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Anne andPatrick H. Bellringer

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Nov. 26 2016

         So quickly we have come full circle to another Thanksgiving season.  So few give thanks the year round, while many experience just another holiday, the one before Black Friday, when you shop until you drop!

          Much has transpired in the cycle for all of us.  We give thanks for the changing of the game plan is Syria, and the new direction for the U.S. of A.  May the White Russian Christians be blessed for their intervention in confronting the Zionists and helping to trash their plans for world control.

          We give thanks for those, who have walked the hard road of sacrifice to help others, to those, who have brought Truth to the seekers and hope to those in despair.  May God bless them, every one!  We give thanks for the little things the “little” people have done to make our journey easier, knowing that all shall be rewarded for their kindness.

          Anne and I are especially thankful for the prayers and kind thoughts of the many for Fourwinds, and for the little Ground Crew, who faithfully support our budget.  Recently, our webmaster had a nervous breakdown and can no longer serve our needs.  Please pray for his recovery and for his wife and three children.  We have had to find another webmaster and change to a different server for Fourwinds.  This transition has pushed our budget a bit, with fees, equipment, web hosting and increased server costs.  We are most grateful for our Ground Crew, but a little help right now from a few others, who are able, would be nice.

          Let us rejoice for the hope of a “New Day” a-comin!  Let us be thankful for what we have, and for what we can do to help others, and that Creator God Aton of Light, “has our back!”


In Love and Light,


Anne and Patrick Bellringer