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Schools have the opportunity to do more than just instruct students in math and science; they have a lasting impact on each student’s views on cultural and societal issues that shape the way our nation will look and feel in the future. According to a recent documentary, that power over children’s and teen’s world views is being co-opted by progressives, as far-left propaganda continues to infiltrate and is increasingly powerful in American schools.

Killing Free Speechtakes an in-depth look at how the educational system, from curriculum to administrators and even individual teachers, is increasingly using propaganda and bias to control the way kids think and react. It’s not just college kids, either, according to the documentary. Kids as young as 5 are already being exposed to leftist ideals and progressive values, many of which are in complete opposition to what a child learns at home.

Film maker Michael Hansen tackles the topic in this independent release. In this documentary, Hansen reveals real documents from real schools across the nation. These documents, which include emails, videos and more, showcase some of the ways teachers are instructed to influence children’s political opinions — most fall well outside the scope of the material being taught.


Trump Video Banned by CNN (Watch it here)

One of Hansen’s examples is an email shared in a New Jersey school district, instructing teachers how to present a political agenda and opposition to President Trump’s recent travel ban. In the emails, teachers are urged to show support for “Muslims” despite the ban being a geographic one that includes people from a wide range of countries and cultures. To show their outrage over the ban, teachers are instructed to wear burkas and hijabs in class, and to distribute pro-Islam pamphlets to students. Teachers are to speak out against the ban, and showcase their support in not only their behavior, but in their dress and the way they present materials in class.

This far-left focus looks at just one side of this politically charged issue, and presents a deliberately biased narrative on the facts. It also has nothing to do with the lessons being taught in the typical elementary school classroom. When Hansen asks the principal of the school on film about the suggestions, she claims to know nothing about it, despite the emails with her name on them.

The film also targets some new concepts being introduced, including “hate facts” which sound chillingly like “newspeak” from the classic 1984. Filmed live, with real people, real insights and real reactions, Killing Free Speech takes an unflinching look at what kids are really learning and how they are being influenced in the classroom, even at an early age. You can see this chilling documentary in full here; we’d love to hear your thoughts.