period and only a few short years from the finish line.  God has said that in the end times would come the WORD- to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward or away from divinity--based on TRUTH.

So God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present the TRUTH.  This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals.  Thus, these Journals are Truth, which cannot by copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth , researched and compiled by others (some in doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted.  Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY  which is "fiction')

The first sixty or so journals were published by American West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright has been applied for on the theory that The ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright.  Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyright be applied For and, to our knowledge none were.

If the Truth is jo reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.

[End Quoting]

I might add here that is why the name of this website is named FOURWINDS(four corners of truth to the world).

Also, I wish to thank Anne for keeping this website on the World Wide Web. This would not be possible if it were not for you ones, who have helped with your prayers and donations, especially since the full responsibility of doing the physical job of keeping Fourwinds on the Internet is most important.

Anne has the full support of the Lighted Realms, as it gives us, including Creator God Aton/Hatonn and Patrick a chance to communicate with all of you ones.  Today is no exception.

I will tell you the Truth. The Covid 19 has been a great avenue for control by the Darkside.  The pandemic is over, and the great hoax played upon the freedom of the people is being revealed.  People must wake up to this fact and take back your country. That, my friends is being done.

May you find the TRUTH you seek.  My Love and all to all of you this Thanksgiving Day.  There is still time to find the Truth, as the door is wide open.  Please do come in, for I welcome you with open arms.









From whence came the "past"? From whence came the "present"? And further, from whence might come the "future"? Oh, blessed are the ones who cherish and fortune self for that which is "NOW", FOR IT IS THE ONLY TIME! When this lesson of lessons is well learned. man shall be wise indeed. There is no promise of tomorrow; and the past which is gone shall be always gone. It shall be as the burden upon his back if it be allowed to weigh heavy upon him. With his own hands he must tear the past bundle away from himself and cast it to the winds as dust and chaff from the gleaning centers. Allow the burden to blow away as the dry ash from the soil. Man need not drag his bundle of burdens after them for they shall be given into freedom of all that holds them in bondage, and they too, shall begin in newness.

Beloved ones, it is very near the fulfilling of these things. Look carefully for the signs and signals are all about thee in every direction of thy vision; all facets of projected truth --- IT HAS BEGUN; THY "TIME" HAS TERMINATED.

Dharma, let us leave this now. The lessons are heavy upon the ears and eyes of those who receive. Blessed be thee, child, for the risk is great unto those who dare to pen my truth. Ye are cradled in the security of mine hands and ye shall not fail. Ye ones who bear mine load of preparation are blessed indeed, and thy rewards shall be glory for I cherish ye of mine beloved.

I leave now that ye might find of respite, so be it and Selah.  I place of mine seal upon these words that no man misunderstand of their definition. IN AND WITHIN GOD THE FATHER CREATOR/CREATION DO I RESIDE AND AS I AM, SO YE ARE AND IT IS SO FOR THUS HAVE I SPOKEN IT UNTO THEE THAT YE MAY REMEMBER.





pp. 81-82





SANANDA:  Greetings to all souled beings, and to my dear Flock of Enlightened ones.  I speak to you to remind you of what I have told many times before, and to reinforce this message with my loving words to you at this ending time.

What has happened these last few days is something that has never occurred in all my lives upon your orb or in the Lighted Realms to my knowledge, and that, my friends, is a very long time!

Since this is the ending of the 4.5 billion years that Earth Shan has been the home for 3D living, the evil DarkSide ones on this planet are at their very END.  With Earth Shan birthing into 5D, the high frequencies of that Dimension would be a death sentence for very low frequency evil spirits.  The would perish in the cataclyms ocurring at the time she tiops on her axis.   Therefore, in a last ditch effort they attacked the Lightworkers, the only ones not swayed to the DarkSide..

 Did I say ONLY?

Yes, sadly to say, that most of the souled Masters have kept asleep to their Mission. These evil entities care not for those already in their camp, but only the enlightened ones.  They are viciously after you of my flock, and even the starships stationed overhead for evacuation.  Hordes of them have attacked all those Lightworkers in a dying effort to sway them to their side.

In this process, these evil spirits have even attacked many starship hovering overhead awaiting to evacuate all, who wish to be beamed to safety.  Their most violet attack was aimed at the Command Ship. Of course no one was harmed, but they were able to cause damage to our communication system.

For example, Anne's friend J., experienced a non-communication with the Lighted Realms.  Our circuits of communication were disrupted like a twiated mess of lines, or like the fishing rod lines that have been tangled in an unbelievable mess.

We were not harmed in any way.  We told these entities that they had two choices:  1.  the Void, where they could possibly regain a spark of Light.  2.  Be uncreated, that is, cease to exist.

Many refused the first offer and continued with their barrage.  The stakes were changed.  Try and even thin of attacking Lightworkers or any of the Starships = be uncreated.  Period.  That has happened!

With the help of my flock, namely A., who petitioner for Creation and Creator Source to intervene, all of these entities, who continued their attack were instantly uncreated.  Their soul essence was placed in the great pool of reincarnation for Creator Source to create other people as he wished.

The communication, especially with J.. has been restored, but there is still a blackout or two, as we complete the process of restoring our communication to 100%.

Mother Earth has waited patiently for all to be restored, as well as waiting for the final process for our financial world will be placed back under the authority of the LIGHT.  That is to happen soon in matter of a very few days.  Balance must occur for Mother Earth.

With that my friends, I thank all enlightened ones for their utmost prayers concerning this whole matter.  We are ready, as time is short.  There are attempts to start  war, and that, my dear ones, is not allowed.

Because of the Darkside attack on my Lightworkers, their protection around them has been greatly reiinforced to thwart any attempt by the DarkSide to harm them in any way.  It has been done!

That will be a certain signal to Mother Earth to dump it.

May you come through the doorway to enlightenment.  There is still time, and we of the Lighted Realms welcome you with open arms.







SANANDA:  This message penned by Anne by request from me, Esu Immanuel "Jesus" Sannada is a very important message.  It cannot be ignored at this most important time, as Mother Earth is ready to birth to 5D for which she has waited for since her creation 4.5 billion years ago.

At this present time, we are at the very crux of her tipping.  Because of this the evil spirits so prevalent upon Earth can see their demise,  They have worked extremely hard to take all souled beings with them....except the very few of Sananda's Flock of enlightened souls.

For that reason these evil ones by the millions upon millions have barraged the Command Ship, and many of the starships.  Hatonn has confirmed such a massive attack has never been experienced aboard the Command Ship at any time until now.  We of the Lighted Realms as well as the Lightworkers have the same experience.

For example, both Anne and J. are in communication with Hatonn, Patrick and myself.  With the barrage of evil spirits by the billions attacking the communication with the Lighted Realms was blocked for J.   We have cleared this up, as this attack includes all of Sananda's Flock.

You need to know that all other human souls, who have already turned to the wishes of the DDB's are not of concern.  The concern I have is that all Lightworkers be aware of this tremendous attack upon them these very last hours on the few Lightworkers before other Earth tips.  The DDB's are attacking you ones with a vengeance never before seen.

All Lightworkers are to be aware of this last battle and keep that prayer that was given to you by Ashtar to repeat frequently:


They HAVE to leave, as I have that power over all evil ones, but this time we also, need the help of Creator Source to intervene in our behalf.

HOLD ON!  l just received this great news!

I tell you now that the severity of this attack by the DDB's has gone to the point of trying to block the Mighty God Spirit within each of you to be dissaipated. This is against the Cosmic Law!   Creator Source has answered these evil ones and has uncreated them. HE came to the rescue, as Anne petitioned Creator Source to have this blockage removed from all.   This request has been answered.  Almighty Creator Source has helped all, in cluding all Lightworkers, the starships, and even including the Command Ship to total victory. 

However, you must always keep alert and clear yourself, and ask for our help. 

May all of you Lightworkers, my Flock stay strong, hopeful and know that Creator Source above all except Creation has won this battle for all of us. 

Shore up your fortitude and bravery to stay strong, as you travel the RED ROAD of TRUTH to HOME.

You shall keep on winning this battle for your enlightenment, and you shall arrive safely HOME.

I am always here to help, if you but ask.








SANANDA:  At this ending time of Planet Earth's last 3D civilization, it is most important to have Anne pen these words to you.

I shall repeat this message again to indicate its importance at this ending time of the last 3D civilization upon this dear planet that is in my charge.  Yes, I said IN CHARGE.  I am the one, who was given responsibility to help guide her into her rightful birthing of 5th Dimension, where no evil exists.  She has been a faithful servant to all the peoples upon her surface, and has endured untold injury and suffering.

Again, I repeat that Mother Earth is a sentient being with feelings, such as you ones.  She has everything that the human being enjoys...emotions, sight, hearing, breathing, and the physical aspects you enjoy.  The only difference is that her form is of a planet, filled with all the glorious and teeming life for the human soul to live, and grow in soul growth to become one with the Creator.

You all were told, an nauseum, that Earth is Satan's jail planet.  That is why it is now teeming with the dark ones, who know that their ending is at hand.  Yes, I said ENDING.  In the process of Mother Earth's graduation to 5th Dimension, her frequencies would be at such a high level compared to 3D, that all life in 3D shall be wiped clean from her surface.  There will be nothing left in 3D format.  I want you to understand that.

Because of that, we of the Lighted Realms shall evacuate the planet of all  living animals  (including all pets), birds, and the ocean life.

You must remember that the Cosmic Law of non-intervention with freewill.  That means we can not interfere with all humans, as they have a freewill. It is the choice of each human whether or not they wish to be evacuated to safety.

The Darkside has done a good job of keeping, the returned Masters, who came to grow in soul growth and help Mother Earth, to be lured to their side.  The wiles and temptation have kept the majority of souled beings sound asleep. By that I mean they have not awakened to their mission of seeking Truth, and to help Mother Earth, as she transcends.  In this process they would gain great soul growth. There is still a little time left to choose the RED ROAD OF TRUTH.

in the Love and Grace of Creator, we of the Lighted Realms aboard the millions of ships that hover over Earth Shan, offer safety from the cataclysms waiting to happen as Earth births into 5th Dimension.  Yes, I said OFFER.  The only way to safety is aboard our waiting craft.  When that time comes, it is just like the series, Star Trek, and the beam to transport those who wish, to step into the beam and be lifted to the ships in safety.

Even these ones, who have not awakened, can be lifted to safety.  If they decide to be beamed to safety they would then be transported to the Astral Plane to decide where they shall go to continue their journey to Truth, and shall gain much soul growth.

If they so choose to not believe what I am telling all, and stay on Mother Earth believing they shall survive these cataclysms of Mother Earth birthing to 5TH Dimension, would only be answered by their physical death.  Their physical 3D body could not withstand the cataclysms and high frequencies of 5D. Their soul would go to the Astral Plane to decide where they would start over in the cave on some other 3D planet,   It would be without memory, lasting 350,000 years of lifestrems in 3D to finally come back in soul growth to where they left off in this present lifestream.  This information comes directly from the "horse's mouth."?, page  88

It depends upon the individual soul whether or not he/she wishes to stay on Earth or be beamed to safety to gain much in soul growth.

Some of the ones, who are my enlightened flock are old souls, who have had thousands of lifestreams to finally awaken.  Hatonn, who is Creator God Aton said he had 66,000 lifestreams, and has graduated to the level of Creator of your universe, Nebadon.  Some of my flock, who have graduated to Truth shall at some point, may choose to be in charge of one of the 170 billion life-support planet just in this Orvanton (Milky Way Galaxy)Universe.  I said JUST. There are an UNTOLD number of universes in the Creation.  Yes, the CREATION is the very top of it all. 

Those events of what shall happen when Mother Earths transcends into 5th Dimension are explained explicitly in Journal 4, chapters 9-11.  This website, Fourwinds has all the information you need to know what is to happen.

Since three fourths of her surface is water, the tipping can be compared to a very large bowl of water.  When the bowl is tipped, does the water pour out by drops?  Can you imagine a wave of water 5 miles high rushing over your continents.

Because all evil shall be wiped clean from your orb, these evil ones are desperate and at rage to take every souled being with them to the depths of the VOID.  They have captured just about every livng soul.  I said ABOUT.  They wish, above all, to grab my flock, and are attacking these ones every second to try and pull them into their evil snare.  Evil shall not win.

Let me warn the Dark Ones.  My flock shall survive, for they have asked the Lighted Realms for help.  We cannot do it for them, but they have asked for that help and for that they shall be where I the Lighted Realms.  That is their goal, and they shall reach that goal, in spite of the Darkside's constant attempts.

In the Love and Grace of Creator, we of the Lighted Realms aboard the millions of ships that hover over Earth Shan, offer safety from the cataclysms waiting to happen as Earth births into 5th Dimension.  Yes, I said OFFER.  The only way to safety is aboard our waiting craft.  When that time comes, it is just like the series, Star Trek, and the beam to transport those who wish, to step into the beam and be lifted to the ships in safety.

The door is still open for any one, who has not come to the Truth.  Mother Earth is rocking and rolling and is extremely close to tipping over on her axis, as she has done at the end of every 20,000 civilizations in the past.  

Think about what I say with Love and Joy that we offer a way to safety.  We have done this evacuation untold times before with other planets.   With Joy and Love , I offer you my hand to safety.

Come through this open door to learn Truth.  It is up to you.




Nov. 14, 2020



SANANDA      Greetings to my Lightworkers.  I am Esu "Jesus" Immanuel Sananda speaking to all my Lightworkers, my "Flock" at this time.  I welcome anyone else to read my message at this ending time of your civilization.

As I speak to those, who have become enlightened to the Truth, my Flock, I wish to give you words of encouragement.

You ones have been tested and have learned lessons, but I must remind you that lessons never stop until you until the every end.  The testing of you is most difficult at this time, as the Adversary is raging mad.  The Darkside wishes to take every souled being with them to where they shall languish for a long time.  They know their doom, and that their time upon this orb is at and the end.

They have almost succeeded In taking every souled being with them.    I said ALMOST.  They care not for the clones, but the souled beings.  I told you that all souls at this time are returned Masters.  Most of them have failed their mission and have been lured into the trap of the evil ones, the Darkside.

So, who do you think they are after with a vengeance?  YOU!

Yes. YOU.  Many of you have been attacked from every side with heart wrenching circumstances.  Some of you are saying, "When, When, oh Lord.  Take me out of here!"

I have heard you anguish and tears.  What is my answer to you?  Take my hand, speak to me and I shall answer you. Clear yourself of any dark energies tempting you.  Ask to speak to me and I shall answer.  I am here to help you, if you but ask. You can hear me talking to you in your mind, just as if I were there in physical format.

The WHEN? is your question.  "When is Mother Earth going to tip on her axis?  WHEN!?  What about the civil war?  WHEN are you going to lift us off this planet?"

My answer to the question of when will Mother Earth turn over?  I can only say that we of the Lighted Realms aboard the Command Ship of Creator God / Hatonn, are monitoring Mother Earth.  She is a sentiment being with a freewill such as yours, and SHE determines that.  It would take her to be at a tipping point of over 50%.  She is at 50% now.

Time is very short.  We do not know the exact minute, but we are on a VERY HIGH ALERT.  When she tips we will have a very short warning.  By that  I mean the ships will have 15 minutes to evacuate the entire planet.  Thousands of ships are stationed all over the planet on RED ALERT.

We offer safety to all, who would step in the beam to safety, just like Star Trek.  It is their choice.  Those, who are not enlightened would gain much soul growth by choosing to step into the beam of light.   They would be taken safely to the Astral Plane where they would determine their next lifestream.

Prior to the other times when Mother Earth flipped, it was always to another 3D civilization.  Some people did survive and re-populated the planet.  A civilization is approximately 10,000 years.  This time, however, she moves into 5th dimension with much higher frequencies.  Nothing of 3D shall remain upon her surface.

If those souled ones, who are not enlightened do not wish to be beamed to safety,  will physically perish in the upheaval. They shall be taken to the Astral Plane to determine where they shall go to continue their lessons in soul growth.

With the threats of nuclear war, civil war, and what the Darkside is planning, time indeed, is VERY short before Mother Earth turns.

Creator Source has declared that Earth shall NOT be destroyed like Mars.  Neither do they have the choice to eliminate or genocide the population of Mother Earth.  That choice remains ONLY with CREATOR SOURCE.

I encourage you at this time to read the article by Patrick Bellringer posted on Fourwinds at this time.  This article will help answer questions you may have about evacuation.  The title and link are:


Take my hand, you Truthbringers, and I shall lead you to safety. Continue on with your learning, knowing that I am there to assist at anytime.  I am but a thought away.






Nov 12, 2020

Today's message from Sananda was requested by Him to be posted here today, Nov. 12 2020



It is said that "I AM THE WAY," and it is so! None can come save by me, for I am the keeper of the gate and the guard at the door, and I guard my secrets well. Not a person is so foolish as those which plunder mine secrets. Man is given to take that which he can steal and pilfer without paying the price. Therein is folly! for it is the law; that which is earned is for the best part worth the works, and that effort is within itself that which is most prof­itable and bears merit unto thee. It is for this reason that much is kept from man--that he might increase and decrease strength and that he may learn to stand alone within the time when there is not help for him. Yet, there is no time when help is denied; but the wisdom of with holding it is the greatest of all good deeds that a man might reach fine stature.

Oh, precious ones, there are those who would "purchase" their fare into the place called Heaven where they perceive they might obtain a life of ease which should profit them naught. That which is not profitable unto eternal life is denied them by the Father, for He knows before they call, that which they need and that which shall profit them and matches within the heart place the mission of purpose of the soul.

Attend well now, chelas, these words for they are of great import.

P. 77




Nov 11, 2020



SANANDA:  Greetings to all enlightened ones and those, who wish to read what I have to say.

Living on Mother Earth is just like what Hatonn said. It is an illusion. You are living in unreality so to speak, as the reality is the Lighted Realms.  Life on Earth is for you to learn your lessons in soul growth and to help Mother Earth, as she births into 5th Dimension.

It appears so real to you that you think there is no life beyond Mother Earth.  You are living in a 3D world of time and space.  Everything you touch or see is an illusion made of atoms and molecules that if examined minutely to the enth degree are miles apart from each other.

In this learning planet you are exposed to the most vile, evil and horrendous acts beyond belief. This is Satan's War Planet, now run by his minions.  Most of the beings on this planet are godless clones that have been created for you lessons.  It is time to wake up.

These Satanic minions have control over everything in 3D at this time.  This includes your education, history, art, music and the broadcasting system.  In fact, everything in your life is structured around materialism, and the desire for things, even change of sex, and above all to drill into your mind there is no such thing as The Laws of God and Creation.

All the souled beings are Masters, who volunteered to come back and learn more lessons.  That has been explained many times.

Now you see the illusion and the tricks being played on your glue box called the TV.  The Darkside has done every trick imaginable to promote the Socialist/Communist candidate to the highest office in the nation.

You ones need to discern what is happening before your eyes.   Hatonn's last Trump Card is being played, and these ones have known what was to happen during this last election for president on your planet.

The sting operation to catch these evil ones in the net has been accomplished.  Did you know that?  Did you know that the Darkside's efforts of having thousands of illegal ballots suddenly appear in the middle of the night has been monitored and become material for indictment in the "suitcase" of evidence?

This suitcase of evidence is clear, and these dark ones are to be removed.  That means permanently.  You know what that means.

All this is for your discernment, to see the Truth rather than believe the lies that are pounded into your head if you watch MSM.

Yes, the Trump card is being played upon a 3 dimensional chess board, and the dark ones are still playing chess.

The Trump Card has won nearly all the states.  That evidence is being clearly seen by us and by those investigating this fraud.

You ones must seek the Truth.  The Truth about everything concerning why you are here on Earth this present time. To what am I referring?  I am referring to the Phoenix Journals.  Yes, there is other Truth out there, but do they consistently  teach the Laws of God and Creation?  You can judge these ones by their "fruit" they portray.  The Journals have passed all tests, and are called The Holy Books of the Lighted Realms.  They show the real Truth.  Seek, read and believe them.  Is that so hard?

Remember, Anne is only the messenger, and is penning what I am telling her.   If one is enlightened he/she can communicate with we of the Lighted Realms just as clearly as you speak to another person,  She hears my words in her mind, and that is the Truth.

Be discerning about the "play", the "movie of lies" you see on the MSM, as they "report" the Satanists winning this present election.

Above all, seek Truth.  There is but little time before Mother Earth tips on her axis, as she has done 20,000 times before at the end of a civilization  Guess where we are at presently?  You know the answer.


The door is still open a short time yet, and Truth awaits.  It is your choice.






Nov. 4, 2020


SANANDA:  It is my wish to give all of the souled people of Earth my  message at this time.

Anne shall write exactly what I have to say.  What you read will be the Truth, for it is I, Esu Immanuel "Jesus" Sananda speaking.

 I have earned the name, Sananda, as it was foretold in your Bible that  I would have a new name.  It means "One with God".   And so I shall speak now to all human souls.

My Flock of enlightened ones is very small compared to the amount of people on your planet.  The ratio fo clones outnumbers all souled beings, and it is to those souled being to whom I speak .

Your planet has been ruled by Satan and his minions for centuries.  Even though Satan has asked and has been untreated,  his minions number by the thousands those souled beings.   They are godless clones ruling at this time.

That is evident by your fraudulent election process which we of the Lighted Realms have and are observing.  In reality there has been no election, as a winner has not been decided. That may take days as they have said over your lying media.

The tricks, lies  and outright Satanic methods have been employed in order for the Satanic clones to remain in power of Mother Earth.

That, my friends, means that the clones and enlightened ones who follow their bidding have a great enemy much more powerful that they can imagine.  It's not Mr. Trump.  It is MOTHER  EARTH.  Listen carefully you Satanists......



These are my words to you. Mother Earth, my dear fiends has the last say in this whole situation.  You think of her as just a piece of dirt to dig up, build what you may or have war, after war, after war, until she can hardly breathe.  She is at the point of death.

It is CREATOR SOURCE, and CREATION the greatest of all that have decreed she, Mother Earth shall NOT be destroyed nor run to her death by you Satanists.

She has the last say, and that, my friends is about to be spoken.

I am not trying to sound harsh, but I am harsh to you godless Satanist clones and your almost godless human controllers. You  have lied, you have cheated and even had animals vote for your devastation to come, and for that you shall reap what you sow.  You have sown the wind and you shall reap the whirlwind.  Mark my words.

You, also, have planned a most horrible insurrection and civil war.  Your plans to harm the people shall be met by a force of which you have not recognized.  That mighty force is the very soil upon which  you live. It is called Earth.  Yes. Mother Earth has the last say, and if you proceed with your vile plans she shall answer you back.  READ WHAT HATONN HAS SAID TO YOU IN HIS MESSAGE TODAY ABOUT MOTHER EARTH.



My love to all souled humans, may you join my flock.  There is still a short time, and I mean SHORT time left before all breaks loose with Mother Earth.


You all know what that means.

I love you with all the Love that heaven allows.  Come to the banquet.  The door is open for Truth awaits you if you but seek it.  It is there for you.  Read the Journals and believe, for they are the Truth given one last time to set the record straight.  Do not discard them, nor any Truth out there that teaches the Laws of God and Creation , for that is the only way to the Lighted Realms.  At the end of your physical life, every human shall judge themselves how they have lived the Laws of God and Creation. 









Nov. 2, 2020

SANANDA:  It is a pleasure to pen again this message to all Lightworkers, to all who will read , hear and listen, but especially to Anne and her great friend, J. this day.

I have followed all the Lightworkers, and there are not that many, who have awakened to the Truth.  I was hoping, as was all the Lighted Realms, that these last messages that we requested Anne write would help to awaken some of the Masters, who are still sound asleep.  Nay. None not one was added to my flock of enlightened.

To my dismay, they are like the people in the Wedding Banquet song that Anne added to Hatonn's communication.  However, these messages did not go unheard for I am very happy for those, who are enlightened.  These messages have helped them to stay strong, and know in their heart that we are there for them.  They shall be able to with-stand the attacks of the Darkside. There are not many, but they will be able to continue holding strong the LIGHT of Truth.

They shall reap the reward of their undying service to the LIGHT.

Time is of essence, as we know Mother Earth shall tip on her axis.  Did you read what Hatonn said?  He said she has turned over 20,000 times already after the end of a civilization, but always it was a return to a 3D

planet. Not so, this time.  She shall  turn over and graduate into 5th dimension, and she shall shine like a new sun. We await her final decision, and that, my friends is but a breath away. 


When? When? you say.  She knows when, and it is very, very soon, but it shall happen with no warning.  The banquet door is open yet for a wee bit.  Enter thou in!  There is still a crack in the door, if you want to enter.

We rejoice with open hands and hearts, and pray even one more soul awakens.






Oct. 31, 2020

SANANDA:  Dear readers of Fourwinds.  I have asked Anne to pen my words to you at this time.

I cannot express my gratitude to have this way of communication to you.  I am going to be direct and tell you how things are in the Lighted Realms.

We are here to help anyone, who wishes to find the Truth.  The Phoenix Journals were given to mankind one last time to make known the REAL Truth.  Every Journal that was written was from the Lighted Realms via Hatonn, Germain, myself and other Ascended Masters via radio signal, and were NOT channeled.  The main thrust of all the Journals follows The Laws of God and Creation.  Those Laws are given to mankind for living a life on this planet.

This planet is alive with clones and Dark Energies that tempt you in every direction constantly.  By living those Laws of God and Creation the best you can is all that matters.

You say that the Journals are just opinion.  No, they are true word from the Lighted Realms.  Of course there are other gurus and books that are "spiritual"  but Hatonn asks, "Do they teach the Laws of God and Creation?"  If they do not, they are of the Darkside.  Beware, as many are led astray in this manner.

My beloved people, do seek truth.  Read Journals 2, 3, 5, 7. 27, and 47.  Journal 27, as Hatonn says is most important, as it explains in detail the Laws of God and Creation.  He says it is your "ticket" to the Lighted Realms.  There are 18 Laws, not the well-known 10 of the Bible, which Htonn calls Satan's Warbook.  These Laws are easily uhnderstood and are a format for living.  No one is perfect, but you need to follow the Laws as best you can.  That is all I ask.  It is most important, because at your physical death you will stand before God and Creation to see how well you have lived these Laws.  I pray that you will all pass that test to enter Heaven.

Seek the Truth for that is the way to the STARS to HOME.  Again, I repeat that you must judge yourself against these Laws to enter Heaven,  The stakes are high, for if you do not pass your tests, you, according to ATON, will start over at the beginning without memory for another 350.000 years of 3D living.  That is the detour that will be taken.

My love and prayers for you.  I am here to help, but you ask. Time is of essance. 






Oct. 30, 2020

SANANDA:  Today my message is to those, who are enlightened and have found the Truth of the Phoenix Journals and their pathway to the Lighted Realms.  Let there be no mistake about the Phoenix Journals  They are the Truth given by the Lighted Realms to people on Earth Shan one last time to set the record straight and tell the Truth,  as your history upon this, planet (including religious history) has been, as Hatonn said tweaked and twisted with Truth and non-Truth.  These Journals are not channeled, but given directly to Doris Ekker via radio signal by Creator God Aton/Hatonn, and the Masters of the Lighted Realms. They are the Truth.

Earth Shan is a freewill planet.  Whether or not people believe what Creator God has given them is up to each individual.  It is their choice, and their choice only if they wish to believe what has been given to them.  No amount of persuasion will do no good if they do not believe.

I express my sadness to those, whose family members do not agree with another family member, who is enlightened and tries every way to have the unbeliever of the family see the Truth. I felt the same way when I was in physical format as Esu Immanuel, wrongly called "Jesus".

I spoke the Truth to crowds of people.  It was my mission.  It was those, who were the religious leaders that hated me the most.  The little people, some of them, listened and believed. If you, as an enlightened being present the Truth, or if even they have seen and read the Journals and cast them aside, it is NOT your duty to grieve nor argue. As is stated in Journal 2, I gave the Truth and let it be.  At some point in the lives of those who may not believe, the Truth is given to their soul.  Some point along their journey they will hopefully become to see the Truth, but it is their choice and their choice only not yours. The Truth is the Truth and a person be it family member or not has their own freewill to choose.  The Law of Creation number 11 states that you must not force your freewill upon the freewill of another.  You must state the Truth and let it be.  There is no need to grieve over their decision.  lt is theirs and only theirs. 

You are the most important person in your life. It is your life and no one should dictate what you are to believe.

It sounds harsh, but if you find yourself in that position with family, and you have presented the Truth, let it be.  Be sure that YOU stay on the Red Road of Truth, and live the 18 Laws of God the best you can.  That is all you can do.

It is true that the stakes are high this last civilization.  Each souled being is a Returned Master, and has agreed to the high stakes when he or she chose to come to Earth Shan for great soul growth and to help Mother Earth as she transcends to the 5th dimension.  You all come back without memory and set alarm clocks to awaken. The Journals are part of that awakening.  The high stakes are either you wake up and gain tremendous soul growth, or or or, you will go back to the cave and start all over without memory to live in 3D for another 350,000 years.

Cast aside your doubts, present the Truth and keep on the road to the Stars.  We shall help all we can if you just ask, but it is your road and your journey to HOME.





Oct. 29, 2020

SANANDA:  Greetihgs again to all readers of Fourwinds.  It is my pleasure to speak to you.  Anne is most willing to pen what I have to say.  I reiterate again the importance of this day, for there are very few days left before all changes will takes place without warning. 

We have given you by radio signal to Doris Ekker the 241 Phoenix Journals of Truth.  Although they represent what has  happened at that time, the messages from the Masters, including Hatonn ,Germain, Soltec, myself others are timeless.  The Truth has been given to you especially in Journal #2 which isout my true earthly life, and it shows how the Bible has twisted the Truth.  The wisemen "followed a star".  Well, the Council of Nicea took off the last word. Yes, the wisemen followed a Star-SHIP called "The Star of Bethlem, which is Archangel Gabriel's, (my father). Ship.

My earnest plea to you is to read that Journal, and also Journal 27.  That Journal is yor "Ticket" to the Lighed Realms., for it contains the Laws of God and Creationn in explicit detail.

All the information you need to know has been given to you.  It is up to you to read the Truth given to you.  No one can make you do anything.  You are the boss of your own soul, and you are here on Earth to gain soul growth.  You are in a "holodecl" on a planet controlled by the Darkside.  It is up to YOU to awaken and we are here to assist, and not do it for you. 

I love you all with undying Love. 




Oct 28,2020

SANANDA:  Again, I speak to all of you souled beings.  I say that because the millions of clones upon your planet have no God Spirit or connection to the Higher Realms.  These clones, believe it or not, are here for your lessons.  You agreed to this when you, as returned Masters, came back to Earth to learn much soul growth.  Have you awakened to the Truth?  Have you lived the Laws of God and Creation as best you can?   Are you certain that as you will stand before God and judge yourself. that you have done so? The Acashic Records of all your thoughts are there for you to see.

I plead with you to read the Truth in the Jouranals.  There are 241 of them, but I only ask that you, if you have not, read # 2, 3, 5, 7, 27 (Laws of God and Creation) and 47. 


Now I tell you, as did Hatonn, that we monitor not only all souled beings, but we monitor Morther Earth, as well.  Every 10,000 years or so, she flips on her axis, whipes all 3D off and starts over with a new civilization.  What is most amazing is that this civilization of 3D is at its end, and she is now ready to tip over, but THIS time she has earned the right to move into the 5th Dimension.  Heed the words I have spoken to you about being beamed aboard the ships for safety.  You would gain much soul growth, even if you did not pass the test of living the Laws of God and Creation. We are on High Alert, as Mother Earth is very ready to flip on her aixis.


Read what Hatonn has said about the handicap you souled ones agreed to before you came this last time to Earth in 3D if you did not awaken to your mission and become enlightened to the Truth.  Go to this article posted today on Fourwinds and read his message with an open heart.   All my love to you.





SANANDA:  I gave a stern message to the Dark Ones. Now I give hope to all souled beings.   Most of these Dark Ones are just clones controlled by a few beings who are souled. These controllers have dimminished their soul so there is almost nothing left.  I wanted to let you souled beings know how much I love you.  Many of you have not awakened to the Truth, even though you set alarm clocks to wake up. I offer you safety aboard the ships just like Star Trek when Mother Earth tips on her axis to birth into 5th dimension.  When this event happens, and it is to happen very quickly without warning.  Have no fear.  Just step into the beam and we shall beam you to safety aboard the ships.  Fear may cause physical damage. This is like the phrase you  have heard:  "Beam me up, Scotty". When you arrive you will judge yourself whether or not you have lived The Laws of God and Creation to the best.  If you pass, you shall  enter what you call "heaven".  If not you shall decide where you shall go in 3rd dimension to continue with your soul growth.  You volunteered to come to Earth Shan.  You came as a returned Master.  My flock of enlightened ones are not many; however my love is to all of you.   By voluntarily stepping into the beam, you shall gain much soul growth.  If you want, you can stay on Earth, but with the massive upheaval chances of your survival are less than none.

I am SANANDA.  I am in charge of this planet, and my power is far greater than all the Darkside put togerther.   Please heed my words.  My LOVE to all of you.  ADONI



My message today is to you Dark Ones.  You know who you are.  Your plans for WWIII are proceeding rapidly because you thinkTrump shall win this election.  Your plans for a WWIII is against the decree by Creator God Aton, the Creator of this Universe and of Planet Earth Shan (Planet of Tears).  Mark my words you of the Darkside.  If you attempt to deliberately start a third World War, you shall reap the whirlwind..  Mother Earth has the last say, and she shall turn on her axis and all 3D life shall be wiped clean. Creator God shall offer safety to those who wish it, but if you Dark Ones continue to worship Satan, you shall be where there is no light or be uncreated if you are a clone.   I run this planet, and those of you that come against me shall rue the day.  I am a warrior of the LIght, and I shall continue to command this planet, as she moves into 5D.  SALU!



Patrick H. Bellringer:  Today I speak for all of you readers of Fourwinds:  I speak with the authority of Sananda, who is incharge of this planet, that evacuation is at hand.  The Lighted Realms do not lie, but tell you the Truth.  You can take it or leave it, it is up to you.  We can see in the future.  What is planned for you if the Darkside loses the election is horrendous.  Mother Earth will not tolerate any nuclear war, and she is ready to birth in 5th dimension at any time.  It will come without warning.  You have been given all the information you need to take care and  listen to what has been said about evacuation.  It is your choice.  SALU




I began this article to tell you about myself. I have never, in all the 24 years that Fourwinds has been on the Internet have I written about the status of my health.  Today, the Lighted Realms have asked me to pen about my health condition to Fourwinds readers, and so I shall.

From 2003 to 2010 I was fighting breathing normally.  I had congestive heart failure.  In 2010 on our wedding anniversary of 48 years, I had open-heart surgery for a defective Mitral Valve and a bypass.  A pacemaker was put in at that time.  The battery was to last 5 years.  My lasted almost 7 years before I had a replacement in 2017, which battery was set to last 10 years. I was and felt normal and led an active life ever since, even today, as I pen this article.

Presently, I feel great.  I have no heart pain. I am active, running Fourwinds, .eating well, and exercising by walking etc. when the weather permits.   Yes,  I feel great for being 86.7 years of age.

I was to have a yearly check of my pacemaker.  I missed the Rapid City date in August, as I was in AZ  with Patrick and Flint to help Patrick at a AZ clinic.  I had to miss the pacemaker appointment I had made in AZ.  When Patrick passed, I came to live with my children.  With all the things that had to be done after Patrick passed, I finally was able to make a doctor's appointment to have my pacemaker checked.  That, ladies and gentleman was called red tape.  Clinic phone calls, paper work, etc. to get into the medical system and finally, finally, getting to have my pacemaker checked and see a cardiologist.  WHEW!

Yesterday  was my appointment.  My pacemaker check showed that my upper chamber of my heart was 100% arrhythmais.  That means my upper chamber heart beat was beating extremely fast, while the lower chamber was beating normally at 70/sec., at which the pacemaker was set.   It's not so bad if this is happening only once in a while, but my heart was 100% in this condition since last May.  


I am certain when the cardiologist looked at the pages and pages of pacemaker data  he looked at my and asked "Do you have  have any pain?"  NO. " Are you out of breathe?"  NO.   " If you fell over on the floor dead would you want to be resuscitated?"  YES

He said, "I do not approve of the blood thinner you are taking."  He lectured me on what I was taking.  I take what was tested for me to take by a world-known alternative doctor, who uses a system of testing by computer what my body needs.  I am sure the cardiologist yesterday wondered how I was still alive in my condition, which could easily cause a stroke or certainly heart failure.

Here is what I was told by Patrick, by Sananda and Hatonn:  "You are alive and well at this time because we are helping you.  We are taking care of your heart.  We shall do so until you are beamed aboard ship."  So I am here writing to you because the Lighted Realms are keeping me physically alive.  WOW!

Does this sound weird to you? Not to me, because both Patrick and I have had things happen, as you may have read, that are total miracles.   Does this happen to others?  YES!  My friends mortgage was wiped clean just two days ago.  This person and friend also had an experience with an Lighted Angel, who helped them with a car transaction that was unbelievable.

Patrick and I became invisible (higher frequency)  and have had our vehicle driven through 3 times that I remember.  Patrick saw a car back out and drive through the middle of the car.  I saw a yellow pick-up drive through our van in Rapid City.  At the time  of my heart check I had no idea of my heart condition until my pacemaker was tested.

Here's another miracle.  Patrick was in the hospital in AZ 5 days before they transferred him to Hospice.  After his death I was waiting for the boot to drop at what the bill was going to be.  I waited and waited for that dreadful statement.  So far, with all the wonderful people, who donated to Fourwinds, I was barely able to pay the medical bills.  Finally, I tried to call the hospital in AZ .  It was automated and I was unable to talk to a live person in the financial department.  Flint finally got through to a LIVE person, the head of the financial department.  "How much do we owe", Flint asked. The person answered, " You owe $180.27".  Flint responded. " What was the bill for the 5 day hospital stay?"  The answer was $57,000.  "What do we owe?"  She said" NOTHING.  It has been paid".  At the time we thought Medicare paid it; however, Medicare pays 80% and we pay 20%,  lt was not until a day ago that I realized the Lighted Realms had paid the bill, just like they paid my friends mortgage.

I heard Patrick say to me, "You finally got it! It took you a long time to realize it,  and now you realize how we are helping you live a normal life before you are aboard ship!"

So that, my friends is why I am telling you this.  You all have had miracles in your life. It happens so normally.  Our daughter. Cindy had a very serious double mastoid in 1999. She had an operation.   Her brain was exposed,  as her scull had been eaten away with only a very thin mucous covering the brain. The doctor did not expect her to live.   I remember all of us sitting around the hospital bed early in the morning after her oepration the evening before.  Because the other bed in the hospital room was occupied by another patient we were silent.  Cindy took 2 oz, of colloidal silver.  We thought that was a tremendous amount, as we were taking it by a couple of drops.  The doctor walked in the room expecting her to be dead.  What was she doing?  She was eating breakfast and chomping down scrambled eggs.  The doctor about fell over.  Thank you Lighted Realms for saving her life.

Yes, they do this, but we, also must do our part.  We must eat healthy foods, get proper exercise, no smoking no drugs, and get proper rest.  We are responsible for our body, which houses our soul. It is the only body we have. 


Take care of yourself, for you are the most important thing in your life.  YOU, yes YOU are the most important person in your life and YOU come first. 


All my gratitude and love to all the wonderful Fourwinds readers, and those who have and still are helping with funds.  You shall reap the rewards for your giving hearts.