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DECEMBER 24, 2016




Dear Fourwinds Readers:

           Again, Christmas is here, a special time of the year to be thankful for the coming of the Truthbringer, Esu Immanuel to Shan, though we know his birth date was in the summer (August 8, 8 BC).  He brought us love and hope and peace, and the knowledge of the power of our Spirit to make a difference in our world.  He taught us to give and to receive and to live in joy.

          As promised 2000 years ago, he has returned and has brought Truth one last time via the Phoenix Journals to the people of Shan.

          We are most thankful for all, who have awakened to Truth, and for all Truthseekers everywhere.  We wish everyone a happy celebration of Esu’s coming, and his return again in our day. May you enjoy time with your family, your friends or yourself, if need be. Our area is headed for a South Dakota blizzard, so we shall be “home alone”!

                                                                      In Love and Light,

                                                                      Anne and Patrick Bellringer