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Anne Bellringer

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                    Since I last reported to you, the CIA/CDC have used directed energy to hit Patrick with a cryptococcus.  As with the anthrax last summer mutating into B-coli and hiding, this cryptococcus is programmed to mutate into another agent and hide, as well.  The cryptococcus and its carrier has been eliminated, but the damage done requires time to repair.  This covers his right cheek.

          A second problem has been infected salivatory and lymph glands on the right side of his neck. He has had much pain, bleeding and drainage, but that has been less recently.  Patrick agreed to go through this for the soul growth of many, especially his naturopathic doctor and radionics people, but it has been a difficult journey.

          The Darkside has tried hard to shut down Fourwinds by various means, but with the help of the Lighted Realms, we have prevailed.

          Please pray for Patrick’s healing and for our work of presenting Truth freely to our world!

          May God bless you greatly for doing so!


Anne Bellringer