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August 10/11, 2020

The new GOFUNDME is now up for a memorial fund for for my husband's medical and hospital bills.

Our time here is ended in a couple of days.  There may be a day or two when postings will be delayed, but will resume as soon as possible.

Patrick is aboard the Phoenix and will be assisting in evacuation of Earth.  He said the time is very soon.  He     said you can't imagine how beautiful it is aboard the Phoenix.  He said the aroma of the plants and flowers is incredible, and not manuufactured like on earth. 

Thanks for helping and all your prayers.  You are wonerful people.   :)   .....Anne and Flint



August 8, 2020

Our plans for another GOFUND ME Memorial  Fund for medical, doector, funeral and other bills now coming due has been delayed utill today.  Our plans to return to SD are still undecided at this point.  .....Anne and Flint

New campeign :


August 7,2020

Today we  plan to have a new GOFUNDME on the Internet for my late husband, Emil Muhlhausen (Patrick H. Bellringer) as a Memorial Fund to help pay for medical, doctor bills, funeral expenses and other bills that are due.  We are very grateful for all the help and prayers you have and are giving in this trying time.  Thank you!   .... Ihn Love and Light,  Patricia (Anne) and Flint.

August  6, 2020

Yesterday was a wild day. I did not get a chance to post anything.  We were getting  things done and making arrangements for Patrick's burial, as well as gettig trreatments for Flint.  We hope to stay a few more days ihn order to connect with a medical doctor for Flint .We hope for funds to complete everything.   Flint's treatments are around $200.   Thank you again for all your prayers and help.  We truly appreciate it.  A Memorial in honor of Patrick (Emil} is coming as soon as we can get it posted. 

August 4, 2020

We are elated that Patrick is aboard the Phoenix.  During our conversation with him last Thursday he revealed to us that he saw a starship overhead.  We actually saw it  on Saturday and it remained in place for several hours.   We will be closing out the GOFUNDME and will replace it with a Memorial  for Patrick Bellringer(Emil Muhlhausen).  Thank you all for what you have done to help us! 




Aug. 1, 2020

I apologize for the delay in posting, but things have been in  a whirl with Patrick and Flint.  Patrick is in Hospis and is very near death.  Our main funding source is gone, so we struggle to make ends meet and return back to Rapid.   Thank you for all the help you have and are giving.  The bills are piling up and our meager sources are overwhelmed.  We will keep you posted.  In Love and Light,  Patrick, Anne and Flint.    

July 30,020

Patrick is gravely ill and is not expected to live much longer, but no time limit is set.  Thanks for your  prayers.  Now we work to get Flint well again.  The bills are piling up. so any help you can aford would be most appreciated.    In Love and Light, Patrkck, Anne and Flint.

July 29, 2020

Patrick is still in the hospital and the cancer has advanced to other parts of his body.  The doctors are making him more stable.  We did not come here at Patrick's request to put him in a home or hospis to let him die.  We petition that he can be released to come home, as he wishes, to be with us and the care of a professiona nurse and allow him  to take full treatments.   There is still hope.  Patrick is fighting this and he  wants to live, and not sign his death warrant for a nursing home or hospis  Please pray with us for that end.   

Flint is ok and progressing,  Pray for  him as well.

In Love and Light,  Patrick.  Anne and Flint

July 27 2020

Patrick is in the hospital getting blood and other trea\ments to prepare  him for the treatments,  He needs prayer.  We aere also taking Flint to the emergency hospital as he he  is in dire need with  death threatniung reaction. We need your opayers and help!!!

July 25, 2020

Thanks to those who are supporting our GOFUNDME and PayPal.   Every donation is a big help. as we have to keep up the living expences-- rent, car, food and medical supplies.  We are keeping our hope and determination and are most appreciative for your help.  God bless you all!   In Love nd Light, Patrick, Anne and Flint.

July 24, 2020

With our last funds we were able to have Patrick and Flint to have a much needed treatment today.  We could not have done it without your help and prayers.  Thank you kindly.   We now wait anxiously for some funds to hopefully arrive late nex week.   In Love and Light, Patrick. Anne and Flint

July 23, 2020

We are keeping on, tired,,but not quitters.  Our hope is high and we are anxious for funding to complete the total healing.  You have no idea how much we appreciatr your kindness and prayers for all of us.  Flint  says thanks!     .....Patrick, Anne and Flint


July 22, 2020

Thanks to those who have donated to our GOFUNDME .  We are encouraged again that we will carry on until this is ended with compete  healing for Patrick.  He has lost much weight, but he is still fighting this cancer.  Here is a quote from the Alternative Health doctor in Rapid City, SD, that we honor greatly.  "You are one hell of a fighter. Anyone else would never have made it this far"

We shall win this battle with your prayers and help.  Thank you!!         .....Patrick, Anne and Flint


July 21,2020

Patrick is hanging in there.   We run out of funds on  Friday of this week.  Then we will wait a week and hope our major funds kick in.      Thanks for your kindness and prayers  When Patrick can have full treatment, things will progress.  We are here for healing and despite everything , we shall win.! :)  .....Patrick. Anne and Flint

July 20 2020

Patrick is determined to get well.  All we have left  is hope and deterrmination. as all of us are worn thin.  Hope  is still alive for our major funder.  Please pray for that end.  .....Patrick Anne. and Flint

July 18, 2020

We are very hopeful for funds to give Patrick full treatment as well as Flint.   We are so thankful that you have provided funds to get here and do what we have done to help both Patrick and Flint.  Thank you again.  .....Anne, Patrick and Flint

July 17, 2020

We now can add another new experience to our trip to AZ.  I spent most of the night in the emergency room due to the fact I stepped on a Bark Scorpian hiding in the rug.  It's called pain.

Patrick is hanging in there.  We are confident that Sananda shall help provide the funds we need to continue full  healing.  Thanks again for you prayers and help.   .....Anne


July 16 2020

The doctor  is pleased at Patrick's signs of improvement, but we are worried about Flint.  We started treatment yesterday; however he  is seriously not well.  Blood sugar content way over 200.  Please pray for both Patrick and Flint  and for me so my back will not give me more trouble.  We are hopeful for funds to keep going.  .....Anne

July 15, 2020

Our clinic doctor was very pleased and saw good signs of healing in Patrick.  Thanks again for your help and prayers.  We  carry on. ...... In Love ahs Light, Patrick. Anne and Flint


July 14, 2020

We are most grateful for the donations for Patrick from our Fourwinds readers.  You have kept us going.  We apologize for not sending a personal note.  We are still struggling with sending emails.  God bless you greatly,   ....Patrick  Anne  and Flint

July 13, 2020:

jULY 16, 2020

of Flint.  Thanks for all the support you are giving,  We would not be here if it were not for our faithful readers.  

If you have not done so, check out the new upate video on our GOFUNDME page.  ----Patrick Anne and Flint

July 11:

There will be  new video update today on  the GOFUNDME page. 

July 10, 2020

We are waiting for test resuts for both Patrick and Flint.  We will keep you updated,  We are hopeful for prayers to be answered for both Patrick and Flint and that we will have the funds to continue with these very very helpful procedures.   Thanks again for your prayers and help.  Keep putting the word out about  our GOFUNDME.     :)   ....In Love and Light---- Anne, Patrick and Flint.

July 9 ,2020

It's been quite a day.  Amazon shut us down and we still can't send emalis,  It took quite a while to get our site back.  Patrick lost more blood which makes the procedueres less effective'.

Patrick needs prayers to help him use the treatments effecvtively.  The bleediug must  stop,  Also., Flint is not well, and is undergoing several tests.  As usuak, this means more funds are needed.  We are deeply grateful for all your prayers and help.

We are not  quitters and we will win this battle   ...Anne

July 8,2020

Thank you kindly for the gifts and prayers for Patrick.  You are keeping us going with tests for both Flint and Patrick.  We hope to have our email bavck today. 


July 7, 2020

Today will be another warm day with temperatures all week from 106-115 degrees.   We continuie wuth treatment for Patrick, using  only main treatments.  Thanks again for you prayers  for all of us.   He is xhowing some improvement.

July 6 2020

Thank you for your prayers and gifts for Patrick.  At this time we can receive mail but not send any.  We hope to have this problem solved soon.  We are short of funds, but we trust God will provide.  Spread the word.  :)  :)

July 4 , 2020



Please pray for Patrick's health and  to get the funds we need to give him full trearment   Flint is also ill as well--we cannot do anything without him. Thanks for your prayers and help.


We areb encouraged,as Patrick has shown  some improvement; however progress is slow because we still lack the funds to have a full treatment,   We are very hopeful because we are in the right place at the right time,  Your prayers are appreciated.  If we do all that we can, the Lightd Realms (GOD) will do the rest,   Thanks again for spreading the word about our GofundMe


Greetings from Arizona.

I have been unable to post until just now to give you an update on Patrick.  We arrived safely in Arizona. On Monday we had an interview with the doctor at the clinic. Patrick has stage 4 facial cancer and he recommended their full treatment package for Patrick. He told us that he felt Patrick could be healed. The treatments are 20 different inter-venous modalities that attack the growth of the cancer quickly. This treatment package is done daily and costs over $4700 each day. Since these  are alternative methods of treating cancer, there is no insurance or medicare coverage. All treatment costs are out-of-pocket.  We had a private donor who promised us that all the costs of these treatments would be covered and he would pay for them.  At the last minute before our appointment on Monday, we got a call that he pulled out, leaving us with no way to pay for all the treatments.

Because of this we started a GoFundMe page asking for donations. I ask that you please share this on your social media sites and with friends and family. There is a video there telling the full story.


I thank all of you for your continued donations and prayers for us. 


Anne Bellringer